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The vegetable soup diet has many advantages: its tasty, nutritional, low in calories and can help you to lose weight fast. This fast weight loss soup diet forms the core of many different diets, you can even create your own soup diet selecting low calorie vegetables according to your personal taste. Many weight loss soup plans were developed to help people shed pounds quickly.

The cabbage soup diet is the most famous of all the vegetable soup weight loss diets. Since a copy of cabbage soup dietfirst appeared in the 1980s, several similar plans have developed including the vegetable chicken soup diet, and thecabbage and chicken soup diet.

Fat Flush Soup Recipe

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Does fat flush soup really work? Those on the fat flush soup diet consume two servings of a filling broth-based soup each day, along with breakfast and snacks. Get the details on high protein soup recipes for weight loss, along with my fat flushing soup recipe. At under 500 calories per HUGE bowl, this satisfying, fiber-filled, one-pot soup will help you maintain a calorie deficit.

The idea of weight loss soup recipes sounds great, doesnt it? I think thats what drew me to the original fat flush soup recipe when I was on my weight loss journey. A delicious soup that you eat a few times a day, and it flushes the fat out of your body?

Yes, please! Sign me up for that.

Of course, even in my pre-dietitian days, I knew that the silly name of this soup held little meaning. I was aware that if I did not maintain a calorie deficit, I was not going to lose body fat. This holds true regardless of whether my diet contained special high protein low carb soup recipes or not.

Criticisms aside, this is the BEST soup for meal prep! Making a pot or two of this weekly means youll have a healthy meal handy whenever you need it. You be less likely to set your weight loss goals aside when family emergencies or other life issues arise.

Additionally, this soup is delicious. What do you have to lose by giving it a try?

Is It Good For Certain Conditions

Mostly for those who are obese and need to lose weight fast in order to undergo to surgery. If you have any condition, such as diabetes, consult your doctor before doing the cabbage diet soup. Your blood sugar levels may drop a lot. It also wont have a long-lasting impact on heart-disease, lowering cholesterol, or treating high blood pressure.

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How System 20 Works

In addition to enjoying meals between 11 AM and 7 PM, Dr. Ozs plan is pretty simple: Start the day with a cup of coffee or tea blended with one tablespoon of MCT oil, like Natures Way Organic MCT Oil . Since the brew is carb-free and loaded with healthy fats, it wont break your fast and the ingredients are proven to work synergistically to ward off hunger and boost energy so you can breeze through your morning while reaping the many health benefits of intermittent fasting.

Around 11 AM, youll dig into a bowl of soup loaded with at least a half cup of beans and one cup of greens as well as three ounces of protein from chicken, beef, tofu, or even more beans. Dinner can be another soup creation or a sensible solid meal, as long as you include a half cup of beans, one cup of greens, and 3 ounces of protein on your plate.

You can also nosh on a half cup of berries as a snack or for dessert, and if youre hungry between meals, go for healthy low-carb options like olives, nuts, cheese, and hard-cooked eggs. Its super-easy, Dr. Oz has promised. This is about having a system to live your best life.

Adding just one bowl of soup each day to Dr. Ozs System 20 plan supercharges the bodys fat-burning systems. And, best of all, youll still be able to indulge in holiday treats, since Dr. Ozs protocol calls for enjoying one cheat day each week to give your metabolism a boost.

Instant Pot Cabbage Soup:

Cabbage Fat
  • To make the detox cabbage soup in the pressure cooker, press the saute function.
  • Heat oil and cook onion, bell pepper, and celery for about 5 minutes, or until softened. Stir every now and then. Add garlic and cook for 1 minute.
  • Add tomato, broccoli slaw, cabbage, broth, tomato paste, pepper, and turmeric. Stir and secure lid. Set on high for 15 minutes, or press the soup function and set for 15 minutes. Allow natural release, about 20 minutes.
  • Remove lid and stir in spinach and lemon juice. Stir in salt but do not go overboard.
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    Cuban Tomato And Black Bean Soup

    Here, we combine two beloved soups: tomato and Cuban black bean for one flavor-packed bowl of deliciousness. Even with the combination of jalapeño, red, and green peppers, ham hock, onions, and all the other fixings, we make sure to keep things as light as possible, thanks to the reduced-sodium black beans, no-salt-added diced tomatoes, unsalted chicken broth, and the addition of Greek yogurt for a healthy garnish.

    This hearty soup is infused with pork, beans, peppers, russet potatoes, onions, and roasted corn, and it’s perfect for a slow cooker. It’s low in calories and will give you 25 grams of protein, plus six grams of fiber, so you’ll stay full.

    Get our recipe for Green Chile Pork Soup.

    There really is no greater pairing than a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. In our version, you get hit with some pure tomato intensity with every spoonful, thanks to an oven roasting technique, which concentrates the natural sugars of the tomatoes. It’s all the goodness of a comfort-food dish, with half the calories.

    This chicken and dumplings recipe has many of the core flavors of chicken noodle souproot vegetables, savory broth, and shredded chickenbut it is made more substantial by the addition of a roux to thicken the soup base and help create those fluffy dumplings.

    Get our recipe for Chicken and Dumplings.

    Will I Gain All My Weight Back Afterwards

    Its important to note that we dont recommend following this strict diet for more than seven days. After a week, be sure to maintain a healthy diet, having this soup intermittently until you reach your desired weight. Think of this as a positive kick-off to your diet, a way to shed pounds and gain some confidence as you continue your lifestyle change. A great way to help with portion control is to eat a bowl of soup before you eat your regular meal. The soup will fill your stomach with healthy vegetables, and you will feel less hungry for your meal.

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    What Can You Eat On The Cabbage Soup Diet

    The cabbage soup diet is mainly made up of cabbage soup, alongside other vegetables and some meats.

    A typical seven-day plan would look like this:

    • Day 1: You can eat as much fruit as you want along with unlimited cabbage soup, water and unsweetened tea and coffee.
    • Day 2: Avoid fruit but eat raw veg and cabbage soup. Youre allowed a baked potato in the evening.
    • Day 3: As much cabbage soup, fruit and vegetables as you like .
    • Day 4: Unlimited cabbage soup. You can drink some skimmed milk and eat up to eight bananas.
    • Day 5: Lots of cabbage soup and 565g of beef and six tomatoes. Makes sure you drink 6-8 glasses of water.
    • Day 6: As much cabbage soup, beef and vegetables as you like .
    • Day 7: Unlimited cabbage soup, a little brown rice and sugar-free fruit juice.

    Cabbage And Broccoli Soup

    Day 2 of the 7 day Fat Burning Soup Diet

    I know that I promised only one cabbage soup recipe, but this isnt just cabbage soup. This focuses on a range of vegetables that will help you get all the nutrients your body needs. Youll also get the fiber needed to keep your metabolism supported and avoided problems within the digestive system.

    This recipe is sometimes referred to as the Poor Mans Soup. It tends to use cheap vegetables that will last for a week or so in the fridge.


    • ½ a cabbage head, sliced
    • ½ a spinach bundle
    • ½ a broccoli head, chopped
    • 2 sticks of celery, chopped
    • 2 carrots, chopped
    • 1lt or broth beef, chicken, or vegetable are fine


    • Add some oil to the bottom of a large soup pot over a medium heat
    • Add the onions and garlic, cooking for 5 minutes until fragrant
    • Pour all the broth in and allow to boil
    • Add in all the vegetables and season with some salt and pepper
    • Add herbs in if youd like, but you dont have to
    • Simmer for about 20 minutes, until all the vegetables are tender

    The best way to enjoy this is with chunky vegetables. You can blend some of the mixtures if youd like. As the first recipe, the chewing process helps with the fat burning in the body.

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    Heart Surgery And Soup Diet

    Fact Checked

    One fad diet claims to have medical experts’ stamp of approval. Badly-typed, copied multiple times, passed on from one person to the other and found in numerous incarnations on the Internet, the Sacred Heart Diet has the reputation of being a soup diet given to overweight patients prior to heart surgery. However, medical institutions associated with this fad diet have gone out of their way to disclaim their association with it.

    Cons Of The Cabbage Soup Diet

    The ultimate negative of the cabbage soup diet is that its incredible restrictive and too low in calories.

    Low in calories and unsustainable

    If done for a number of days the person could miss out on vital calories, protein, vitamins and minerals essential for the body to function and to allow you to carry out your day-to-day tasks, Nutritionist Jasmine Carbon says. The person following such a diet may see the effects, but a diet like this is not sustainable and should not be practiced for an extended period of time.

    Wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels

    Nutritionist Mina agrees, adding that the diets focus on cabbage soup can wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar often leaves people feeling faint, weak, unable to concentrate and its dangerous particularly for those with diabetes.

    Causes flatulence and bloating

    The cabbage soup diet is also famous for leaving those who follow it with serious flatulence, an unwanted side-effected backed up by science. It happens because cabbage is high in fibre, which naturally causes wind, and it can cause additional digestive issues for those who arent used to eating so much fibre in their daily diet.

    Expect to experience some gastro-intestinal discomfort such as bloating, gas build up, nausea and flatulence, adds Jasmine. Diarrhoea is another common side-effect of the cabbage soup diet plan.

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    Easy 7 Day Vegetable Soup Diet For Quick Weight Loss

    Hey loves! As many of you have requested, I am back with another weight loss / diet recipe. This time around we will be making the famous vegetable soup diet! This diet recipe is just like the cabbage soup detox diet. However, we use different ingredients. This 7 day soup diet is packed with broccoli, cauliflower, yummy bell green peppers, sweet red bell peppers, onions, carrots, and more!

    What Are The Ingredients Of The Diet Cabbage Soup

    Fat Burning Vegetable Bean Soup

    Although most recipes have bouillon/water and veggies in common, there are different recipes for the diet soup. Our diet cabbage soup is low-fat and has low carb veggies, among other ingredients that are detox and anti-inflammatory, such as spinach, garlic, turmeric, tomatoes, and lemon juice. It is similar to Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup!

    Here are the ingredients for the diet cabbage soup that maximizes weight loss while detoxing:

    • Olive oil
    • Spinach

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    Toss Together Delicious System 20inspired Soups

    1. CHOOSE A BROTH. Start with a 32 oz. package of low-sodium broth as your baseconsider selecting bone broth , which contains slimming amino acids. Or use your own homemade broth.

    2. ADD BEANS AND GREENS. On Dr. Ozs System 20 plan, youll add two cups of beans and four cups of leafy greens to each four-serving batch of soup. Beans help you feel satisfied and spike fat burn by 25 percent, while greens fill you up and provide slimming minerals.

    3. PICK ADDITIONAL FLAVORS. For hearty soup with hunger-dampening power, include up to two cups of your favorite vegetables, like tomatoes, onions, celery, or carrots. You can also add up to one cup of high-protein grains, like amaranth or buckwheat, for texture.

    4. STIR IN HERBS AND SPICES. Stir in up to four teaspoons of your favorite herbs and spices, such as turmeric, cumin, thyme, sage, or cayenne. Not only do these picks add big flavor, but herbs and spices are study-proven to dial back inflammation and fire up fat burn.

    5. SIMMER AND ENJOY. To make four servings in a stockpot: Sauté base vegetables until soft. Stir in 32 ounces of broth, additional vegetables , and any spices desired. Let soup simmer for 25 minutes or until vegetables are cooked to desired softness. Stir in leafy greens as well as pre-cooked beans and grains simmer for five minutes to heat through.

    Does Soup Reduce Belly Fat

    While there may be a silver lining in this dark tunnel, there is indeed a gem that can help accelerate weight loss and allow you to shed the stubborn belly fat as a result. However, to be able to lose weight, soups are essential to your diet when it comes to slim down your meal. Dont stay away from the light and wholesome options in soups.

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    Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe And Review: How Much Weight Can You Lose

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  • If you can stomach the constant soups , the cabbage soup diet may be a quick fix for weight loss.

    But much like other extreme diets, in the long-term its not going to work and evidence suggests that people shortly put the weight theyve lost back on. Cabbage is a great source of fibre and its essential for gut flora and bowel health, says nutritionist Mina Khan. However, it should be eaten as part of a balanced diet. This is not a diet I would recommend anyone to follow.

    Despite this, year after year, many people still look to this plan and other extreme weight loss methods as a way to change their eating habits. While there are so many other diets that work out there, if you want to know what the fuss is about, this is what the experts want you to know about the cabbage soup diet.

    Weight Loss Vegetable Soup

    Day 7 of the 7 Day Fat Burning Soup Diet

    Whether youre trying to lose a few pounds after the holidays or just want to give your body a healthy jumpstart, this Weight Loss Vegetable Soup is for you. Similar to the famous weight loss cabbage soup, this is a low-calorie soup for weight loss that can help you shed a few pounds when eaten daily.

    This is one of my go-to healthy soup recipes because it also tastes fantastic!

    Weve all heard about the famous weight loss cabbage soup diet by now. You know, the soup diet where you alternate between eating only fruits or only vegetables daily, along with as much cabbage soup as youd like with the promise of losing up to 10 pounds in a week.

    Sounds wonderful, right?

    This cabbage soup diet isnt quite as extreme, and theres no restrictive diet attached. In fact, you dont even have to think of it as a weight loss soup. Think of it as a yummy veggie soup you can enjoy whenever youd like.

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    The Cabbage Soup Diet: A Nutritionists Verdict

    The cabbage soup diet is not a good way to lose weight, our nutritionists conclude.

    While it might be a quick fix in the short-term, evidence suggests that any weight loss from the cabbage soup diet will quickly plateau after about three days. Then following this, anyone who tries the diet is more than likely to just put the weight back on again defeating the purpose of the diet in the first place.

    In terms of weight loss, this diet could definitely help almost anyone to shed some weight within a few days, says Mina. However its crucial to bear in mind that this diet is not a sustainable way to lose weight in the long run. It will likely result in you regaining the weight you lose once you stop restricting your intake of normal foods.

    It also comes with plenty of nasty side-effects, including headaches, nausea, an inability to concentrate, flatulence, bloating among many others.

    In addition to this, the British Nutrition Foundation actively warns against single-food diets.

    No single food or food group can provide everything we need to be healthy, they say. Eating a variety of different foods from each of the food groups can help us get the full range of nutrients our bodies need.

    Fat Burning Cabbage Soup

    Unlike other cabbage soup recipes out there, this one is unique because it does not involve tomatoes, which can be high in sugar in large amounts and cause insulin levels to spike something that is considered if one is a diabetic.

    The best part is that you can make it completely your own. Add some more of your favourite spices like thyme and rosemary, if thats the taste youd prefer.

    Whats even better about a low carb diet is the cheese! You can top your soup with your favourite cheese and not feel guilty about it one little bit. Maybe some bacon bits would make your heart a little more happy, too.

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