Cabbage Soup Diet With Protein Added

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Cabbage Soup Diet Plan: How To Do It

Diet Cabbage Soup! Lose Ten Pounds In A Week! And Delicious!

In theory, eating only cabbage soup for a week sounds simple. In practice, its not so easy, because you need to avoid these foods :

  • No grains or starches
  • No sugar in any form
  • No desserts or sweets of any sort
  • No alcohol
  • Spinach and other leafy, non-starchy greens
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Spices such as sage, oregano, pepper, basil, parsley, thyme

The daily plan for this diet is as follows:

  • Day 1: Unlimited cabbage soup and fruit, except bananas.
  • Day 2: Along with cabbage soup, follow a low-carb diet that includes raw or cooked leafy vegetables and one baked potato. Avoid peas, corn, and beans.
  • Day 3: Eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, and cabbage soup, but avoid baked potatoes and bananas.
  • Day 4: Bananas , skimmed milk, and cabbage soup.
  • Day 5: You may have 1020 ounces of beef or chicken and six fresh tomatoes, and you should drink at least six to eight glasses of water.
  • Day 6: Cabbage soup, beef, and vegetables. You may substitute broiled fish for the beef, especially if you had beef the day before. Have some leafy greens. No baked potatoes.
  • Day 7: You can have vegetables, brown rice, and unlimited fruit juice without added sugar.

What Do You Eat On The Cabbage Soup Diet

  • The first day of the week is supposed to be fruit.
  • On Day 2, we should eat leafy greens , but should not consume fruit.
  • The third day was devoted to eating fruits and vegetables.
  • The fourth day is a day of eating bananas and drinking skim milk.
  • On Day 5, add tomato sauce and beef.
  • In the sixth day, we ate beef and vegetables.
  • The seventh day will be spent on brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, and vegetables.
  • Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe With Protein Added

    By: Summer Yule · This post may contain affiliate links.

    When you want to eat a ton of food without a ton of calories, you need this diet cabbage soup. This is a modified cabbage soup diet recipe, based on the original Cabbage Soup Diet recipe. Youll love this cabbage soup diet recipe with protein added from lean beef and bone broth. Its delicious, under 500 calories, and SO FILLING!

    Have you heard of the Cabbage Soup Diet plan ?

    On this diet, a person mostly eats a special cabbage soup recipe to aid in weight loss. This is meant to be a temporary eating plan, not a strategy for long-term weight loss.

    Ive seen several versions of the originalweight loss cabbage soup recipe online. Something that they all share in common is that they are packed with non-starchy veggies and not much else. They are kind of like the soup version of a dressing-free, minimal protein salad.

    And just like if you were eating a dry salad, the soup is lacking in certain essential nutrients and is pretty boring. Eating the original cabbage soup is about as close as you can get to consuming no calories while still consuming food.

    I first found the diet cabbage soup recipe around St. Patricks Day when I had cabbage on the brain. In my search for cabbage recipes, I came across this version of the original cabbage soup.

    Instead of practically living on that soup as a temporary diet, likely resulting in temporary weight loss, why not try my recipe revamp?

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    Key Factors To Success With The Cabbage Soup Diet

  • Follow the diet to the letter!
  • Drink at least 4 glasses of water per day .
  • Remember it is only seven to ten days long!
  • Add plenty of spices, garlics, and flavors to liven up the soup and add variety to make it taste great
  • Print information from this site and refer to it daily .
  • Complement the diet with a daily multi-vitamins and probiotic.
  • Eat plenty of soup the more you eat, the more you should lose! Do not try to starve yourself or youll probably cheat .
  • Cabbage Soup Diet Results- It Works!

    Point blank! The Cabbage Soup Diet WORKS! It helped me to lose weight fast. Once you drop that weight, youll look better, feel better and have some amazing compliments coming your way. I felt really proud of myself once I completed the diet. I did it more than once and found It to be one of the easiest diets because it allowed me to eat. I didn’t feel deprived.

    I lost 10 pound in 10 days, that’s 1 pound a day. Boy oh boy! You could really see the difference. My face slimmed down, my waist slimmed down and my thighs got a little slimmer too. it could have been mostly water weight but it was weight gone off my body just the same. It worked…… cabbage soup diet results

    How can l I keep the weight off?

    Now, the true key is to NOT gain the weight back later, Ok? Don’t let the fear of gaining your weight back hinder your efforts in staying leaner than you were before the diet.

    What Are The Ingredients Of The Diet Cabbage Soup

    Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

    Although most recipes have bouillon/water and veggies in common, there are different recipes for the diet soup. Our diet cabbage soup is low-fat and has low carb veggies, among other ingredients that are detox and anti-inflammatory, such as spinach, garlic, turmeric, tomatoes, and lemon juice. It is similar to Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup!

    Here are the ingredients for the diet cabbage soup that maximizes weight loss while detoxing:

    • Olive oil
    • Spinach

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    How Do You Do The Cabbage Soup Diet

  • Bananas are on the menu for Day 1. Heres unlimited cabbage soup and fruit.
  • The second day should go only to soups and vegetables
  • The remainder of day three should be devoted to eating as many fruits and vegetables as you can, but in an alternative order of preference.
  • Bananas, skim milk, and cabbage soup for day four.
  • What Goes In Cabbage Soup Broth

    Cabbage Soup boasts a fragrant tomato brothmade with pantry friendly ingredients. You will need:

    • Chicken broth: use low sodium broth so we can control the salt.
    • Tomato sauce: I prefer tomato sauce in this Cabbage Soup recipe instead of tomato paste and V8 because it adds extra body.
    • Fire roasted diced tomatoes: are tomatoes that have been roasted which gives them a complex smokiness and removes the acidic bite. Fire roasted tomatoes are located next to the traditional diced tomatoes just make sure you purchase the ones without any added seasonings. You can use plain diced tomatoes if you cant locate fire roasted.
    • Worcestershire sauce: adds a depth of complex savory, slightly tangy flavor.
    • Lemon juice: I splash of lemon juice at the very end brightens all of the flavors.

    Can I use Vegetable Broth?

    I use chickenbroth in this Cabbage Soup recipe because it is more flavorful than vegetablebroth but you are welcome to use vegetable broth instead, just make sure it islow sodium then season with salt to taste.

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    May Change Your Blood Sugar Levels

    If you have diabetes and youre interested in going on the Cabbage Soup Diet, proceed with caution. The low carb and calorie content may cause big changes in your blood sugar levels.

    That said, the diet is not likely to have dangerous side effects for most healthy people as long as it is only used for one week, as intended.


    The Cabbage Soup Diet is not suitable for long-term use because it lacks key nutrients. Despite some uncomfortable side effects, going on it for one week is probably not dangerous for most healthy people.

    What Are The Pros And Cons



    • Quick weight loss up to 10 pounds or more in only 7 days.
    • Body detox and a kickstart to a sustainable diet.
    • It may have anti-inflammatory properties, depending on the ingredients. Our diet cabbage soup recipe does have some, such as turmeric, garlic, lemon, and spinach.


    • If you dont drink plenty of water and start a balanced diet, you may re-gain the weight fast as well.
    • It is a fairly boring diet since most of it consists of cabbage soup.

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    Warning Against The Cabbage Soup Diet

    You need to be very careful before undertaking this kind of diet that may be considered drastic. The lack of carbohydrates can cause a risk of hypoglycaemia which can lead to fatigue, dizziness and headaches. Listen to your body and do not push it too far. The lack of protein can melt muscles.Then it would be recommended to add protein shake and skimmed milk 1 to 2 times per day. The low caloric intake can also slow the metabolism, so it is important to pay close attention to the food you eat following the diet to avoid the yo-yo effect. This would result to make you gain more weight later. Finally, it is not a fad diet or a long-term solution.

    Does It Allow For Dietary Restrictions Or Preferences

    This updated version of the original cabbage soup diet recipe is packed with nutritious vegetables and cabbage. Personally, we found the cabbage soup diet very easy to stick to. What do the experts say? Now add the tomatoes to your soup and bake the beef. Imagine losing anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds in one month! I had turkey sausage and roasted veggies for breakfast. But, let me assure you that you do not have to eat cabbage soup alone. Is it really a safe approach though? During this week you can also eat some fruits and vegetables, chicken, beef and brown rice. The cabbage soup diet is one that has been around for a long period of time and has also created quite the controversy. Did you overindulge a bit during. With such a low calorie and low carb count, this diet would likely make it difficult to do much exercise. Can i exercise on the cabbage soup diet?

    Protein and vegetables are a focus, but any what can you eat? Secret of cabbage diet for weight loss is that it is easy to carry have the cabbage at any time of day and in any quantity. I had turkey sausage and roasted veggies for breakfast. Chop all the vegetables into small pieces. In the world of popular diets, cabbage soup is one of the most puzzling.

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    Other Low Calorie Soup Recipes For Weight Loss

    If you dig soups, check out my other low-calorie soup recipes, such as the Fat Flush soup recipe. Mixing things up can help you keep your healthy diet from feeling boring! Here are a few more ideas:

    Broth-based soups can be a fantastic option for fat burning, but many other foods are great as well. I have a whole section of low-calorie, tasty, and satisfying recipes over in my Recipe Finder that may interest you. If you prefer to focus on reducing carbs rather than calories, I have a low-carb section as well.

    Join our community! to be kept up-to-date on all of the latest and greatest recipes! You can also follow me on , , , and !

    How Are The Cabbage Soup Diet Results

    BEST Cabbage Soup (make ahead &  freezer instructions + how ...

    You can find claims online that the Cabbage Soup Diet can help you lose up to 10 lbs in a week. Unfortunately, most of this quick weight loss is likely to be water weight.

    Hot tip! The general recommendation for safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week.

    Since its a short-term diet, you wont see long-term benefits to your cholesterol, blood pressure, or heart health. Also, you are likely to regain any weight you lose on the diet after you go off the diet.

    Most health professionals would consider the cabbage soup diet to be a rigid fad diet. The diet is too low in protein and calories for most people. It’s also low in carbs, though low carb diets work well as a weight loss strategy for some.

    In summary, I dont recommend using this diet without medical supervision. This is especially true if you have a medical condition that is influenced by diet changes. Your health team may have better suggestions to lose weight.

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    What Goes In Soup

    • Cabbage
    • Beef. I use rib eye steak or scotch fillet as its the most tender cut that stays tender through a minimal cooking process without having to boil it for 4-5 hours. Yes, its more expensive than your cheaper cuts, but the flavour and texture is unbeatable, with minimal fat coating the top of the soup.
    • Carrots
    • Onions and garlic
    • Seasonings

    You will be in pure disbelief that this Cabbage Soup is so incredibly delicious, you will go back for seconds or thirds and even enjoy a bowl as a great afternoon snack !

    Its not just me! My family are now HUGE fans of cabbage and CRAVE it.

    What Is The Cabbage Soup Diet

    So, you might be wondering when the Cabbage Soup Diet started. Where did it come from?

    Heres the interesting thing… no one seems to know for sure.

    The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics claims the Cabbage Soup Diet started in the 1950s. However, other sources claim that its based on Doughboy Cabbage Soup, a dish used in World War I when few vegetables were available.

    The Cabbage Soup Diet became popular in the 1980s, when it was incorporated into the General Motors Diet plan . Most of the information you can currently find on the one week Cabbage Soup Diet lives on blogs. On many sites, the 7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet is actually a just a variation of the GM Diet that includes low protein cabbage soup .

    So, what do you eat each day on the Cabbage Soup Diet? Heres a typical 7-day cabbage soup diet chart.

    Day of Diet
    Day 7 Vegetables and fruit juice

    I dont recommend doing the cabbage soup diet for 2 weeks. I actually dont recommend this diet at all its unnecessarily restrictive and may put you at risk for deficiencies if used long-term. Why not use the soup recipe for a single meal rather than as part of the Cabbage Soup 7-day plan?

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    Cabbage Soup Diet For 2 Weeks: Is This A Safe Way To Lose Weight

    Imagine losing that stubborn weight by having a bowl of soup every other hour. Sounds too good to be true, right? Thats because it is. But everyones grandma swears by the cabbage soup diet, so you cant help wondering what exactly this soup can do. The cabbage soup diet has been around for years, yet theres plenty of misinformation about it. Lets separate myth from fact in a comprehensive review of this weight-loss cabbage soup diet for 2 weeks.

    How To Make Cabbage Soup

    Lose 10 lbs in 5 days Mexican Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe | This Soup is 10X better than Cabbage Soup
  • Start by cooking the aromatics: I include the usual onions, celery and carrots.
  • Sauté them until theyre fragrant and fork tender but not too soft.
  • Add in the seasoning youre using. I keep it simple with salt, pepper, garlic and oregano.
  • Then add the tomatoes. I use a combination of diced canned tomatoes and tomato paste. ionBut you can also use fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce or any other variation to get a tomato broth.
  • Add vegetable broth, chicken broth or beef broth and bring to a boil.
  • Finally add the cabbage and cook until the cabbage wilts, about 20 minutes.
  • When its done cooking, the cabbage will soften and the broth will thicken. The pot can easily feed 6 people and each serving is only about 130 calories. So it makes for a delicious appetizer or soup served with grilled cheese or any other sandwich or soup.

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    How To Make Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe With Protein Added

    To make this cabbage soup diet recipe, begin by prepping your veggies. Roughly chop the cabbage into small slices or shreds about ¼-inch thick. Cut the onions, bell peppers, and celery into ½-inch dice .

    Slice the scallions and mince the garlic. Now youre ready to cook!

    Brown the ground beef in the stockpot over medium heat on the stovetop. Break it up with a spatula as it cooks. It will take about 10 minutes to brown.

    Put all of the ingredients into the stockpot with the cooked ground beef, except the parsley or cilantro. Give it a stir. Let the soup come to a simmer over medium heat with the lid off.

    Allow the soup to simmer for one hour, stirring occasionally. Turn the heat down to medium-low for the final 30 minutes of cooking. Some recipes only have you cook the soup for 15 minutes, but I find this leaves the cabbage too tough.

    After the soup is cooked and all the veggies are tender, ladle it into bowls. Garnish with chopped fresh parsley or cilantro, and enjoy.

    You can also cook this cabbage soup diet recipe in a slow cooker. Put it in the crock pot on low for 6-8 hours if you dont want to use the stove.

    After The Cabbage Soup Diet

    The cabbage soup diet is not designed for long term weight loss. It is effective to initiate rapid weight loss, but it should be seen as a cure and not as a diet to maintain for more than a week. As for all low-calorie diets, this type of diet decreases metabolism in terms of energy expended by the body at rest. Therefore, we must re-integrate progressively foods to avoid a resumption of rapid weight. We advise many vegetables and fruits, protein and little carbohydrates during the following week.

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