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Hot Water Dough For Xiao Long Bao


Dumpling wrappers made from scratch start with hot water dough, which is a combination of using just-boiled hot water and cold water.

The boiling hot water partially cooks the dough & forms gluten better, resulting in a soft, stretchy, pliable and very easy to work with and do multiple pleats. The dough rolled beautifully, but it was still very strong and held the filling without breaking. When you add the hot water, take a pair of chopsticks and use that to stir vigorously to get the gluten going. How vigorous? Well, the best way to describe is to show the dough whos boss and slap the dough around!

After a couple of minutes of all that slapping, add the cold water, stir more.

How To Make Xiao Long Bao Recipe

While I typically specialize in easy, fast Asian recipes this is not fast and easy. So Ill give you fair warning that this does take time to make. It took about half a day to prepare the soup, chill & set with agar-agar, prep the filling, make & knead the dough, cut out dough circles, wrap, and steam.

A Buffer Between The Dumplings And The Steamer

It’s a common mistake for people to cook the dumplings right on the steamer. If you don’t cook with a buffer like a parchment liner, the dumplings will cook and stick onto the steamer. This is a situation you’ll want to avoid as it will tear the dumpling’s wrapping once you remove them.

If you don’t have any parchment liners, you can use a cabbage leaf . You can also use our food-safe perforated parchment liner.

While you can use a bit of oil to grease the steamer, it can be messy and add unnecessary oiliness. Better to get a good steamer liner.

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Trader Joe’s Chicken Gyoza Potstickers

There’s nothing standout about this ingredient list compared to others, but what you might like is the generous 7-piece serving size compared to smaller serving sizes of other brands for pretty much the same amount of calories. If you value the quantity of dumplings over the filling ratio, this might be your top pick. These TJ’s potstickers also contain zero grams of sugar, which sets them apart from a few of the other brands.

Buy Frozen Soup Dumplings Recreate Your Favorite Dish At Home

Jual Chicken Soup Dumplings

Wondering how to cook restaurant-quality soup dumplings with a pack of frozen dumplings?

Our frozen soup dumplings are sure to satisfy your love for authentic Chinese street food. Having them frozen doesn’t take away from their freshness or quality either. Don’t think that you can’t enjoy the full flavor of our soup dumplings because you’re cooking it at home.

If you’re unsure how to prepare them best, then worry no more. Here’s how to cook frozen dumplings.

Follow this guide and satiate your craving for authentic Asian food. Learn how to cook our signature dish at home today!

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Ling Ling Asian Kitchen Potstickers Chicken And Vegetable

Ling Ling’s chicken and vegetable potstickers top this list when it comes to the number of calories, fat amount, and sodium amount per servingwhich clearly isn’t ideal. But what they do have going for them is a good amount of protein per serving, and a fairly simple ingredient list. For those reasons, this is a clear middle-of-the-pack option.

How To Cook Chinese Dumplings

Ok, lets get into the details on how to cook dumplings once youve put them all together! Ill provide step-by-step instructions and tips for three different methods: steaming, pan-frying, and boiling.

Method 1: Steam

Steamed dumplings are not only one of the healthier ways to go, theyre delicious! The outer wrapper stays firm and a little chewy. This is also one of the better ways to cook dumplings if you really want the flavor of the filling to shine through.

Equipment Needed:

  • Steaming set-up, such as a bamboo steamer & wok, metal steamer, or pan with cover/steam rack
  • Non-stick steamer liners


Fill a wok or metal steamer with water. If using a wok with a bamboo steamer, make sure theres enough water in the wok to come up the sides of the steamer about 1 cm, to prevent scorching.

If using a metal steamer or pan/steam rack set-up, just make sure theres enough water to simmer for 10 minutes without drying out. Make sure the water isnt high enough to touch the dumplings during steaming.

Take a look at the photo of the bottom of the bamboo steamer, below. The platform on which the dumplings will sit is raised about 2 cm. You want to make sure the steamer is sitting in enough water such that it doesnt get scorched or burned, but not so much water that the boiling liquid touches the steaming platform.

You may end up having to add a little boiling water as the dumplings steam.

Bring the water in your steamer/wok to a boil.

Thats it!

Method 2: Pan-fry

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Frozen Steam At Home Xiao Long Bao

You asked and we listened!

Enjoy the incredibly delicious culinary magic that is the Kings Co Imperial Xiao Long Bao from the comfort of your own home.

Our Shanghai-style soup dumplings are lovingly made by hand, flash frozen and vac-sealed, and are ready to be steamed for 13-16 minutes in a wok, saute pan, or pot .

If you don’t have a bamboo steamer basket you can purchase one from us and then steam dumplings to your heart’s content for the rest of your life.

Just to be clear – these are frozen raw dumplings that need to be steamed before eating. Frozen dumplings are made to order and can be picked up Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from our Skillman Avenue location in Williamsburg with 48 hours notice.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide pick-up from our LES location.

If you don’t have a bamboo steamer basket don’t forget to purchase one here!

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The devotees who pledge their allegiance to Pings xiao long bao will have to wait for its reopening because its frozen version didnt hold up well in the steamer. Its pork pot stickers are the way to go. When fried, most frozen pot stickers crumble and disintegrate as soon as you chomp. These suckers put up a fight, doughy but with a crunchy skin for an unctuous bite. The pork filling is one of the most distinctive in our taste test a sweet onion flavor.

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How To Choose The Healthiest Frozen Dumplings

  • Look at the serving size. Some serving sizes allow for three dumplings, some include seven, so make sure you’re comparing them properly.
  • Look for low amounts of sodium. Avoid brands where one serving size exceeds 20 percent of the recommended daily sodium intake.
  • Avoid the sauces. Whichever frozen option ends up in your freezer, remember that opting for a quality dumpling only gets you halfway to healthy. Sauces often cause already high levels of sodium to reach amounts close to 50 percent of daily intake . And the sugar? Not so great either.
  • Don’t fry them. It will add unnecessary calories and fat to your serving of dumplings. We know that sometimes you need that crispy texture on the dumpling wrapper, but boiling or steaming are usually healthier preparation methods.

Archer Farms Chicken & Vegetable Potstickers

Target’s Archer Farms potstickers are made with dark chicken meat mixed with cabbage and green onions. While it does also include a sesame dipping sauce, the nutrition facts label doesn’t seem to include data on the sauce. Sketchy! That means that each 5-piece serving has 3 grams of sugar and 700 mg sodium without the sauce. Knowing how high in sugar and sodium these dumpling sauces usually are, you do the math.

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The Best Dumplings To Buy

Dumplings are a versatile dish. Whether you steam, boil, or fry them, a good dumpling delivers an amazing mouth-watering experience. With frozen dumplings ready to heat, you can enjoy this rich dish without going to a restaurant.

If you’re in the Seattle area, then you’re in luck because Seattle offers some of the best frozen dumplings. However, if you’re looking for the most traditional Chinese dumplings cooked with classical techniques from the streets of Shanghai, then get your frozen dumplings at Xiao Chi Jie in Bellevue.

Here at XCJ, we make our dumplings in small batches of 18 bags with only the freshest ingredients. This means the dumplings you’ll get are fresh and likely prepared a day or two before receiving them. Our process involves expert hands to prepare your dumplings.

Our recipe roots from Shanghai Pan Fried soup dumplings. This is why our dumplings’ filling remains soupy even after frying in hot oil. Learn more about us here.

Are you looking for the best dumplings that are perfect for this recipe? Get them at Xiao Chi Jie.

Should I Boil Steam Or Fry

6 Frozen " Steam at home"  Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai Soup ...

There are plenty of ways to cook frozen dumplings. Besides steaming, you can boil, fry them, or even use a microwave.

The combination of wrapped dumplings and a savory mouthful of soup requires a gentle approach. The keyword to remember here is “soup.” You’ll want to keep the integrity of the soup, so your cooking process should emphasize this.

Boiling your frozen soup dumplings can be abrasive and leave it soggy or water-logged. With steaming, you create a high-heat, moisture-rich environment. This helps you cook the dumpling’s wrapper and filling in a short time.

This is why we recommend you try the traditional cooking method of steaming. You’ll be able to experience the well-balanced flavor of broth, minced pork, and dumpling wrapper.

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Tai Pei Shicken Potstickers

Take a look at the nutrition panel on these dumplings, and the mere sight of the sodium levels will raise your blood pressure. A whopping 1220 mg of sodium gets you almost to the daily limit, so if you’re having these dumplings, don’t plan on eating anything else that contains sodium for the entire day. The 10 grams of sugar per serving are also pretty bad, and you can see that the sauce, made of soy sauce and sugar, is really where it all goes downhill for these dumplings. If you opt for these dumplings, try foregoing the sauce that comes with them and making your own at home, using fresh ginger, chili flakes, and low sodium soy sauce.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

Xiao Long Bao From Xiao Chi Jie

To buy: Xiao Long Bao $40 – $42 at thexcj.com

They quickly learned how much horsepower each of their freezers had and thus how many dumplings it could adequately freeze at one time. As they expanded delivery, they realized that Google Maps only allowed them to put in 10 stops per route a problem they solved by going back to the early internet favorite of dads everywhere, MapQuest. Eventually, they got a crash course in dry ice as they transitioned to shipping nationally, a far cry from the small, focused street food restaurant they originally started in 2018.

“We wanted to bring a lot of the foods that we grew up eating in China that didn’t really exist here,” says co-founder Jennifer Liao. They started with one that Wang recalled fondly from his childhood in Shanghai: pan-fried soup dumplings called sheng jian bao, or SJB. “A big goal of ours was to make sure that it was representative of what you would have in China.”

They recreated the specialized cast iron pans and range to make half-risen Shanghai-style SJB, then devised a business plan that tackled one of the toughest issues: the process made 80 dumplings at a time, and they needed to sell within 30 minutes. “All of this led us down this path of ‘how do we be as technical as possible and do this in the right way?'” says Liao, a blueprint for their pandemic pivot.

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How To Eat Chinese Dumplings

Jiaozi can be eaten any time of day, any time of year, as an appetizer, side dish, or main dish. They are the ultimate versatile food item.

Theyre also a must-have on the table during Chinese New Year , since they symbolize wealth. Their shape actually resembles the gold ingots once used as currency in ancient China.

Dumplings can be steamed , pan-fried , or boiled . They are then served with a dipping sauce, like Chinese black vinegar or our favorite dumpling sauce recipe. They can also be eaten with hot pot meals or served in soup!

Some Tips For Newcomers:

How to make PHO Soup Dumplings At Home… the best SOUP meets the best DUMPLING ð¥ | Marion’s Kitchen

If you use a bamboo steamer, make sure it fits within your pot, otherwise your soup dumplings will not cook properly.

Ask for cooking instructions: Most Asian restaurants dont include directions since their clientele is well versed in how to steam, fry and boil dumplings. Neophytes should not assume. Boiling dumplings, for instance, is not dropping them in hot water like rigatoni that leaves you with an overcooked, mushy dough and undercooked meat filling. Boiling usually entails waiting for the dumplings to float to the surface and then pouring cold water into the pot to drop the temperature. Repeat this step three to four times, depending on the thickness of the dumpling. Frying dumplings does not mean dropping them in olive oil. You coat the pan in vegetable oil, drop the pot stickers and fill the pan with water and then cover until most of the water evaporates. Then, you lift the lid and brown to finish. Ask. For. Cooking. Instructions.

Social distance your dumplings: They need elbow room to inflate in the pan or steamer, otherwise they will stick to one another.

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How Do You Make Steamed Soup Dumplings

Bring a pot to a boil, cover, and then let it sit for 15 minutes. Make room in a steamer basket for the soups dumplings by bringing in ample space around the soup dumplings so they can cook and expand when combined. Stirring the noodles until the dough is glossy and theres a soupy filling, 5 minutes into making them.

Nasoya Organic Vegan Tofu Vegetable Dumplings

Nasoya’s vegan dumplings are filled with super firm tofu, mushrooms, carrots, onions, and delicious flavorings like ginger, garlic, and chili flakes. And you know that when an ingredient list reads like a grocery list, we’re all for it . However, with 600 mg of sodium per serving these dumplings rank on the higher end of the sodium spectrum, so proceed with caution. On the other hand, if organic, high-quality ingredients are most important to you, this option will outrank similar dumplings on our list.

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The Best Frozen Pork Dumplings

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I wish I could say I’m the kind of well-organized, thrifty person who stocks her freezer with delicious leftovers, homemade chicken stock, and healthy fresh produce. The kind of person who could safely hole up in the post-apocalypse for at least a week or two before having to venture outdoors. But the reality is that my freezer is pretty bare, and when the zombies come, the only thing I’ll be eating is a whole lot of frozen dumplings.

But you know what? I’m okay with that . Frozen dumplings can be flavorful, satisfying, and almost indistinguishable from fresh ones, especially when you cook them properly. Then again…they can also suck. You know what I’m talking aboutthose sad, bland, plastic-skinned, mushy paste-filled specimens that give dumplings a bad name. And whether you’re shopping at your local supermarket or headed to an Asian specialty store, deciding which brand to go with can feel like a total crapshoot.

That’s why we set out to try as many nationally and regionally available brands of Chinese-style pork dumplings and potstickers as we could get our hands on, tasting each and every one to see which ones are worth your precious freezer space.

You Can Now Buy Vegan Soup Dumplings Online In Japan

20 Best Ideas Frozen soup Dumplings

Green Cultures entirely plant-based version of xiaolongbao dumplings come in packs of 20 for ¥1,501

Restaurants and shops in Tokyo are really starting to embrace the vegan trend, adding veggie snacks plant-based ramen and more to their menus. Its not so hard to find meatless burgers and ‘fried chicken’ in the city now, but vegan versions of some classic Asian dishes are still comparatively rare. Japans self-described food tech company Green Culture has launched plant-based xiaolongbao soup dumplings this month that look and taste exactly like the real deal.

Best of all, you dont even have to leave your apartment to sample these veggies delights you can purchase them online via the companys official website. Each bag costs ¥1,501 and comes with 20 frozen dumplings, which need to be steamed for eight minutes before serving.

Instead of minced meat, youll find plenty of veggies including cabbage, onions, bamboo shoots, ginger and garlic, plus beans and rice. Its tasty on its own but a drizzle of soy sauce and chili oil will complete your home izakaya experience.

You can have your order shipped anywhere within Japan, and its worth checking out Green Cultures other vegan foods and ingredients, too the company has been producing plant-based products since 2011.

Theres plenty more vegan food in the city check out Tokyos top vegan takeout options.

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