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Things To Know About Shipping Food And Shipping Fragile Items

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The holiday season is upon us, which means many of us may be considering mailing gifts, foods or potentially fragile items to friends and loved ones across the country. What are the recommended ways to do this? The following are all ways approved by the Postal Service to get your package to its destination without fear of damage or altering of contents.

  • SELECT THE RIGHT SIZE BOX OR SHIPPING CONTAINER: It should be slightly larger than the contents youre putting in it if its too small, it can be overstuffed, causing the box to bend, tear or break open if its too big, the contents can shake and shift during transport, possibly causing damage. Stress from outside the box could cause it to crush or collapse.
  • REINFORCEMENT: Its important to reinforce the box from within, as you dont want the contents to bear the brunt of the load. Thats why packing materials provide the perfect protection, whether its one or multiple items youre packing. Use cushioning material along the bottom, side and top of the box.
  • INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION ON THE INSIDE: Fragile items need to be individually wrapped or stuffed heavier, sturdier items need to go on the bottom corners and sides of the box needs to be well braced but not overstuffed. Ultimately, the shipping contents and the packing materials should fill up the entire box, and compensate for empty space with more packing materials. This is especially important when shipping books.
  • Granola – can be sealed inside a sturdy plastic bag.
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    How To Ship Frozen Food With Dry Ice

    In order to keep your items frozen for as long as possible, youll need to use dry ice. This an extremely effective way to ship frozen food, but you need to make sure you handle it and package it properly.

    Dry ice is made from frozen carbon dioxide and is -109.3 degrees F. This makes it a hazardous shipping material, as there is the possibility it will explode if not packaged properly.

    First, always wear thick gloves or oven mitts when handling dry ice. Next, write down how many pounds of dry ice youre using, as you will need to give this information to the shipping carrier.

    Wrap the dry ice in newspaper, then line the box with the ice. For the best results, place your frozen food in between the blocks of dry ice.

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    A Guide To Dry Ice Shipping

    Just about everybody has heard of dry ice, a super cooling agent with many practical usesfrom keeping food and medical samples frozen to creating fog for concerts and Halloween parties. But do you know what dry ice is made of? Or how to use dry ice properly when shipping products that need to stay at extremely cold temperatures?

    Dry ice, or solid carbon dioxide, was discovered more than 180 years ago by French inventor Adrien-Jean-Pierre Thilorier. Dry ice possesses the special property of sublimation, meaning that it turns directly from a solid into a gas.

    If its not handled correctly, dry ice can be hazardous. The extreme cold can actually burn skin, while the gas vapor can cause explosions if not allowed to properly vent. However, used correctly and in the right circumstances, dry ice can be a highly effective coolant for your shipment.

    Tips On Shipping Fruit

    Our Healthiest Fall Soups to Keep You Warm

    Padding and packing is particularly important when it comes to shipping fruit. Whether youre shipping from orchard to market or sending direct to consumer, you want the goods to arrive in the freshest condition.

    Follow these quick tips for best results:

    Want more information on how to ship fruit to preserve maximum freshness? Get expert advice from the packaging specialists at UPS.

    Shipping perishables, including fruit, is available on a contractual basis with UPS for shippers with regular volumes who comply with the applicable requirements, including any interstate rules and regulations.

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    Tips On Sending Food Gifts To Us Military

    Being home for the holidays will not be possible this year for many American armed forces. The next best thing may be receiving greetings and gifts of food items. Many foods are safe to mail. However, you must have the name and address of a military person stationed overseas. Because of security risks, the U.S. Postal Service will not deliver mail addressed to Any Serviceman.

    Its important to mail food gifts that are not perishable, can tolerate a range of temperatures, and wont break with rough handling. Food gifts that can be safely mailed include dried products such as jerky and fruits, shelf stable canned specialties, and regional condiments such as hot sauces. Homemade cookies, candy, and low-moisture breads and bar cookies are also good candidates for mailing.

    Perishable foods are not safe to mail. These include foods that must be kept refrigerated to remain safe — meat, poultry, fish, and soft cheeses, for example. These foods cannot be safely left at room temperature for more than 2 hours, much less for a week or more in the mail. Foodborne bacteria that may be present on these foods grow fastest at temperatures above 40 °F and can double every 20 minutes. When this happens, someone eating the food can get sick.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture s Meat and Poultry Hotline offers the following advice concerning food gifts for armed forces serving away from home including those overseas.


    How To Ship Frozen Food

    Frozen food is trickier to ship than refrigerated food, but it can be done. Here are some things to know before you decide to ship frozen foods:

    • Frozen foods require the use of dry ice, which maintains coldness longer but should be used with caution. Gloves and goggles must be worn during handling so that the skin isn’t exposed and burned.
    • Make sure the food doesn’t come in contact with the dry ice. Food must be sealed tightly in a plastic bag.
    • Dry ice and frozen foods generally can’t be sent overseas.
    • Check with your shipping carrier to find the amount of dry ice you can use and comply with the carrier’s rules.
    • Warn the recipient if the package contains dry ice. Label this clearly on the outside of the package.

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    Soup Delivery Services For Delicious Nutritious Dinners

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    Soup is among the most versatile of foods. You can combine anything you want, add some broth, and youve got yourself a soup. There are also some traditional soups like chicken noodle, minestrone, tomato, etc.

    Whether you go classic or make your own, theres just something about soup that is so comforting. When made with the right ingredients, it also comes with many health benefits.

    Because of this, many people like to have soup on a regular or even daily basis. This means you either have to stock up, or youre going out to get it often. It doesnt have to be this way, though.

    If youre constantly searching for soup near me and sifting through the options, consider signing up for a soup delivery service instead. Many soup delivery services ship nationwide and will even set up recurring deliveries for you. You can combine these with other healthy options too, like vegetable, meal prep, or fresh fruit delivery services.

  • Good Stock Soups
  • Send A Party In The Form Of The Cutest Care Package Ever

    Soup and McNasty go to PRISON

    Okay, okay. I am biased—but I think sending one of our party in a box care packages is the best idea to send instead of flowers. It is totally unexpected, original—and super fun.

    Your gift is going to make them smile so big and have such a huge impact on the receiver. This fun gift idea works for so many different occasions and is super easy to send.

    Bonus points: These cutie little mail order gifts start at only $22 shipped! And you can also Build Your Own to make it extra personal! Can you even believe it?

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    Italian Barley Soup Mix In A Jar

    This barley soup is tomato-based , vegetarian, and packed full of garlic and Italian herbs. To make Italian Barley Soup Mix in a Jar, layer these ingredients in the order listed in a wide-mouth pint canning jar:

    • 1 cup pearled barley
    • 1 tablespoon dried chopped onions
    • 1 tablespoon dried minced garlic
    • 2 tablespoons dried basil
    • 1 tablespoon dried parsley flakes
    • 1 veggie bouillon cube

    Instructions for cooking the Italian Barley Soup from mix: Remove wrapper from bouillon cube and add it, plus all remaining ingredients, plus four cups of water and one 14-ounce can of diced tomatoes to a saucepan. Bring to a boil over high heat, reduce heat to low, and simmer until the barley is tender, about 20 minutes. Serve topped with grated Parmesan. Season to taste.

    Prepare Coolants And Container

    Gel coolants are preferable to wet ice. Freeze the coolants according to the manufacturerâs guidelines and precool the insulated container, if possible.

    *If your shipment contains liquid or perishable products that could contain liquids, double-bag the products using minimum 2-mil watertight plastic bags and line the inside of the foam container with a minimum 2-mil plastic liner and absorbent material.

    You can help protect your products from low temperatures or freezing by using âheat sinks,â which help maintain desired temperatures. Gel coolants make good heat sinks. Place your products inside an insulated container and surround them with room-temperature gel coolants to reduce the risk of freezings.

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    Types Of Freezer Packs For Shipping

    We carry a selection of cold packs, and you’ll want to make sure that you have enough for the job. For best results, surround your food products with refrigerants during shipping. Depending on the temperature and climate, you may need additional refrigerant packs. These are the different types we offer, ranging from small 7 oz. to large 64 oz. sizes:

    • Able to be easily bent and folded to fit in any space
    • Fits in the sides and tops of insulated shippers and pan carriers
    • Re-freezable, so you can use it over and over again
    • Flexible gel design is great for fitting around food containers or into irregular spaces
    • Re-freezable, so you can use it over and over again
    • Ideal for transporting food and can even be used in the pharmaceutical and medical fields
    • Works perfectly with any soft-sided, foam, or plastic insulated cooler
    • Re-freezable, so you can use it over and over again
    • Retains shape through the freeze and thaw process.
    • Works perfectly with any soft-sided, foam, or plastic insulated cooler
    • Re-freezable, so you can use it over and over again
    • Durable, hard plastic construction

    ~ Product And Shipping Details ~

    Da Kind Soups

    For descriptions of each soup see OUR PRODUCTS page. Remember to include yourself in your gift giving. Let our soup create ease for all your entertaining and offer splendid quick meals for you and your family.

    Orders will be shipped within 3-5 Business days. To specify delivery date, please indicate date in your order. All soup orders are shipped frozen via Overnight Express at an additional cost according to zip code. All credit cards accepted. **Please call us for shipping charges.** You may telephone or fax your order and credit information PHONE: 413-528-0040 / FAX:413-528-0049/ Please VISIT us and LIKE us on . Our new e-mail address is

    For an up to date menu of our expanded product line, please sign up for our e-mail “Fresh This Week.” There you will find a listing of our ever-changing selection of soups, quiche, frittatas, salads, sides, entrées, condiments, rustic pies and other artisan baked goods. Enjoy!

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    A Guide To Laptop Shipping

    From the classroom to the workplace to home, we carry our laptops with us along every step of our day-to-day journeys. Of course, its crucial that we keep these fragile electronics protected from everyday bumps and spills. But what if you need to ship a laptop to another destination?

    Maybe youre heading to college and would like to ship your computer just in time for the new academic year, or perhaps youre a merchant fulfilling an online order to another state. Whatever the circumstance, shipping a laptop requires different considerations than when youre transporting it in your backpack.

    Heres everything you need to know about shipping a laptop – from packing the device securely to an on-time arrival at its intended destination.

    Canning : How To Pack Jars For Shipping

    The holidays are coming up and what better gift to give your friends and family than a jar of your homemade preserves! Its an easy task if they live near you, a simple hand delivery will do. But whats the best way to do it if they happen to live on the other side of the country?

    I thought Id show you the way that I wrap and pack my jars for shipping to help you get plan the best way to get those precious jars of raspberry jam through the mail unscathed.

    Start with a small to medium sized box . Line the bottom with bubble wrap or some other sturdy padding .

    Lay out a long strip of bubble wrap and roll up your jar. If youre using the small bubbles like the wrap pictured above, you want to encircle the jar in at least four layers. With the larger bubbles, two layers will do.

    Behold the wrapped jar. You should only barely be able to see the jar through the wrap.

    Secure the bubble wrap with tape, so that it doesnt abandon its post during shipping.

    Fold the ends of the wrap and tape those down too. Think of this like the physics project so many of us did in the tenth grade, in which we designed enclosures for eggs that would keep them from breaking when dropped off the top of the ladder. The same principles apply here.

    A well-wrapped, well-secured jar. I always wrap glass to the point where Id feel comfortable dropping it from a height of at least five feet onto my kitchen floor .

    Nestle the jar into the box on top of that primary layer of padding.

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    Send A Simple Greeting Card

    Does it sound boring? Trust me. It is not.

    Greeting cards are such a sweet and simple gesture—especially in this digital age. Adding a little heartfelt message takes it up a whole other notch.

    Stumped on words to write when life gets hard? We have a blog post for that: What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say

    Okay, now I am feeling encouraged to go forth, and spread some love, comfort, and happiness in the world with all these great alternatives to sending flowers.

    Which idea do you like best? What other ideas to you have? Leave a comment, and maybe we will add your idea to the list.

    Happy Gifting!

    Leitia, Founder at The Confetti Post

    Customs Clearance For Your Food Parcel

    herpes in the mail – P.O.S BOX | Fan Mail

    If you are shipping within the EU borders, then you will be pleased to hear that you parcel will not need to pass through customs clearance before it can be delivered.

    However, if you are sending to or from a non EU country your food parcel will have to go through customs clearance and must therefore need to be accompanied by a customs invoice. ParcelHero will help you create this invoice when you book your parcel online, but heres a few useful tips to help you declare your goods properly to avoid prolonged delays with clearance at the other end

    How to Clear Customs:

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    Looking For More Handmade Gift Ideas

    Were a big believer that handmade goodies make the very best holiday gifts! Heres a few of our other amazing edible Christmas gift ideas:

    Homemade Limoncello

    DIY Golden Milk Mix

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    • Easy Rolled Sugar Cookies. And youll need a vehicle for that icingenter this simple, no-fuss sugar cookie recipe!

    How To Ship Fresh Fish And Seafood

    Have you ever ordered a plate of salmon or sushi and thought about how it got there? Well, fish dont just jump out of the ocean and onto our plates. They get shipped, of course! Now more than ever, its incredibly common to ship fresh fish and other types of seafood between restaurants and fish markets. Some restaurants even source their fish from very specific locations across the world! Wokuni in New York City, for example, flies in their fish daily from Nagasaki Farm in Hirado, Japan. This guide is all about how to ship fish and how to keep them fresh on their way to their final destination. Ready to dive in?

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