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Oxtail Soup Recipe Hawaii Kam Bowl


Kam Bowl 527 Photos 279 Reviews Diners 1620 N School St. See also Southern Motion Furniture Reviews. Recipes Soups How To Make Ox Tail Soup. Oxtail soup recipe hawaiian simplyrecipes com honolulu star bulletin features oxtail soup recipe hawaiian simplyrecipes com battle of two legendary oxtail soups frolic hawaii.

In a clean large pot, place oxtails and add water to cover, about 10 cups. Bring to a boil and add shiitake mushrooms, peanuts, ginger, chicken broth, liquor and, if desired, star anise. Simmer 3 hours or until oxtail is tender and almost ready to fall off the bones. Add salt.

The Alley Restaurant Oxtail Soup Recipe

Copycat Alley Restaurant Oxtail Soup Ang Sarap oxtails, radish, sesame seed, beef stock, ginger, lemons, chillies and 9 more Pressure Cooker Filipino Oxtail Soup Jay’s Sweet N Sour Life

Aiea Bowl Oxtail Soup Recipe – Aiea Bowl Spicy Sambal Shrimp Hawaiian Grown Kitchen The Alley Restaurant S Oxtail Recipes Aiea Alley Bowl Oxtail Recipes Oxtail Oxtail Soup. All our most trusted soup recipes in one place. Often, the simplest things are the most satisfying, especially when it comes to making a delicious lunch or dinner.

Hawaiian Oxtail Soup Recipe masuzi May 23, 2018 Hawaii oxtail soup the domestic man oxtail soup recipe hawaiian simplyrecipes com ginger oxtail soup recipe hawaiian simplyrecipes com battle of two legendary oxtail soups frolic hawaii

Where Organic Farmers And Top Chefs Eat In Honolulu

More than a decade ago, a confab of Hawaii-based chefs gathered to formally announce their commitment to using locally grown products. They called it Hawaii Regional Cuisine and a symbiotic relationship between chef and producers was born. Today Oahu is teeming with farm-to-table fare, though its true many locals still have a place in their hearts for Spam. Here, we asked an organic farmer, an agricultural director, a wholesale fish distributor, a goat-dairy manager, and a chef to share their favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots in and around Honolulu.

Taylor Kellerman, director of diversified agriculture and land stewardship at Kualoa Ranch, a 4,000-acre private nature reserve with farm tours

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Is Oxtail Soup Made From Oxtails

In the old days, oxtails really did come from the tail of an ox. Today, it may also come from a cow. So, to sum up, this ingredient tastes like beef.

The tail is a very underrated cut in my opinion. It produces a lot of flavor when you cook it, and the meat completely falls apart in your mouth.

In general, the tail is skinned and then cut into multiple sections. The tail also includes a bony part with the marrow still in the center.

Do not remove this part! This is the type of cut that releases the most amount of flavor. Youll see it all in due time, once youve got everything in place and the soup is ready to eat.

Chinese Oxtail Soup Recipe


For a little bit of texture, you can always add additional vegetables or greens into the soup. For instance, for an extra crunch as well as Asian flavor you can add mustard cabbage.

In case youve got more water in your soup than youd like, add the cabbage generously and let it simmer. Remember to add salt as well, as the ingredients can take a lot of salt.

If you cant find that type of cabbage, you can add bok choy, watercress, rocket salad, or spinach in its place.

Bring the soup to a simmer and let it cook. If you find that the flavor is too powerful, dilute with water. If you love Chinese soups, try this ABC soup.

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The 15 Best Places For Oxtail In Honolulu

Noel A.: The oxtail soup is the best…

Brent: still the best place for oxtail soup

Scott Hanada: Their oxtail soup is perfect!

Elena V.: Love the oxtail!! Get the set with the fried rice side. The buttery miso is better than the shoyu one. They have discount cards for locals too!

Mike W.: The Ox Tail Ramen is excellent.

Goose: The oxtail soup was awesome! Highly recommend it. Garlic chicken was also good…’will definitely come back to try the rest of the menu.

Curry Y: Oxtail soup is a must

Yoko: oxtail soup is amazing

Elaine Hyres: Yummy food! Ordered the oxtail dumplings and beast bowl for my meal! I thought it wasn’t enough noodles but as I started eating more i felt like the noodles were never ending!

A Y: Gnocchi, oxtail dumplings

Annemarie Pettinato: Bao and oxtail dumplings melt in your mouth! The coconut gnocchi was also superb

Diane Choi: The oxtail soup is a must. *^_^*

Herbert Chun: Ox tail soup with noodles. yummm

Stef: One of the best places for Pho in Honolulu.

Sylvia Flores: Ox tail kare kare with bagoong is excellent!

Kim Balls: Sinigang ni Baboy is delicious! The regular portion is big enough to share with 3-4 people. Get it with the garlic fried rice….YUMMY!

Dorothy D: This is the go to place for Filipino good. A must try cause they get down!

Angela A.: Oxtail soup is only on Monday and Wednesday

Keith Higa: Probably one of the best oxtail soups on the island.

TJ L: Monkfish liver was the best!

Lauren: The Oxtail soup is unbeatable!

Oxtail Soup Substitutions And Additions

  • Feel free to add or remove the peanuts, based on your preference
  • Add fresh or dried shiitake mushrooms
  • Substitute mustard greens with baby bokchoy or another vegetable
  • Add a cinnamon stick, some whole black peppercorns, and/or a bay leaf
  • Substitute fresh orange or tangerine peel, if you don’t have any dried
  • Add chopped carrots, onions, or daikon
  • Use beef broth instead of water for a thicker, richer flavor
  • Replace the salt with fish sauce, miso paste, or soy sauce

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Mochiko Chicken Boots & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen

Brothers Rick and Jessie Kiakona honor their father by cooking his recipes at Boots & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen in Oahu. While Rick runs font of the house, Jessie is the chef. His Mochiko Chicken uses boneless chicken thighs, cut into pieces, tossed in a marinade of sugar, rice flour, cornstarch, salt, pepper, garlic and soy sauce, plus eggs to act as a binder. The chicken is deep fried and served with rice and macaroni salad.

Watch the Video: Brothers Serve Up Classic Dish

Alley Restaurant Hawaii Oxtail Soup Recipe

How to Make Hawaii’s Oxtail Soup

Battle Of Two Legendary Oxtail Soups Frolic Hawaii. Best Ever Oxtails At Aiea Restaurant Guy Fieri Midweek. Local Restaurant Serves More Than Delicious Food And A Fun Time. The Alley Generous Bowling Eats Stars And Treats. Honolulu Star Bulletin Features. Hawaii Oxtail Soup The Domestic Man.

The Alley Generous Bowling Eats Stars And Treats. Oxtail Soup Aiea Bowl. Beef Oxtail Soup Recipes Yummly. See also Cheap Storage Units In Waterbury Ct. At Kam Bowl In Kalihi Local Favorites Live On Honolulu Star. The Alley Restaurant Bar Grill 3932 Photos 1498 Reviews. The Alley At Aiea Bowl Menu S Restaurant Reviews.

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Oxtail Soup: Four Bowls In Honolulu

Aiea Bowl’s oxtail soup

Two wondrous things happen when an oxtail is simmered for hours: the meat softens and the bones, cartilage and marrow relinquish their flavor into the liquid. A good oxtail soup may have a clear broth, but its rich and silky from the dissolved cartilaginous joints. Served with a dipping dish of grated ginger and two scoops rice, its one of my favorite comfort foods. Here are four bowlsjust barely skimming the surface of oxtail soup in Honoluluin order of preference:

Aiea BowlLocal-style oxtail soup tends to have a Chinese flavor profile, the broth spiced with star anise, dried orange peel and ginger. Aiea Bowls is the most flavorful, arriving with tender, meaty oxtails, whole shiitake mushrooms, Chinese red dates, peanuts and a sprinkling of fresh green onions. Some baby bok choy leaves add welcome greenery and texture. The cilantro comes on the side, alongside the grated ginger and a housemade ponzu spiced with chili, a step up from the usual shoyu.$14.50, 99-115 Aiea Heights Dr. #310, Aiea, 486-3499,

Zippy’s oxtail soup

Ethel’s Grill oxtail soup

Ethels GrillHere, the oxtail soup is Japanese-style, without the more aggressive Chinese seasonings, though its still full-flavored. The meat practically dissolves into the broth and mustard cabbage adds some dimension to this soup.$7.50, 232 Kalihi St., 847-6467

Asahi Grill

Ahi Tuna Poke Fresh Catch

At Fresh Catch, you’ll find some of the freshest seafood selections, and a wide variety of poke, including octopus, shrimp and the classic Ahi tuna. Chef Reno Henriques butchers tuna himself. Once the fish is cut into cubes, he tosses it with salt and chile flakes, kukui nut, chile pepper water, sesame oil, scallion, white onions and seaweed. “I could sit here and eat this by the bucketful,” said Guy.

Watch the Video: Ahi Tuna Poke With Guy Fieri

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Oxtail Soup In Hawaii

Many families make oxtail soup at home .

Many restaurants in Hawaii also feature oxtail soup on the menu. Try this recipe first, and then the next time youre in Hawaii try oxtail soup from these popular local spots:

  • Aiea Bowl / The Alley Restaurant Bar & Grill This restaurant located inside a bowling alley. Ive never gone bowling here, but I have been in many times just to eat ^_^ P.S. Dont forget to order the lemon crunch and pumpkin crunch for dessert.
  • Kam Bowl They also offer oxtail ramen.
  • Asahi Grill They also have oxtail ramen on the menu.
  • Kapiolani Coffee Shop People say that Kam Bowl and Kapiolani Coffee Shop actually share the same family recipe.

Ingredients for oxtail soup

Top Products For Hawaiian Oxtail Soup

Copycat Alley Restaurant Oxtail Soup

Here are a couple of things youll need for making this Hawaiian oxtail soup recipe. So before you start this recipe, lets make sure youve got all the equipment and spices in your kitchen!

  • Stainless steel stock pot remember, this recipe calls for you to add quite large and voluminous ingredients. Hence, you need a larger pot in which you can add all the produce without hassle so that they can simmer and cook evenly.
  • Beef oxtail lets face it, sometimes its hard to come by such an ingredient. Even at your local butchers. So just order it online!
  • Star anise stock up on star anise and use this spice for recipes such as this dried fruit compote or this pickled daikon recipe
  • Soup dishes serve the soup in deeper soup dishes as the ingredients are quite bulky. Youll need some room to stir them around with your spoon.
  • Pressure cooker to speed things up, you can also use a pressure cooker. This will definitely guarantee a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Any recipe is easy when it comes to making it with a pressure cooker.

Do you use any other essential equipment in your kitchen to make these types of soups? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Filipino Pork Lechon Special Elena’s

At Elena’s, owners Richard Butuyan and his sister Melissa Cedillo keep their family heritage alive by cooking their mom Elena’s Filipino favorites, including the Pork Lechon Special. It begins with huge chunks of pork belly, first boiled, then deep fried. It’s cut up into bits and combined with tomatoes, onions, scallions and sea salt, and served atop pork adobo fried rice. “It’s like a chicharron, a rib and bacon at the same time,” Guy said of the pork belly.

Watch the Video: Mama Elena’s Lechon Special

Lilikoi Pork Pizza The Outrigger Pizza Company

In Maui you can get terrific pizza in a parking lot at The Outrigger Pizza Company run by Philly native Kevin Laut. Try his Lilikoi Pork Pizza, which is topped with garlic aioli, braised pork, sweet Maui onions, bell peppers and mozzarella and romano cheese. Once it’s out of his custom-made oven, it’s topped with parmesan cheese and lilikoi sauce. “You can’t get pizza that good in most restaurants,” Guy said after tasting the pizza.

Watch the Video: Outrigger Pizza Company

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Glazed Mandrian Duck Confit Uahi Island Grill

At Uahi Island Grill, it’s all about classics with a twist, like the Glazed Mandarin Duck Confit. The recipe begins with cooking the duck in its own fat, but with the addition of star anise. The orange glaze includes rice vinegar, shoyu, ginger and more star anise. Once the duck legs are crisped on the flat top, they’re served with rice, Chinese broccoli and the orange glaze.

Is Oxtail Healthy To Eat


Yes, oxtails are very healthy to eat. Although theyre quite fatty, they are a good source of nutrition. Youll be able to cover your daily intake of vitamins.

For instance, youll find tons of vitamins such as Vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and Vitamin B6. Just imagine, all of these inside your bowl of delicious soup!

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Rotisserie Chicken Mike’s Huli Huli Chicken

Guy heads back to Mike’s Huli Huli Chicken stand, which inspired him to create his own rotisserie oven at home. Owner Mike Fuse brines birds in salt and lemon juice overnight. They’re then coated with a rub that includes paprika, cumin, oregano, pepper and cayenne, before getting strung on a spit and placed on his custom oven. The chicken cooks for about 40 minutes over local Hawaiian wood. When they’re done, it is “the crispiest chicken that anybody will every try that’s not been fried,” says Guy.

Watch the Video: Rotisserie Chicken Oahu Style

Guy’s Top Eats In The Aloha State Triple D In Hawaii

From island classics to Asian fusion, Hawaii has a bit of everything when it comes to its unique cuisine. Guy’s visited restaurants, drive-ins, food trucks and roadside stands across the islands to find the best offerings around. If you’re headed to Hawaii for some fun in the sun, make sure these places are on your must-eat list.

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What Is Dried Orange Peel

Chenpi is a sun-dried mandarin or tangerine peel that serves as an aromatic in Chinese cooking and medicine. Traditionally, it was made using green, unripe citrus fruits.

Just like herbs, mandarin peels get more pungent when dried. Here’s a method for making your own. Or you can just buy it at Asian and other international markets or online.

Misiake Beef He’eia Kea Pier General Store And Deli


At He’eia Kea Pier General Store and Deli, Chef Mark Noguchi prepares Misiake Beef, a dish that practically left Guy speechless. It starts with beef marinated in teriyaki sauce. It’s stir-fried in a wok before getting glazed with a sauce made with sake, mirin, sake kasu, white and red miso pastes, salted black bean sauce and toasted sesame seeds. Served simply with white rice, it’s a taste of Japan in Hawaii.

Watch the Video: Hello, Misiake Beef

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The 15 Best Places For Soup In Honolulu

Mae Dean: I highly recommend the Pho French dip with mini pho combo.

justin parker: Perhaps the best pho broth in the islands. Culinary genius and a free spirit about the place. Everything is made with exacting detail and the flavor combinations are selected with care and skill!

Zinnia Amoyen: Everything is good! Tried the pho, most of the desserts, pork entree, steak entree, ravioli, and the lfc wings!

Laurent Piol: Tan tan ramen is bomb bomb!!

Betty Lleces: Best Tan Tan Ramen and char siu!

John: Go for the seafood shyo ramen, one of my favorites here

Hillary Francis: The beast bowl ramen is great. Get a few appetizers first and split a big ramen bowl. The cocktails are a must-try

Ellen S. P.: Great cocktails and noodle soups. Anything with pork belly is a winner.

Olga Doykhen: Pork heaven on earth. Delicious buns, wraps and of course ramen!!! Double yum!

Said M.: any Ramen bowl is brilliant. For me, Anything with Shoyu or Miso broth is ace. Go with Tokyo Ramen as your first, you can’t lose! COMBO!

Mike Roberts: The spicy ramen and gyoza were awesome, get there early to beat the line.

Anna R: Oxtail Ramen was great! Small place about 20 seats. Cash only. Worth the wait.

Yongchae Song: Chicken tatsutage is a great compliment to any ramen dish. Can’t go wrong with anything tan tan.

Nancy Nino: Try the Chicken Tantan Ramen – My heart’s delight!

Alecia Milne: Big enough for a party of 4 or less. Wonderful charsiu tantan ramen

Hazel Eff: Best phô ken ever!

Review Of Asahi Grill Keeaumoku Llc

I’ve never tasted a better oxtail soup than here! The service is great & the ever cheerful staff made it a very pleasant experience d the week I was there. My thanks to: Miki, Rery, Lucy & Lynn!! They refill your tea or coffee without having to be asked and were always hovering around cater to your needs. It’s a cozy place with 15 tables in one room and a bar and booths in another…very clean. I will definitely be back on my nest trip!!! There are a variety of other dishes and my grandson had the loco moco…..good comfort food.

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