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We Tried 14 Canned Soup Brands. Here’s The Best One To Buy

On busy days, many of us tend to think about what protein we’re going to eat for dinner. When the kids ask “what’s for dinner,” the response is oftentimes “chicken” or “fish”we rarely concern ourselves with what makes up the rest of the plate.

But to eat healthily, you need to think beyond animal meat. Well-balanced meals should contain a healthy portion of protein along with healthy carbs, fiber-rich legumes, and veggies. While dinner rolls are an easy go-to filler carb, they aren’t the most nutritious option. But finding a good-for-you carb in a pinch can sometimes be easier said than done.

And that’s where frozen cooked grains come to the rescue.

Healthiest Vegetable Stock: Kitchen Basics Unsalted Vegetable Cooking Stock

The fact that Kitchen Basics offers an unsalted version almost was enough to earn them first place, but they also have one of the shortest ingredients lists of all brands and their production reflects traditional homecooked methods . Swanson’son the other handis a salty broth that’s flavored with the ambiguous ingredient: “spices.”

Nong Shim Instant Shin Ramyun

Image: Target.

If youre used to flabby ramen noodles in a weakly seasoned broth, Shin Ramyun, which sports chewy al dente noodles and a richly spiced broth, will blow your mind.

Bear Creek Country Kitchens Cheddar Broccoli Soup Mix

Image: Target.

Sometimes you just want to basically drink liquid cheese. We get it! When the craving strikes, a packet of this cheddar broccoli soup mix is all you need.

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Find Out Your Personal Requirements Respecting The Result Offering

We have self-confident necessities for a result back we buy it. As I talked about on top, there are some circumstances where even the l& b frozen soups would not get all the details you are spot. So, before shopping any, I propose you maked a index of necessities and generated sure that the option you possess picked has it.

Tabatchnicks Low Sodium Split Pea Soup

5 Best and 5 Worst Foods to Buy Frozen

140 calories 80mg sodium 13g protein 14g fiber per one-package serving

The nutrition is all in the numbers here , and this frozen soup is shockingly low in sodium, says Dr. Young. Plus, it has a pretty natural ingredients list , and is high in vitamin A and iron. Bonus: Its packaging is BPA-free. This might just be the best soup on our list?

Upgrade: Add chunks of potato to provide a dose of vitamins C and B6, as well as copper, potassium, and dietary fiber, says Jones. Also toss in carrots and black-eyed peas for a boost.

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Progresso Southwest Style Black Bean And Vegetable Soup

Buying Progresso Southwest Style Black Bean and Vegetable Soup at your local market is a bit of a gamble. By the end of the day, you may be completely happy with your decision… or you could be regretting it. The reason for that is due to the fact that you never know quite what you’re going to get when you open a can of this soup.

When it’s good, Progresso Southwest Style Black Bean and Vegetable Soup is loaded with red bell peppers, green peppers, corn, tomatoes, and cilantro. All those veggies mix with the chicken broth and black beans to create a winner. Add a dollop of sour cream on top and you’ll be in soup heaven.

Unfortunately, there’s another scenario that could play out. Sometimes when you open this soup made by Progresso, the vegetables are scarce. Thus, instead of being a praiseworthy soup, it basically turns into a bowl of black beans sitting in broth. When that happens, it’s truly heartbreaking.

How Long Is Canned Soup Good For

According to the USDA, canned goods can last for years however, the can has to be in good condition if thereâs rust, dents, or swelling, toss it. âDates on cans indicate peak quality as determined by the manufacturer. So donât automatically pitch a can with an expired date,â advises the USDA. They suggest that low-acid canned products can be stored for two to five years. On the other hand, high-acid canned products , can last for 12-18 months. If you can foods at home yourself, these have a shorter shelf life and the USDA recommends consuming these foods within one year.

Moral of the story: It depends what kind of soup it is, and if the can is in good shape, but if itâs past the expiration date and the can is in good condition, you may not need to throw it out after all.

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Caution: When Refrigerating Or Freezing Large Quantities

I include this important safety precaution in all my soup and chili recipes. Its that important. Be sure to store large quantities of soups, stews, and chili in several smaller containers.

In a large stockpot like the one in the picture above, the food in the center of the pot will not cool fast enough and will be at risk of growing bacteria. We do not want anyone getting food poisoning.

Well Yes Chicken Noodle Soup


Campbell’s has a Well Yes! line of soups that they market as a healthier alternative to their other soups due to their use of real ingredients and the forgoing of all artificial flavors. While not all of the Well Yes! soups are bad , the Well Yes! Chicken Noodle Soup is a disgrace to Campbell’s good name.

Sure, this soup might not have any artificial flavors but the problem is that they forgot to put in any flavors at all whether real or artificial. The chicken in it is minimal and manages to be virtually flavorless. The noodles in Well Yes! Chicken Noodle Soup are very light egg noodles made from a mix of quinoa flour and wheat flour. Other ingredients include white beans that taste like nothing, watery tomatoes, and round orange bites that are apparently carrots.

Should you buy this soup? Well No! That’d be a waste of money.

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Where To Get Frozen Soups & Stews Online

Frozen Soups and Stews is ideal for anyone that barely has time to cook and wants that special home-made meal that makes you fall in love with African cuisine all over again. In this section, you have the choice to pick between various soups and stew. The frozen stew is held in a 1 liter bowl filled with all the best spices and ingredients that makes you lick your lips every time you have a taste. It is richly packed with nutrients and covers almost every essential vitamin and mineral needed by the body. Want some nice Ofada stew too? Our Ofada stew is very tasty, spicy and meaty something like you have never tasted before. The peppery stew is made up of onions, tomato paste, habanero pepper, chili pepper, palm oil, locust beans, seasoning cubes and of course salt. Saving the best for last, this spicy ofada sauce is filled with all kind of assorted meat i.e. liver, beef, kidneys, cow intestines .

Finding The Best Frozen Fish Fillets

Fresh fish can be tricky business. Youve got to use it fast once you bring it home from the grocer so it tastes its best. If were being honest though, sometimes meal plans dont go to schedule which is why frozen fish is such a good option. Keep it stashed in your freezer and when youre ready, just defrostlittle planning required. However, weve all had some lackluster frozen fillets in our day. Thats why our Test Kitchen wanted to put frozen fish brands to the testso you can have a go-to brand for tasty fish dinners anytime. For this test, our culinary and editorial experts tested frozen coda great basic for fish fries, fish tacos and morein a blind taste test. Six brands were judged according to these criteria:

  • Flavor
  • Texture
  • Appearance

With the right frozen codone thats flavorful, firm and flakyyou can make some darn good recipes, like this unique Cioppino-style soup. In fact, a good frozen fillet should have you thinking it was never frozen at all. Lets see what brands could do that!

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Edward & Sons Trading Company

Having major miso soup cravings? Edward & Sons Trading Company offers animal-free, shelf-stable miso cups for souper easy meals and snacks. Try the Organic Traditional Miso-Cup with Tofu or the Original Golden Vegetable Miso-Cup for an instant cup of comfort. The brand also offers vegan-friendly gravy mixes, mac n cheese, and breadcrumbs.

The Best Frozen Vegetables

The BEST Vegetable Soup

March 30, 2020 By Shannon Doleac

When fresh vegetables are hard to come by, frozen varieties deserve the spotlight. Stocking up on the best frozen vegetables can help you put together healthy, real food meals, any time of year.

Its easy to take for granted the abundance of foods we are used to having at our fingertips. But, our food supply is actually quite fragile when you stop to think about it, and there are times when we dont have access to fresh ingredients. Other times, we just want to make room in the freezer or use up frozen food for moving.

This article takes a look at whether frozen vegetables are as healthy as fresh, the benefits of cooking with frozen veggies, how to freeze your own, and the best vegetables to keep in your freezer.

I even give you specific ideas and recipes for each type of vegetable, so you know how to incorporate them into tasty meals.

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Wild Alaskan Pollock Fish Sticks

Yes, frozen fish sticks make this list because they make quick and healthy dinners. Plus, these sustainable fish sticks are kid-friendly too! “My seven-year-old son loves them with some ketchup,” says Jessica Randhawa, the head chef, recipe creator, photographer, and writer behind The Forked Spoon.

These fish sticks crisp up perfectly in an air fryer or convection oven at home, which helps you cut back on excess oil and calories while still enjoying a “comfort food” dish.

Trader Joes Organic Low Sodium Minestrone Soup

200 calories 140mg sodium 7g protein 5g fiber per one-can serving

This hearty soup is naturally high in immune-boosting vitamin C, serves as an excellent source of iron, and also contains healthy fats from olive oil, says Dr. Young, whose top overall super-soup picks are minestrone and bean. Plus, a single serving packs vegetables like roasted yellow peppers, red peppers, and zucchini, the likes of which you dont often see in packaged soups. The only drawbacks? The soup does contain some MSG-like ingredients , and this particular variety is not available in BPA-free packaging, like some other Trader Joes products.

Upgrade: To round out your meal, pair with a whole-wheat pita , low-sodium turkey and a slice of part-skim cheese.

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Mahi Mahi Frozen Filets

Defrosted mahi mahi is a great fish to grill. Cook at 450 degrees F for a healthy, high-protein meal that also happens to have heart-healthy fats to fill you up and protect your health long-term.

“Simply place each fillet directly on the grill and grill for approximately 4 to 5 minutes per side at 450 degrees F it’s fully cooked when it reaches an internal temperature of 137 degrees F,” Randhawa says. The mahi mahi from Costco is sustainably sourced from Peru, so it’s top-notch.

Amys Organic Light In Sodium Lentil Vegetable

20 of the BEST SOUPS To Make In The Instant Pot!

80 calories 290mg sodium 6g fiber 8g protein per serving

Youd be hard-pressed to find a nutritionist who doesnt recommend Amys. Thats because these flavor-packed soups are packaged in BPA-free cans, preservative-free and low in sodium. Even the sodium amount in this isnt ideal, says Lisa Young, Ph.D., R.D., C.D.N., an adjunct nutrition professor at NYU. But there are other positives hereit has a hearty amount of fiber, a low number of calories, and its protein-packed. Plus those fiber-rich lentils, which also give you a good dose of folate and iron, will leave your tank feeling full.

Upgrade: Slice, dice and drop immune-system-bolstering red bell peppers and hot chili peppersall high in Vitamin Cinto the pot, then turn it up a notch with seasonings. One study found garlic, onion, allspice and oregano to be the most potent bacteria killers.

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Ways To Eat Frozen Grains

Frozen quinoa can be used as a side dish for foods like fish, chicken, and beef. It can also be a stand-in for plant-based dishes like quinoa tacos and quinoa stuffed peppers.

So, among the sea of options in the frozen food section of the grocery store, frozen pre-cooked grains or a pre-made version like Path of Life Southwest Mango Quinoa Blend is the way to go. Flavorful and made with natural ingredients, enjoying it doesn’t mean I have to mess up my kitchen in the process. That’s certainly a product that checks all of this dietitian’s boxes. For more on shopping in the freezer aisle, check out The Frozen Fast Foods to Always Leave on Grocery Store Shelves.

For more healthy eating news, make sure to

How Can You Make Canned Soup Better

Canned soup is a great starting point for a mealâwith a little creativity and some spare ingredients, you can turn a basic soup into much more. Have some extra kale or spinach on hand in your fridge? Toss those greens into the pot and let them wilt down in just moments. If you have extra frozen veggies in your freezer , throw them into the pot, and let the simmering soup warm them through for a few minutes. This will not only add substance to your soup, but it will add tons of nutrients .

If you have any extra rotisserie chicken, cut or shred it into small pieces and add it to a vegetarian soup for a protein boost. If you have any extra plain white rice from your Chinese takeout meal a few days back, give it a new life by adding it to your soup! And donât forget about garnishes a simple topping or side can really elevate a canned soup. Easy sides like garlic bread, toasted baguette, a sprinkle of shaved Parmesan, and crushed tortilla chips can turn a light dish into a filling meal. Even a squeeze of citrus or sprinkle of fresh herbs can add a bright element to liven up the canned soup.

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Best Overall: Spoonful Of Comfort

Spoonful of Comfort

Spoonful of Comfort was originally designed as a service to send comfort food to sick loved ones. It has since evolved to offer packages of gourmet soup baskets for anyone who needs some extra TLC, whether it is a child away at college, a new parent, a housewarming gift, or simply as a “get well” gift.

A variety of soups are available including Chicken Noodle, Chicken and Wild Rice, Harvest Vegetable, and Creamy Corn and Potato Chowder. Basic soup packages include a 64-ounce jar of soup, a half dozen dinner rolls, a half dozen cookies, and a ladle with a personalized note and customized packaging for around $80 plus shipping.

Other themed bundles include additional non-food add-ons such as a curated coffee table book for the Housewarming Package and a cozy throw blanket for the TLC Package. Vegan and gluten-free packages are also available.

Soup is prepared and bottled under USDA supervision, blast frozen, and wrapped in a specially designed insulated liner that thaws in transit, so that it arrives cold but not frozen. The products ship from Salt Lake City, Utah, to anywhere in the U.S.

Best Tips For Cooking With Frozen Vegetables

6 Lighter Soup Recipes for a Healthy New Year

Frozen vegetables can pack the same, or even a greater, nutrient punch compared to fresh. However, boiling them can quickly deplete their nutrient value. Here are some better approaches and general tips to consider when cooking with frozen veggies.

  • Not all frozen veggies need to be cooked. Use them to cool down hot dishes, or add them to smoothies.
  • Adjust the cooking time. Frozen veggies usually cook faster than fresh because they have been partially cooked already. Sometimes you can reduce the cooking time by half.
  • When in doubt, try roasting frozen vegetables!

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Why Cooked Grains Are A Healthy Addition To A Meal

Yes, refined carbs like mashed potatoes and white rice can be absolutely satisfying. But choosing carbs that aren’t whole grain can leave you with some nutrition gaps.

On the other hand, whole grainsthink brown rice, quinoa, and sorghumstill have the grain’s natural bran and endosperm of the grain therefore, these grains contain nutrients like fiber, polyphenols, and minerals that refined options may not offer.

In addition to nourishing your body with essential micronutrients, fiber, and a solid dose of plant-based protein, frozen grains give some staying power to your meals. Plus, whole grains provide countless health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, and even early deathand they’ve also been linked to people experiencing less belly fat.

Should I Boil Steam Or Fry

There are plenty of ways to cook frozen dumplings. Besides steaming, you can boil, fry them, or even use a microwave.

The combination of wrapped dumplings and a savory mouthful of soup requires a gentle approach. The keyword to remember here is “soup.” You’ll want to keep the integrity of the soup, so your cooking process should emphasize this.

Boiling your frozen soup dumplings can be abrasive and leave it soggy or water-logged. With steaming, you create a high-heat, moisture-rich environment. This helps you cook the dumpling’s wrapper and filling in a short time.

This is why we recommend you try the traditional cooking method of steaming. You’ll be able to experience the well-balanced flavor of broth, minced pork, and dumpling wrapper.

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