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What Is A Thermos

The Best Thermos Containers | Top 5 Picks for 2021

Before we can understand its intricacies, lets take a broad look at thermoses to have a clearer idea of the subject. A thermos is any container that is able to keep liquids either hot or cold, thanks to a double-walled design featuring a vacuum.

More formally known as a vacuum flask, this invention has been around since the end of the 19th century, when researcher Sir James Dewar stumbled upon it in the course of his study of cryogenics. Dewar placed two brass flasks inside of one another, and joined them at the neck. The air that became trapped between the two flasks in a thermos can be removed or evacuated, creating a vacuum inside the space.

Without any air to facilitate heat transfer, liquid placed in the inner flask will be isolated from the exterior conditions, and will thus be able to retain its temperature more effectively. Although this was a rudimentary version of a thermos, and only offered a partial vacuum, it was a huge breakthrough.

Basically, whether you put steaming hot soup or ice-cold water in the thermos, the vacuum bubble surrounding the inner flask will keep the temperature stable for an extended period of time. The best thermoses on the market claim to keep items cold or hot for two days, and up to 10 days if the liquid is iced! While thermos efficiency has certainly improved over the years, people still claim that liquids cool off before they warm up, a claim that is directly related to heat transfer.

Thermos Stainless Steel Food Jar

THERMOS Stainless King Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar with Spoon, 16 Ounce, Matte Green

They’ve dubbed this a food jar instead of a thermos flask because of the wide mouth, which means that in addition to hot soup, you can safely store hot foods like stews, curries, spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carne, and so on.

Because the inside and outside of this thermos flask is stainless steel, it’s unbreakable. It keeps hot food warm for 7 hours and cold drinks cold for 9 hours. It is cool to touch regardless of how hot the contents are, and remains condensation free if you are storing cold foods.

It comes with a telescoping stainless steel spoon included, which is stored in the lid. The lid itself can be used as a serving bowl if you are sharing the contents of the flask. Note that you need to hand wash this flask. The study construction, the wide mouth combined with the telescoping spoon make this my top recommendation for a thermos for soup – I think this is the best one.

Key Features :

The 9 Best Soup Thermoses

Keeping in mind all of the above of what to consider when purchasing a thermos, here are the best thermos options on the market at the moment.

Alxeme Soup Thermos 27oz, spoon, handle, lid becomes cup

Each of these is made with stainless steel and they all do a wonderful job of keeping your food warm and safe while being super easy to travel with daily as well!

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Thermos Funtainer Purple 10 Ounce Food Jar

Another popular food flask for small kids is the Thermos Funtainer. It comes in multiple fun designs such as My Little Pony, Disney Cars, Minions, Hello Kitty, Frozen and an array of colors that will appeal to kids of different ages and the young at heart. The small 10 oz Funtainer is just right for kids and theyll keep contents hot for 5 hours or cold for 7 hours.

Capacity: 10 oz Dimensions: 4.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches Material: Stainless Steel and BPA free materialFeatures:

Food Flasks 27 Once Food Jarbpa Free Wide Mouth Soup Containerstainless Steel Lunch

12 of Our Favorite Thermoses to Keep Soup HOT
  • Functional style– this stainless steel lunch food flask is great for toddlers, kids and adults.the wide mouth of this modern lunch jar makes filling and cleaning the jar a simple task.
  • Innovative vacuum insulation– this stanley food flask have double wall vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature keep your food cold for 10 hours or hot for 10 hours with our highly rated insulated food jar.
  • Large capacity food jar– with a 27 oz capacity, this soup canister is big enough to fit an entire meal yet small enough to fit nicely in kids lunch boxes or adult lunch bags..
  • Safe and portable food flask — made of premium quality 316,304 stainless steel bpa and pvc free.durable stainless steel interior and exterior are perfect for you.take your food flask to school, work or travel without needing to reheat or refrigerate your food..
  • Leak proof soup container– with silicone sealing ring,the food jar has been full sealed to prevent spilling accidents.perfect to carry soup or food to work or school.

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Thermos Funtainer 10 Ounce Food Jar Thermos For Hot And Cold Food

This food thermos flask is highly reliable and durable as it was created by THERMOS company, which has developed insulated products for 110 years already. It is created on the basis of THERMOS vacuum insulation technology to retain the temperature either cold or hot within the maximal time period. Made of stainless steel both inside and outside it will serve its owner for many years. Thanks to being a wide mouth vacuum thermos there is no difficulty in filling with soup, serving or cleaning it. With an absolutely cool exterior, it can preserve food and soup hot 5 hours and cold 7 hours. The maximum thermos capacity is 10 ounces. The weight of an empty product is 1 ounce.

The thermos consists of a container, a removable lid, and gasket underside it. To lock the thermos you need to twist the lid clockwise.

The thermos is health secure as it is BPA-free. You can wash it both in the washing matching choosing a safe program or use a hand wash that is recommended by the manufacturer.

The product can not be used in the microwave and is not recommended for children.

Stanley Legendary Food Jar With Spork

The packable, leakproof food jar is another gem from Stanley. No matter what temperature you need your food to be, its food thermoses will keep your hot food hot or your cold food cold for up to seven hours. Whether you’re packing a hot casserole to take with you skiing, or you want to take ice cream on a Fourth of July picnic, your food will be the same when you unpack it as it was when you packed it. Bonus: If you have trouble keeping track of utensils, the spork is conveniently mounted on the side of the canister.

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How Can I Keep Soup Warmer All Day

To keep soup warm all day, you need a good soup thermos. Heat your soup up in the microwave until very hot and pour it into the thermos. If you have just cooked the soup on the stove, pour it directly into the thermos.

Seal the thermos properly, and pack it away into a carry case or your lunch bag. The thermos should keep the soup warm for most of the day. Avoid opening the thermos unless you are going to eat, so no heat escapes.

The 8 Best Soup Thermos In 2021

How to Warm up Food so it Stays Hot in a Thermos

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Gone are the days when you bought a thermos just to keep your coffee hot. Also known as the soup thermos or food jar, the newer generation of stainless steel extra wide necked vacuum flasks are ideal for keeping hot lunches hot or cold lunches cold for all members of the family.

Best Pick

Able to keep hot for seven hours, the Thermos Stainless King 16 oz food jar with folding spoon is our best pick with its serving bowl and five year warranty.

Budget Pick

Ideal for kids of all ages, the Thermos FUNtainer 10 oz food jar is BPA-free and made from durable stainless steel.

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Energify Vacuum Food Jar A Functional Keep Food Hot Container For Lunch

This stainless steel double-walled thermos is a reliable assistant at work, school or during outdoor travels. This hot food insulator will preserve the original temperature of the meal within several hours and you will serve a fresh and just-cooked dish anytime.With the capacity of 1.3 Lt, this thermos will keep the 60° C temperature up to 6 hours.

It is very comfortable to keep food in it thanks to two leakproof steel containers with lids put inside the jar. They are sizable enough to provide an adult with a hot substantial course.

The best thermos for soup features an eye-catching design. Painted red it has a plastic bottom for better sturdiness and a reliable twist lid.

Hydro Flask Insulated Food Jars

Most thermal bottles struggle to keep solid food at the right temperature, so Hydro Flask designed an insulated food jar that could. If you don’t have access to a microwave at work or school, these containers allow you to pack a hot meal in the morning that will still be hot at lunchtime. The heat doesn’t leak out, which means liquid doesn’t either, and the wide mouth makes eating from it easy.

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Best Design: Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Flask With Flex Sip Lid

  • Overpriced

  • Poor lid design

There are so many thermoses on the market that will keep your coffee hot and wont spill, but have a traditional, metallic design. If you’re looking for something a bit more fun, try the Hydro Flask, which still has all the benefits of a classic thermos. You can buy one of these vacuum insulated stainless steel coffee or beverage bottles in many colors, including Pacific, Carnation, Rain, and Olive. The sleek cylindrical design, matte-colored steel, and minimalist cap give the Hydro Flask one of the coolest looks on the market.

While our testing process confirmed that this thermos keeps drinks hot for six hours or cold for four, our reviewer was disappointed by the lid design, citing that it was surprisingly difficult to take the entire lid off when filling the thermos , and even sliding it open to take a sip wasn’t very smooth. The pros are that it’s cupholder friendly, generally safe to place upright in a backpack , and can be cleaned in a dishwasher on the top rack, though our tester was able to fit a sponge into the mug and reach all parts. Hydro Flask also guarantees the item for life.

The Spruce Eats / Derek Rose

Capacity: 12, 16, and 20 ounces | Dimensions: 7.76 x 3.31 x 3.07 inches | Color Options: Yes | Warranty: Lifetime limited

“This is an excellent travel companion because its small and light. It fits in a cupholder and is easy to hold in your hand. I would not trust it in a bag or backpack, however.”

Thermos Funtainer 10 Ounce Food Jar

How Long Does a Thermos Keep Soup Hot?

as of December 25, 2021 12:35 pm

In spite of a great design and colors, this thermos container for soup is a good choice for everyone looking for good working model. BTW, it was my first soup thermos to buy.

It keeps soup hot for 4-5 hours, has a wide mouth, so your children or husband do not need to worry about additional stuff.

Vacuum insulated mechanism promises maximum temperature retention, but some of my friends have noticed that keeping an ice cube alongside the thermos often make the difference.

Lets keep a close look on its pros and cons:

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Stylish Thermoses To Keep Your Soup Hot

After the holidays come and go, the realization that you have to freeze through another two months with no holiday cheer to keep you warm takes hold. You wear 32 layers and trudge to work wondering why you dont live in a warmer climate.

How do you keep yourself warm during these gray, snowy months? Soup! Soup is the answer. Make up a big batch and bring some to your dinner table, bring some to your couch, and bring the rest to your indoor fort.

Because soup isnt the most portable thing in the world , weve rounded up 10 awesome thermoses that will prevent leaks, keep your soup hot, and serve as a vessel for you to eat out of. All you need now is some soup.

  • Vacuum-Insulated Bottle, $50 at Stanley: This rugged bottle from Stanley is not only indestructible it also holds two quarts of liquid and will keep your soup hot for a whopping 32 hours. The insulated lid doubles as a cup, so you dont even need a spoon.
  • Autoseal Transit Mug, $25 at Contigo: This mug was made for your morning coffee, but because its outfitted with specially engineered autoseal technology, its perfect for transporting all liquids, including soup. The top is even outfitted with an extra guard that covers the spout, so you dont have to put your mouth on something that has been exposed to the elements.
  • Thermos Stainless Steel King Bottle, $24: This traditional thermos will keep liquids hot for 24 hours, has a 40-ounce capacity , and has an insulated cap that doubles as a cup.
  • Other Food Thermoses We Tested

    After reading various roundups, articles, and Amazon reviews, we settled on seven thermoses to test. We considered models in the 10- to 17-ounce range, since we were ultimately looking for ones to bring to work or school. We found them all to retain heat well and stay leak-proof under stress, but, maintaining the role of tough critic, we found things to nitpick. The Stanley thermos was incredible at keeping contents hot and cold and has a nostalgic look most people recognize and love, but it just felt too giant for toting on a daily commute. Though the Hydro Flask Food Flask comes in a punchy color and was comfortable to hold, it claims to retain heat for up to three hours, not five. The Black and Blum Food Flask was sleek, but the faux leather strap and spoon attachment felt like a less sanitary solution than the Thermos brand’s hidden spoon. The MIRA Lunch Food Jar has a similar construction to the Hydro and the Black and Blum Flasks, but the outside got dirty quickly. The Thermos Funtainer looked and felt very close to the Zojirushi container but without the extra lid features and ability to deconstruct.

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    Best Hiking And Camping Thermoses

    One of the main essentials that must never be forgotten while packing for your hiking or camping trip is definitely a reliable thermos flask!

    A thermos will keep your food and drinks at the desired temperature throughout your trip regardless of the weather conditions.

    How to pick the best hiking thermos?

    Well, thermos flasks come in various sizes and forms.

    The main factors that should be considered while choosing a thermos are the type of the flask, the size, construction, cap or lid, and of course, the handle.

    I have recently purchased one myself by doing a little research and came up with the top 14 best camping and hiking thermoses in 2020!

    Check out my detailed review below!


    Test : Washing And Overall Experience

    5 Best Thermoses and Insulated Flasks for keeping drinks hot

    It doesnt matter how well a food jar travels if you dread cleaning it, you wont want to use it. To evaluate ease of cleaning, I hand-washed each jar and ran the dishwasher-safe models through the dishwasher. For the jars with multi-part lids, I checked to make sure there were no hard-to-reach nooks. After washing, I sniffed for residual odors.

    I also held and ate out of each jar to evaluate them for comfort, and to make sure that I could reach the bottom with a spoon. In both of these tests, the wide-mouthed designs fared better than the tall and narrow options. The wide-mouthed jars were easy to reach inside for cleaning, and eating out of them felt like using a normal bowl. Its more difficult to reach the bottom of a tall and narrow jar with a spoon and a sponge, which makes the eating and cleaning experience slightly awkward. Options like the Mira and MAXSO come with a lid that can be used as a bowl, which is an appealing option if youre planning to use these somewhere without a stocked kitchen.

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    How Long Can Food Last In A Thermos And Still Be Safe To Eat

    Given that you cooked the food to a safe temperature and then warmed it up to a piping hot temperature, the food inside the thermos container is not likely to go bad.

    But because I love you guys, Ive researched proper food preparation and storage so that you can safely pack hot lunches for your family! Heres what Ive learned:

    • Bacteria grows quicker between 40F and 140F, so perishable foods should NOT stay at that temperature range longer than 3 hours .
    • Thermoses must be preheated before filling. This step often skipped, but its easy to do and worth it on cold winter ways when you want to pack leftover homemade Mac and Cheese or Chicken Alfredo.

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