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Easy Sweet And Sour Cabbage Borscht

In the Kitchen: Chanukah Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup with Dill

Im quite proud of my Sweet and Sour Cabbage Borscht. Id never made itand was pleased with how well it turned out. It started with a trip to Rochester, New York, and a visit to the farmers market with autumn fruits and vegetables. I couldnt resist bringing home a nine pound cabbage. What should I make with the huge cabbage? My mother-in-law suggested cabbage borscht.

Our adventure started with a trip to Rochester, New York, in October. With time to explore the city, we stopped at the farmers market on Saturday. I was impressed with the number of farms in northwestern New York and the produce in the market. This city is close to Lake Ontario with fruit orchards and vegetables grown in the surrounding area. I brought home several vegetables and apples including the cabbage. Okay, so Im a little crazy. For reference, Rochester is where the Eastman Kodak Company is located and it is two hours from Niagara Falls.

A nine pound cabbage is equivalent to three or four ordinary cabbages. A cabbage salad might only use only one pound of cabbage.

What is Borscht?

With the cooler weather of this fall, its a good time to cook soup. Borscht is a hearty soup which originated in the Ukraine and it translates to soup. Traditionally it is made with beets. Other ingredients such as tomatoes, cabbage and potatoes can be added. It is served either hot or cold. A variation is made with cabbage and the beets are omitted.

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Ingredients You Will Need

A lot of recipes for Beef Cabbage Soup are made with hamburger but this easy Beef Cabbage Soup recipe calls for brisket. I love the big beef flavor of brisket for this recipe and the meat becomes soft, tender and melt in your mouth delicious when it simmers in the soup.

Here are the ingredients for Beef Cabbage Soup:

  • Brisket
  • brown sugar
  • bay leaf

I, usually, have all of these ingredients available in my kitchen so this is always something thats easy to whip up whenever I find we need something hearty to stave off the winter chill.

How Do You Freeze The Soup

Cabbage is tricky. We never recommend freezing cabbage while it still hot as it will maintain all of the moisture, and can be very unpleasant to thaw out.

Allow the soup to cool completely. Once the soup is cooled, transfer the soup to a freezer safe container and freezer for a couple months.

When the soup is ready to be reheated, allow it to thaw out then reheat the soup over the stove on medium

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Cooking Video: Hanukkah Sweet And Sour Cabbage Soup With Dill

This article is reprinted from JewishBoston.coms Thanksgivukkah website.

Wondering what, exactly, to serve with your potato latkes this Hanukkah? Us too! Instead of consulting Google, we put , chef and owner of New England Soup Factory, to the test. And instead of just giving us the goods via email, she offered to show us one of her popular recipessweet and sour cabbage soup with beef short ribs .

During Jewish holidays at her restaurant, Marjorie favors Jewish soups that were made many years ago, using ingredients like mushrooms, barley, flanken and, of course, matzah balls. Since Hanukkah usually falls in the deep cold of December in Boston, she loves making this hearty soup that she dubbed the king of all cabbage soup recipes.

Using bones in the soup fortifies it and makes it very rich, Marjorie says. This is what builds a soup stock. But really, one of the secrets of success in this recipe is using lots of lemon juice and lots of brown sugar. The sweet and the sour cannot be subtle it needs to be like pow! It really needs to be strong. Its supposed to hit you in all the right spots. Its rich, filling and it tells a story about Jewish life. If you look at Jewish history, theres conflict. There are sweet times and there are sour times. Together we need to taste both in order to understand our lives.

Can Beef Cabbage Soup Be Made In The Slow Cooker Or Crock Pot

Arthur Schwartz

YES! Making this Beef Cabbage Soup recipe in the slow cooker is one of my favorite ways to get dinner on the table without a fuss. Simply follow the instructions for browning the beef and then toss all the ingredients into your slow cooker or Crock Pot.

Cook the soup on high for 4-5 hours or low for 6-7 hours and then serve! So easy to make either on the stove top or in your slow cooker.

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How To Make Beef Vegetable Soup With Cabbage

  • In a large soup pot, saute the beef roast in the olive oil on medium heat until brown. Add onions and carrots. Saute until veggies are wilted.
  • Add cabbage, broth, water, tomatoes, lemon juice, sugar and tomato paste. Stir, cover and simmer on low for 2 to 3 hours or until meat is tender and will shred with a fork.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste. Extra water can be added while cooking if soup gets too thick.
  • Can You Freeze Beef Cabbage Soup

    Another big YES! You can totally make a big batch of this Beef Cabbage Soup and freeze it in an airtight container for up to 6 months.

    To reheat your Beef Cabbage Soup, simply either reheat on the stovetop or heat in the microwave until warmed through.

    So, if you cant get to MY favorite jewish deli to get your paws on my favorite Cabbage Soup, you can totally make it at home and it tastes just as amazing as Hymies version does. Think of it as a Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup with lots of tender beef. You will LOVE it..I promise.

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    Sweet And Sour Cabbage Soup Recipes

    Read the Omegas Sweet & Sour Cabbage soup recipe discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Chicago food community. Join the discussion today.

    Learn how to cook great Jewish sweet and sour cabbage soup . deliver fine selection of quality Jewish sweet and sour cabbage soup recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. Get one of our Jewish sweet and sour cabbage soup recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. Good appetite!

    Learn how to make Sweet And Sour Cabbage Soup. MyRecipes has 70,000+ tested recipes and videos to help you be a better cook.

    The Best Sweet Sour Beef Cabbage Soup Recipes on Yummly | Sweet & Sour Beef-cabbage Soup, Ham & Cabbage Soup, Cabbage Soup Diet Original Cabbage Soup Sweet Sour Beef Cabbage Soup Recipes 15,021 Recipes. Last updated May 19, 2021. This search takes into account your taste preferences. 15,021 suggested recipes.

    Then this sweet and sour version brings a whole new flavor with chicken broth and tomatoes. Looking for a quick way to add excitement to cabbage soup?

    Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup I first had this Sweet and Sour Cabbage soup at a restaurant in Illinois back in the 90s. I was there with friends and we all loved it. I tried making it at home but it never came out same. So I called the restaurant and asked to speak with the chef. I went over my recipe and told him it didnt seem to have that kick of flavor that theirs had.

    Ways To Modify This Dish For Vegans And Carnivores/paleos

    Cabbage soup with ribs. Moldovan recipe. a recipe for soup with ribs and vegetables


    I like to use coriander in this dish because its fragrant, sweet, and helps Vata types digest cabbage well. I am also very used to using coriander in vegetables from my experience living in India. But a more Slavic spice style would be to omit coriander and instead use fresh or dried dill. When I use dill I often go with red cabbage, but I cant say why, maybe I like the green dill with the red color of the red cabbage more. Dried dill add with the tomato, fresh dill add at the end and stirr in

    Vegans who want more protein and fat can also used pumpkin seeds in this dish. You can roast them in the toaster oven and sprinkle on top, or grind them and cook them in with the onions, or do both. Experiment. Let a thousand flowers bloom! I have even added a tablespoon of tahina to this recipe. Chopped tofu or tempeh are great in this dish

    Meat eaters will find chopped grass fed beef or chicken hot dogs excellent in this dish, and give more of the authentic Eastern European feel. Vata dosha benefits from the warming, stregnthening, and grounding effects of small amounts of meat, and hot dogs are easy to digest because of the spices and also texture. Alternatively, some small amount of ground grass fed beef or buffalo gives a warming and savory flavor and in small amounts is also excellent for its grounding affect on Vata. When I made this dish I used 2 grass fed beef hot dogs, chopped.


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    Sweet And Sour Cabbage Borscht

    This is like have stuffed cabbage in a soup and it is super easy and can be made in your crockpot. It is no secret that Jews love sweet and sour and I think that is why so many of us love chinese food! Using a cheap piece of beef and ingredients you probabaly have already on hand you can fill those stomachs quite easily and they will think you are a genius!Note: A fresser, in yiddish is someone who really enjoys their food.

    How To Make The Soup

    Vegetables. Start by prepping your vegetables. Either dice, slice, chop, or mince the vegetables and set them aside in a bowl.

    • Add celery, onion, and garlic in the instant pot to sauté.

    Add the carrots and beans.

    Add the cabbage, herbs, and seasoning.

    Add the tomato paste, water and tomato sauce. Cook for 15 minutes.

    Once it is done, quick release and serve warm and enjoy.

    There are more ways to prepare and enjoy this soup. Aside from cooking it in the instant pot, you can either slow cook this soup or prepare it over the stove.

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    Jewish Sweet And Sour Cabbage Soup Recipe

    Learn how to cook great Jewish sweet and sour cabbage soup . deliver fine selection of quality Jewish sweet and sour cabbage soup recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. Get one of our Jewish sweet and sour cabbage soup recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. Good appetite!

    • 1 Hour 30 Min
    • 21.03.2017 14:20

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    Sweet And Sour Cabbage With Meatballs

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    Unstuffed Sweet and Sour Cabbage is a traditional Eastern Jewish dish. Hearty and perfect for a cold winters day, I hope you enjoy this classic.

    If youve never had sweet and sour cabbage with meatballs, I suggest its time you try it! This classic Eastern European dish is perfect for a cold winter day. Though I turned up my nose at the soup part when I was a wee one, I did manage to devour the meatballs. Isnt that the best part?

    As a child we never ate stuffed peppers and we never had stuffed cabbage. In fact, I dont remember my mother stuffing anything! The funny thing about this recipe is that is that the real title is unstuffed cabbage. I imagine that is versus stuffed cabbage.

    The meatballs are what I believe would be the stuffed inside the cabbage leaves. Except just as a ground beef mixture. Well, I dont know about you, but I think this is a whole lot easier than stuffing cabbage leaves and certainly a lot faster!

    Sweet and Sour cabbage with meatballs is what many consider a soup. It thickens quite fast, the softer the cabbage becomes. So the more it simmers, the thicker it gets. If you want it soupier, just add more liquid.

    I have a hard time thinking of this as unstuffed cabbage, when it is really just cabbage and meatballs. Lets call this what it is! There are so many versions of stuffed cabbage or cabbage soup but this sweet and sour version is simple, filling and tasty.

    How To Make It

    This easy Beef Cabbage Soup recipe is made with just a few simple ingredients youll find in just about any kitchen. The availability of ingredients makes this such a simple recipe to throw together on a moments notice.

  • Cut the brisket into bite sized pieces and season with salt and pepper.
  • In a large dutch oven, heat oil over medium high heat.
  • Brown the beef brisket on all sides until a golden crust has formed.
  • Remove the beef from the pot.
  • Add the onion, carrot and celery to the pot. Cook until softened.
  • Stir in the tomato paste and seasonings. Add the cabbage and stir to combine.
  • Stir in the beef stock, vinegar, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar and bay leaf.
  • Bring the soup to a boil and return the beef to the pot.
  • Turn the heat to low and cover. Simmer the soup for 45-60 minutes.
  • Serve immediately
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    Grandma Paulines Cabbage Soup

    This was a favorite recipe of my late mother-in-laws that my family grew to love! A full meal in a bowl and terrific for this time of year.

    • 2min
    • 28 oz can crushed tomatoes
    • 2 lb. beef chuck flanken on the bone
    • soup bones

    1 cut flanken into 1 2 pieces 2 brown flanken in oil in large soup pot 3 when meat has browned, add broth to pot 4 bring to boil, then simmer for 45 minutes till meat 5 starts to soften add diced garlic, crushed tomatoes, 6 sugar, pepper simmer for 15 minutes add cabbage 7 and simmer for 30 minutes till cabbage is cooked

    Nanas Sweet And Sour Cabbage Soup

    Jewish Recipes: Sweet and Sour Fish, Vegetarian Chopped Liver and Cabbage Soup

    This was my Nanas favorite soup to make. It reflects her Polish background on the classical Russian borscht. My favorite part of eating the soup is having a second bowl.


    2 quarts chicken broth or water

    8 oz. tomato puree12 oz. can of diced tomatoes 1 large head of red cabbage 8 medium size beets2 yellow onions 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 lbs. beef short ribs Juice of 4 lemons12 cup dark brown sugar Salt and pepper to taste 8 oz. sour cream1 bunch of parsley

    Nanas Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup Recipe

    Place the chicken broth, tomato puree and diced tomato in a 4-quart pot and bring to a simmer. Add the cabbage, beets, onions, turnips and garlic and simmer 30 minutes more. Place the short ribs in the pot and simmer for another 2 hours.

    When the meat is tender, remove it from the soup. Add the lemon juice, brown sugar, salt and pepper to taste.

    Top off each bowl with a dollop of sour cream and some chopped parsley.

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    How To Make Sweet And Sour Cabbage Borscht

    • 1Crockpot method: Core your cabbage and slice to ¼-½ thickness. Dump everything except lemon juice, into a large crockpot and cook, on low 10-12 hours or on high, 4-6 hours. Turn off heat and let rest for several hours. Skim off most of the fat that rises to the top. Even better refrigerate overnight and remove the congealed fat and then reheat on the stove . Add the lemon juice to the flavor you like. This is wonderful with homemade bread of your choice.
    • 2Oven method: combine meat, water and salt in a 5-quart pot. Bring to a simmer over high heat. Lower heat and simmer, uncovered, for 1 hour. After the hour, add your cored and sliced cabbage, ketchup,tomato paste,and sugar to the pot. Return to a simmer and cook, covered, for 2 hours longer, till meat is falling apart. Turn off heat and let rest for several hours. Skim off most of the fat that rises to the top. Even better refrigerate overnight and remove the congealed fat and then reheat adding the lemon juice to your taste. This is wonderful with homemade bread of your choice.
    • Last Step: Don’t forget to share! Make all your friends drool by posting a picture of your finished recipe on your favorite social network. And don’t forget to tag Just A Pinch and include #justapinchrecipes so we can see it too!

    But What Makes It Sweet And Sour Cabbage And Why Is That So Good

    Honey and lemon juice make this unstuffed cabbage recipe mouthwatering good. Both can be adjusted if you prefer it more sweet or more sour. I have also seen vinegar used in place of lemon juice.

    A few other tips when making this sweet and sour cabbage: I have made the meatballs with turkey but have not tried ground chicken. Ground beef holds together the best.

    Use good tomatoes. They are a key component of this recipe. Spend a little more than the store brand!

    And whatever paprika you choose to use, please make sure it is fresh. Smell it. It should smell good. If you cant smell anything, it isnt fresh!

    Also, dont forget lots of fresh ground pepper when you serve this.

    Sweet and sour cabbage with meatballs popped into my head as something to bring to a friend of mines mother. She was out of town and I felt like her mom could use some company.

    Being me, meant that I couldnt go empty handed, so I brought this cabbage soup and a giant loaf of artisan bread from one of my favorite bread bakeries. Holishkes or stuffed cabbage is a popular Polish dish, and my friends mom is Polish.

    Manservant was out of town and I knew this dish wasnt something he would relish, so it was my time to make it and enjoy it without him picking around the cabbage for the meatballs!

    This recipe makes a lot, but sweet and sour cabbage can be frozen. Just dont forget it is in there!

    However this one is really good, too!

    If you havent had enough of me, Id love it if you follow me!

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