Tomato Soup After Gastric Sleeve

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Vegan Lentil Haricot Bean & Chickpea Soup

Healthy Recipes for Life After Bariatric Surgery: Tomato Soup (Puree Diet)

Searching for high protein recipes bariatric patients that are vegetarians can enjoy?

This simple dish is just what you are looking for! Lentils, chickpeas, and beans are the star of this soup that is full of protein and will keep you feeling full for hours.

Tip: If you like your soup on the spicier side, try adding some chili powder for a hit of heat.

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Peanut Carrot And Sweet Potato Soup Via A Saucy Kitchen

Staying with those orange/yellow hued soups is this delicious medley: Peanut Carrot and Sweet Potato soup. I just recently became a fan of sweet potatoes and blending them with carrots and a hint of the nutty flavor from the nuts makes this soup taste phenomenal! This recipe is dairy free, however, if you want to make it a little creamier or you need to thin it out for your liquid phase blend it with a little half and half or cream.

Below Are Some Additional Tips For Meeting The Goals Of Phase 1 Diet:

In order to maintain hydration, consider the following:

  • Carry a beverage container at all times and take small, frequent sips throughout the day
  • Aim for drinking 1-2 ounces every 15-30 minutes or 4-6 ounces every hour but no more than 8 ounces per hour
  • Dont rely on your thirst to tell you when to drink a fluid
  • Avoid using a straw as it can introduce air and contribute to feeling bloated
  • If you are feeling full or having nausea, use it as a sign to stop drinking fluids temporarily until the fullness feeling subsides
  • Know the signs of dehydration, which include dry mouth, thirst, dry skin, nausea, constipation, fatigue, headache, and dark-colored urine
  • At least ½ of your fluids should include protein
  • Avoid carbonated beverages that may contribute to gas or bloating
  • Avoid sugar or high sugar beverages

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Is Pizza Safe To Eat After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

31 Soup Recipes For Gastric Bypass Patients · The Inspiration Edit

Pizza and spaghetti are common favorites, but they should be consumed in moderation following bariatric surgery. If youre ordering pizza, choose a thin crust and top it with vegetables and lean meats like chicken or Canadian bacon. In general, choose a menu item that is high in protein, such as grilled chicken or seafood.

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Phase : Second And Third Week

By this time, the vast majority of the patients will be completely âadaptedâ and satisfied with the fact of being under a temporary liquid diet. In this phase the patient will begin a Full Liquid Diet, this includes any another thing that is liquid, with more thickness and density such as: high protein shakes and drinks, creams, soups , etc. Any liquid that is not irritative, without alcohol or gas is acceptable in this phase. Again it is important to have at least 2 quarts of liquids per day to keep proper hydration.

The most important thing to remember on this phase is to have adequate amounts of proteins in liquid form. The best liquid sources of protein are the protein supplements from whey protein powder such as: Isopure®, Myoplex®, Unjury®, Optifast®, etc. besides the chicken, beef and seafood broths. The objective will be to have a protein intake between 50 and 70 grams per day from this moment on.

Not All Pasta Is Created Equal

We can assume that most people probably dont eat just plain pasta noodles with nothing on them. They would be sticky and hard to eat, and there wouldnt be any flavor.

Whats the point of eating pasta if it doesnt taste good?

Thats a really good question, but we must understand that with flavor comes extra calories

Lets take a look at a few popular pasta dishes from a well known restaurant and how they breakdown nutritionally:

  • 53g carbs
  • 9g protein

Since the lunch portions are a much better choice, if you are eating out for dinner, you can always ask if you can substitute for the lunch size since you are a bariatric patient.

You will be surprised how accommodating restaurants will be, so dont be afraid to ask.

After all, this is your health we are talking about!

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Pureed Diet Post Gastric Sleeve Bypass Or Bandfaqs

Any Pro Tips for the Puree Stage?

As a matter of factYES!

Whats the Purpose of the Puree Stage After Gastric Sleeve, Bypass, or Band?

The purpose of the bariatric pureed diet is to ease your body back into digesting food again.

Your teeth and stomach are both involved in digesting food. Once food enters your stomach, the stomach continues to chew whatever you swallow, by contractions. Your stomach contracting to digest food can be likened to your teeth chewing to digest food.

Bariatric surgery involves cutting, stitching, and stapling your stomach tissues. Ease up on making your stomach contract by eating foods that require minimal digestion or are already digested by a blender. Let your stomach get its needed rest!

How Long Do I Have Stay on the Bariatric Pureed Diet?

Usually, the puree stage after gastric sleeve, bypass or band lasts anywhere from one week to one month post op. Every surgery practice has different guidelines so be sure to follow your doctors directions.

Phase : First Month After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Taco Soup – Cooking after Gastric Bypass

After the three adapting phases, finally the patient starts with the normal or solid diet.

From this moment on, chewing food really well will be a very important eating habit that should be adopted by every patient who wants to take the best out of his/her surgery and this is a simple, yet difficult to follow step but can make a huge difference on the long term for the weight loss results and for an uneventful recovery.

You should chew every single bite between 20 to 30 times to avoid unnecessary discomfort and symptoms and to let the brain signaling to be triggered to avoid over eating The portions will have to be the size of the patientâs palm.

If the patient feels ready he/she can start trying spicy food, tomato sauce, etc but without excess.

The patient can also consume alcohol if desired but should be done with moderation since the

liver will be busy metabolizing all the fatty tissue from your body being used to produce energy, so your tolerance to alcohol will be considerably reduced.

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Tomato Soup 9 Days Out Sleeve

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Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. If you want medical advice, talk to your doctor. Whatever I post, there is probably some surgeon or other health care provider somewhere that disagrees with me. If you want to know what your surgeon thinks, then ask him or her. Check out my blog.


When Can You Eat Raw Vegetables After Gastric Sleeve

About three months after the operation, the limitations were lifted. You can eat red meat, raw vegetables, and raw fruits. You can eat all solid food, provided you chew it well. You can drink a glass of water during the meal. In the first 3 months after the operation, in addition to the consumption of milk, ayran, and broth, pureed foods rich in vitamins should be consumed. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, spinach, artichokes, and celery should be boiled in water, then passed through a blender and consumed as puree. Those who consume these foods will get plenty of vitamins such as protein, iron, potassium, and vitamin A.


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Creamy Chicken Casserole With Butternut Squash & Apples

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Soft and creamy foods are better tolerated in early stages after weight loss surgery. This creamy chicken casserole with butternut squash and apples is perfect for bariatric patients to eat during their soft diet stage.

During the soft food stages, I always recommend ground meat, in particular, chicken and turkey. These proteins are soft and can be used in a variety of recipes. Chicken and turkey are also lean proteins and to lower calorie choice.

Many of my patients are able to tolerate soft vegetables and fruit during this stage. This casserole includes soft butternut squash and cooked apples. These foods do not overshadow the chicken so you will be able to consume sufficient protein.

Sauces and gravies are helpful at during the soft stage and beyond. Dry food is often not tolerated after weight loss surgery. This creamy chicken casserole uses low-fat cream soup and low-fat milk. If you dont tolerate dairy products you could use some broth and a milk alternative .

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Be Cautious With Alcohol

Top 10 Soups for the Liquid Phase of Gastric Sleeve (With images ...

Consult your doctor before consuming alcoholic beverages after gastric sleeve surgery.

Drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery should be approached with caution because your alcohol tolerance will be lower than before.

Keep in mind, most alcoholic beverages contain high sugar and high calories with no nutritional value.

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Tomato Soup At 1 Week

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You could probably try it after two or three weeks and see how it sits on your stomach. I tried some V8 about a month out and couldn’t handle it. Good luck.

800 calories and less than 20 net carbs is the shizzle


HW: 255 , SW: 240 , CW: 169

M1: -26, M2: -17, M3: -5, M4: -13 M5: -12 M6: -11 M7: -8

M8-10: Skinny Maintenance M11-13: On Break


Google NSNG and learn the right way to eat each day

hate to go against vets, but I had it when I got to full liquids, and no problems…found it very soothing and filling…everyone is different. I always had an ‘iron stomach’, and apparently still have it…only it’s a mini iron stomach now.

if you can wait, put it off a few weeks….

Good luck and congrats on the wls



I don’t know. On my full liquid sheet, V8 was written as something I could have. I started full liquids at 5 days. I didn’t have a problem with V8, but never had more than 1 cup a day. I’m just over 2 weeks post op.

At a week out, my goals were fluids and protein. Tomato soup didn’t fit in my budget since it didn’t offer much protein but with a scoop of whey powder, thinned it would probably work out. If you arn’t having any issues, you could try it I suppose, take it slow.

My advice is follow your doctors orders, progress your diet slowly and listen to your body, add protein to everything, drink lots of water, walk sleep.

What Should You Eat

Your post-bariatric surgery diet serves an important purpose. Following the right dietary guidelines is crucial for recovery and weight maintenance.

Sticking to your gastric sleeve food list will allow you to eat balanced meals that are rich in nutrients, while still limiting calorie intake.

After bariatric surgery, patients need to consume smaller portions of food and meet their daily protein intake. Some foods, like fatty foods or foods that are difficult to digest, are best avoided.

Bariatric sleeve patients should maintain a balanced diet that contains all of the necessary proteins, essential fatty acids, and fiber. Eating high-protein foods for gastric sleeve patients is very important.

Nutrient-rich meals should be eaten instead of calorie-dense meals. Bariatric vitamins and bariatric protein meal replacement shakes can also help you maintain nourishment and meet daily nutrient goals.

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What To Look For On The Menu

Look for restaurants with a menu that allows you to customize meals or choose from a variety of sides. Swapping a side of fries for veggies is always a great idea.

If you have the choice, opt for options that are low-fat, heart-healthy, lite, fat-free, or sugar-free. Fattening descriptions like fried, breaded, cooked in fats/oils, and deep-fried, are best avoided.

Be wary of how your proteins are prepared. Meats that are grilled or baked are healthier than meats that are fried or smothered in fats.

Keto Buffalo Chicken Soup Via I Breathe Im Hungry

Cabbage Patch Soup – Cooking after Gastric Bypass

Ok look, this soup is fattening more so than what we want so I would recommend it to be preop liquid phase and only 1 serving -or at least make some swaps with lower calorie half and half as well as low-calorie margarine and cream cheese. Youll also really need to blend the chicken well or remove the chunks. But either way just the liquid of this soup is AMAZING!!!!!!! The recipe is very simple to follow and the taste cannot be beaten! Its keto diet friendly which is what we want to follow as many preop and post-op liquid plans are low carb/high protein, and by making those swaps youll be able to enjoy the soup with a little less guilt.

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Easy Cajun Cauliflower Rice

Who doesnt love a healthy one-pan meal that is low in carbs? This is one of those weight loss surgery recipes that checks off all the boxes!

This easy cauliflower rice dish is full of flavor, requires only six ingredients, and can be prepared in under 20 minutes.

It is filling enough to serve as a main meal and goes great with a salad or veggies.

Top 10 Soups For The Liquid Phase Of Gastric Sleeve

***As always My experiences and opinions discussed in all Curvy Logic platforms/channels are my own. They should not be taken as medical advice or medical guidance and should not substitute the advice and guidance of your medical professional or your physician. In other words listen to them, not me lol. These are things I ate and may or may not be acceptable for your plan. Also, please be sure to like and comment if you enjoy any of these soups!****

It is now officially one week since I returned from my vertical sleeve gastrectomy where nearly 80% of my stomach was removed to help me on my weight loss journey. While my recovery is progressing as expected, Ive experienced a few setbacks due to the amount of sodium consumed during my liquid phase pre and post op which when coupled with being off my diuretic led to a worsening of my edema. As I still have a week left on liquids and Im tired of processed and canned broths/soups Ive compiled a list of heart healthy, low sodium, liquid phase friendly soups/bisques to help me make the final stretch with as little negative impact on my blood pressure and edema as possible. As always, everyones bariatric plan is different with unique preop and post-op guidelines for their phases. For me, I am able to have liquids that are thinned and contain no chunks. Anywhere between a water and thinned milk or thin gravy consistency.

Ok, now on to the goods

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Creamy Cauliflower And Ham Soup Via I Breathe Im Hungry

Making another appearance on this list is a low-calorie soup from Im Breath Im Hungry. This cauliflower and ham soup tastes like a guilty treat but the calories are only 125 per 10 ounce serving thats more than our little tummies can hold after surgery! So cut the serving in half and slurp up! Its insanely easy to make you know I love chop and plop recipes and if you want to cut the sodium rinse the ham or buy a low sodium ham youll be blending it into the soup so you want to watch that sodium.

Tips To Make The Creamy Chicken Casserole:

Classic Tomato Soup
  • Ground chicken is very lean so may stick or easy brown in a saute pan. If this happens, turn down the heat or spray with olive oil spray.
  • Cream soups can be high in fat and calories. Choose a low-fat option like Campbells Healthy Request.
  • If you have an intolerance to dairy you could use broth or a milk alternative.
  • If you dont have frozen butternut squash you can use fresh but will have to cook the butternut squash ahead of time as it will not fully cook in this recipe.
  • You can eliminate the breadcrumbs if you wish, however you should be able to tolerate them.

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