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Chicken Soup for the Soul has been helping pets eat well for more than 15 years. Theyre trusted because theyve pursued the same mission for all that time: making wholesome foods that enrich the lives of pets as much as they enrich ours. Feed your furry friend a high-quality diet for years of health and happiness.

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How Expensive Is Chicken Soup Dog Food

The Chicken Soup for the Soul brand of dog food is a little more expensive than the average kibble but still affordable. Prices vary from one recipe to another, but the cost for a 25- of 30-pound bag of Chicken Soup dry dog food is about $38 to $65.

You can purchase 13-ounce cans of Chicken Soup for the Soul wet dog food in cases of 12 for $16 to $30 which gives you an average price of around $2.00 per can.

How To Choose Can Chicken Soup: The Buying Guide

How do you choose the can chicken soup? You must consider many things, such as the brand name, price, and product quality. In addition, you should also consider whether it is suitable for your needs or not.

So how do you choose the right can chicken soup? Here are some tips that you can use to help you find a good product:

  • You first need to consider the product’s brand name. A good brand will always produce quality products, so a product with an established name should be good enough for your needs.
  • You need to consider the product’s price next. A high-quality product does not always mean that it will cost more, but if it costs too much, there must be something wrong with it, or nobody will buy it!
  • The final thing you need to look at is how well suited this item is for your needs and requirements and how well suited it is for others with similar requirements!
  • What you Should Keep in Mind When Buying can chicken soup

    When shopping for a can chicken soup, there are several things to consider. You need to think about the quality of the product, the price, and even how much it will benefit your life. However, you also need to keep these factors in mind:

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    About Chicken Soup For The Soul Pet

    Chicken Soup for the Soul believes that all pets deserve to eat well, which is why they have dedicated themselves to that cause for over 15 years. They make super-premium wet food, dry food and treats for pets using only wholesome ingredients and lots of love. Their Fill-a-BowlFeed-a-Soul program launched in 2016 in association with American Humane and uses a portion of all proceeds to help provide over a million meals to shelter pets each year.

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    Homemade Condensed Cream Of Chicken Soup

    This recipe is an updated version of a recipe I posted way back when I started RecipeTin Eats. The previous recipe was written starting with a homemade condensed cream of chicken soup thick and gloopy like Campbells soup in a can.

    I went through a phase when I made homemade condensed soup which I would then keep for a few days then later use to make a soup or casserole. However, I found that I havent made condensed soup in years, mainly because it can only be kept for a few days so it kind of defeats the purpose of that recipe. But in case you want it, Ive kept it to get the recipe for the homemade Cream of Chicken Soup!

    This is what it looks like. I told you gloopy!!

    With just 395 calories for a meal size bowl, this cream of chicken soup recipe is healthier than most creamy soups because its made without cream. Its far healthier than canned lower in sodium, preservative free and other artificial additives.

    And you can tell the difference with just one spoonful. It tastes so much better than canned, its almost a joke!

    I know Ive included croutons here, but nobody would ever say no to a side of crusty bread for dunking! Here are some of my favourites.

    Chicken Soup Dog Food Recall History

    The Chicken Soup for the Soul brand claims that they started making their own pet food because they understand the unique relationship between people and pets. In the same way that their stories warm the hearts of people around the globe, their pet foods are designed to nourish the health of dogs and cats.

    While Chicken Soup products are all made in the United States, the company used to outsource their production to Diamond Pet Foods.

    Not only is Diamond Pet Foods one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the country, but it is also known for frequent recalls. The Chicken Soup brand in particular has been affected by two recalls in brand history.

    Here are the details of those recalls:

    • In April 2007, the Chicken Soup for the Soul brand of dog food was involved in the major Menu Foods recall which was issued due to melamine contamination.
    • In May 2012, the FDA issued a recall for all types of Chicken Soup for the Soul pet foods in a certain production run due to potential salmonella contamination.

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    Holistic Nutrition For Your Bff

    All Chicken Soup for the Soul Classic Life Stage recipes are prepared with real chicken and turkey as the top ingredients, with wholesome grains, fruits, veggies and herbs to provide nourishment, naturally. They never use any by-product meals, corn, wheat or soy in their wet or dry formulas and would never add artificial flavors, colors or preservatives to your best buddys dinner.

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    Chicken Soup For The Soul Canned Dog Food

    Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food – Cats Can Be Persnickety

    At Chicken Soup for the Soul, we know how important food is for your dogs well being. Thats why we formulated Chicken Soup for the Soul dog food to give your dog premium nutrition so that your dog can stay happy, healthy, and well. Our dog food captures the warmth and comfort of eating food that is not only made from the highest quality ingredients, but also served with love. So whether your pet is a puppy, a senior, or somewhere in between, the innovative formulas from Chicken Soup for the Soul provide nutrition to help promote your pets lifelong health.

    Available Can Size: 13oz

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    Dry Dog Food: Top Brands Low Prices

    Shop Southern Agriculture for the lowest prices on the best prescription dog food.

    *This item requires a prescription through your Vet, please fax us a copy at 866-352-8812. We will be happy to call your Vet if needed. This will not be shipped until we receive that information* You can shop in-store. We have seven locations to serve you in Tulsa, Owasso, and Broken Arrow. You can shop online, all items are in stock and ship to you from Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you do not find what you are looking for sending us an email at [email protected].

    Shop Southern Agriculture for the best high-quality dry dog food brands for adults, seniors, and puppies. From grain-free to organic to sensitive stomachs, we offer a wide selection of dry dog food.

    Shop Southern Agriculture for the best high-quality dry dog food brands for adults, seniors, and puppies. From grain-free to organic to sensitive stomachs, we offer a wide selection of dry dog food.

    Shop Southern Agriculture for high-quality canned dog food. Find the best food brands for puppies, adults, and seniors with a variety of tastes and textures.

    About our store

    Chicken Soup For The Soul Pet Food

    We believe dogs and cats deserve healthy, premium nutrition no matter what their circumstances. Thatâs why, through our Fill a Bowl⦠Feed a Soul program, we provide over one million meals to shelter pets every year!

    Our mission is to make the world a better place where all dogs and cats have access to the premium nutrition they need to thrive.

    When you fill your petâs bowl with nutritious Chicken Soul for the Soul Pet Food, you help us feed those that need it most. Chicken Soup for the Soul donates 4 meals for every Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food product that we sell.

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    The Best Noodles For Chicken Soup

    Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul Canned Food for Senior Dogs ...

    Noodles in chicken noodle soup is a deeply personal matter. Some prefer swirly egg noodles like those pictured. Others insist linguini is the way to go. Still others like to break spaghetti into little matchsticks before cooking them. Use whichever noodle feels most comforting to you.

    Even if youre not feeling under the weather, this is a very satisfying soup to make if you just want something cozy. It comes together in under an hour and makes the house smell fantastic.

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    Chicken Soup For The Soul Dog Treats

    A dogs meal wouldnt be complete without snacks to round off a meal or the day. Fortunately for us, Chicken Soup for the Soul offers a wide range of treats to reward our furry friend. The brand has three lines of treats to satisfy any dog thats hankering for a bit of munchie.

    These arent ordinary treats. These are all naturally-flavored and colored and do not contain by-products or meals. And if your dog is the sensitive kind, youre in luck because the food does not have any wheat, soy or corn, either.

    The treats are divided into three sub-ranges. These are Crunchy Bits, Savory Snacks, and Savory Sticks.

    Lets review one from each.

    Chicken Soup For The Soul Dry Dog Food

    Chicken Soup for The Souls dry dog food recipes are divided into two categories: Classic and Grain-Free. The Classic category features healthy grains alongside premium meat ingredients, while the Grain-Free sub-range instead uses healthy alternatives to grains to give canines a complete and balanced meal.

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    Chicken Soup For The Soul Gives Our Pets Tasty Treats

    If you are looking for a delicious treat for your dogs that is also good for them, then you may want to give these dog treats a try. While there are certainly a number of options when it comes to the treats we can offer our pups, I will say that the Savory Sticks were definitely a favorite of our staff pup.

    The reason we decided to pick up these treats, besides the fact that we were from Chicken Soup for the Soul, is the fact that they do not use by-product meals, artificial ingredients, soy, wheat, or even corn in their food products. And it turns out that the Grain Free Bacon & Cheese Savory Sticks and the Grain Free Duck Savory Sticks were clear favorites, at least for the pups in our lives.

    With at least 10 treats to choose from, youre bound to find something that your pup will love.

    Have you seen the Chicken Soup for the Soul line of pet products in stores? Have you offered any of these products to your pup? Would you treat your pups to these products? Tell us in the comments.

    Premium Ingredients Affordable Nutrition

    Chicken Soup For The Soul Cat Food | Chewy

    At Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food, we make complete, balanced meals created with solid nutrition and trusted ingredients. We keep it simple: Real food, served with real love. We believe in helping every pet eat wellâbecause a healthy, happy pet is a key ingredient to a healthy, happy home

    No Wheat, Corn or Soy
    No Artificial Colors, Preservatives or Flavors
    • Product Dimensions :5.08 x 16 x 20.32 cm 141.75 Grams
    • Date First Available :April 2 2021
    • Manufacturer :Chicken Soup

    3.0 out of 5 stars

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    A Brief History Of Chicken Soup The Jewish Penicillin

    Way before Campbells iconic cans, Jews around the world prepared the savory broth. We take a closer look at its unique origins, just in time for Yom Kippur

    Chicken soup is the undoubtable symbol of Jewish cuisine. But the hot broth made of scarce and expensive fresh meat was not always readily available in every Eastern European Jewish community.

    However, there was one day a year when every family, rich or poor, prepared the soup: Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement.

    At night, the people of the village would wave fluttering chickens above their heads for the atonement ceremony called kapparot, and right after the ceremony people marched in droves to the slaughterhouse, recalled Shmil Holand in his book Schmaltz. A few hours later, the village was filled with the aroma of fresh chicken soup, which was then served before the Yom Kippur fast.

    Much has changed since the days of shtetl life in Poland. In American popular culture, though, chicken soup remains the quintessential Jewish comfort food and a symbol of homemade Jewish cuisine that members of the community long for.

    The Chinese chicken soup is usually seasoned with ginger and scallion, but their main claim to fame in the chicken soup department is the addition of noodles. The Chinese actually made the first chicken noodle soup which they referred to as noodles in broth rather than soup centuries before Campbells produced its ever popular version in that can.

    Good enough for Golda

    Cream Of Chicken Soup Recipe

    Growing up, I was deprived of canned soup. And such is the case when youre a kid that you always want what you cant have.

    I got sent to school with bento boxes and eyed off my friends peanut butter sandwiches with jealousy. I looked forward to sleepovers, not only because of the excitement of staying at a friends place, but because I got to try food that my mother would never make.

    Such as soup from a can. I cant believe how much I used to love that stuff!

    At some point, I grew up, learned how to cook, found and made a homemade cream of chicken recipe.

    And today, I shake my head, wondering how on earth I used to think canned soup was so delish.

    Homemade cream of chicken soup is SO GOOD. If you like canned cream of chicken soup or those instant cup-a-soup packets, you are going to LOVE this!

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    Chicken Soup For The Soul Dog Food Review

    Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food is committed to helping every pet eat well. The dog food brand has dry and wet food in grain and grain-free options. There is also a range of dog treats. The food that has been formulated to support pet growth and well-being at every stage of life is packed with nutrition.

    Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and real meats all go into the formulations of Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food. The ingredients are all sourced from trusted vendors. None of the products contain wheat, corn or soy. Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food uses all-natural ingredients.

    What Kind Of Dog Food Does Chicken Soup Offer

    Chicken Soup For The Soul Adult Canned Dog Food

    When it comes to their dog food products, Chicken Soup for the Soul offers a variety of dry foods and wet foods. Chicken Soup dog foods can be divided into two product lines Grain-Free and Life Stages. The Grain-Free formulas are made with quality proteins and digestible carbohydrates like peas, sweet potatoes, and lentils.

    The Life Stages product lineup consists of recipes for puppies and adult dogs, including large-breed dogs and senior dogs. There is also a limited selection of dog treats available.

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    Best Can Chicken Soup Reviews

    Choosing the appropriate can chicken soup can be tough. However, if you consider these factors, your job will be easier.

    • Product Quality: A product that you won’t have to buy again or that will last you a long time is an important consideration, especially when it comes to the can chicken soup. Nobody would want a low-quality or easily worn-out object. They are even willing to spend a somewhat greater price for a good product.
    • Ease of Use- A vital trait of any replace_keyword] is its ease of use, so most item did well in this metric. How easily can you use your product?
    • Ergonomics Ergonomics was a much simpler metric for these products. We split it into three aspects: comfort, aesthetics, and profile design. Most of our listed products are decently comfortable, and we think it is one of the group’s sleeker and more stylish designs.
    • Comfort Comfort is the other primary factor we took into consideration when evaluating can chicken soup. After all, the more comfortable a can chicken soup is, the less likely you will dislike it. We pay attention to softness, shape, and size.
    • Value is always important, but the range for can chicken soup is relatively narrow. We feel that the #1 model offers a great value for most people and that the #2 is great for advanced users.

    #1 Best Overall can chicken soup:

    After considering the above, we nominated this model as our Top Pick.

    The #1 model won this place with its consistent performance, ease of use, and quality build.

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