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Kettle & Fire Bone Broth and Soup Review

One of the great things about drinking bone broth is that we consume the parts of an animal that would otherwise go to waste. And once the nutrients are extracted from the bones, they can be composted. Ideally, we can continue reducing the amount of waste we produce by choosing products that are packaged in 100% recyclable materials.

Bone Broth

What Is Bone Broth

Bone broth is made with bones that have a small amount of meat attached to them. Along with a few vegetables, herbs, spices, and apple cider vinegar, the bones are covered in water and slowly simmered for 12-48 hours, depending on whether its beef bone broth or chicken bone broth. Beef bone broth needs more time to break down the nutrients in the bones, whereas the smaller chicken bones generally require less simmering time. The liquid result of long hours of simmering is bone broth.

Over the past few years, bone broth has gained a superfood status, having a nutrient profile that benefits all kinds of health ailments, from chronic digestive to autoimmune conditions. Not only can you find cookbooks and cleanses dedicated to bone broth, such as Dr. Kelly Anns Bone Broth Diet, but many restaurants also use bone broth in their recipes and serve it as a beverage on their drink menus.

Is The Bone Broth Made With Slow

Youve heard the saying you are what you eat. But youre also what the foods you eat ate. In other words, if your bone broth is made with the bones and tissue of animals that had been treated with hormones and antibiotics, youll be ingesting those chemicals, too, and tthose chemicals may affect the healing potential of the broth.

If youre looking for beef bone broth, youll also want to check that, in addition to being grass-fed, the cattle were also grass-finished. This ensures they ate a grass diet throughout their entire life span, which means their bones are going to be much higher in anti-inflammatory Omega 3 essential fatty acids than cattle that were also fed a mixture of soy and corn.

Many people arent aware that grass-fed beef is an unregulated term, and it can mean that the animal was raised for the first few months on a grass diet and then fed soy and corn in their later years. Since corn and soy are higher in pro-inflammatory Omega 6s, this makes a huge difference in the Omega 3:6 ratio and the nutritional value of the bones.

Lets not forget that soy and corn arent natural foods for cattle to be eating. This wreaks havoc on their digestive systems, which results in more antibiotics to keep them healthy enough to make it to slaughter.

As we like to say, killer bones make killer broth. The first thing to look for in a quality bone broth is that its made with organic animal bones, such as chicken bones or grass-fed, grass-finished beef bones.

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Why Cauliflower Makes The Perfect Substitute For Potatoes

If youre a recovering starch fiend new to the keto diet, you probably know that cauliflower makes an excellent substitute for your former favorite foods. Cauliflower has been baked into biscuits, rolled out into pizza crusts, grated into rice, and even baked under layers of cheddar and American cheese as a faux mac n cheese, making it perfect for any low-carb diet.

While a cauliflower pizza crust might not satisfy your pizza cravings, cauliflower is remarkably similar to potatoes in taste, making it a viable substitute. Cauliflower can be mashed, roasted, or smothered in butter to give a taste thats similar to potatoes, but much lower in carbs. A cup of cauliflower contains less than 3 grams of net carbs per serving and also contains dietary fiber, fitting nicely into any keto meal plan. Meanwhile, 100 grams of white potatoes contain 19 grams of net carbs .

Is Bone Broth On The Label

Kettle &  Fire Thai Curry Soup with Bone Broth 16.9 oz ...

Grocery stores usually place bone broths, regular stocks, and canned soups in the same aisle. So if the phrase bone broth is not clearly stated on the packaging or label, that item is not what you are looking for.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, bone broth is made with bones and slow-simmered for a very long time in order to draw out all the nutrients from the bones. Thats how you can consume essential nutrients like collagen and amino acids naturally. Regular stocks arent made with bones. They are not simmered for long times. Hence, no benefits.

So look for bone broth on the label.

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Any Added Additives And Preservatives

When you make bone broth at home, you dont add any additives or preservatives. If you buy pre-made bone broth that contains additives and preservatives, it defeats the whole point. You might as well make bone broth at home.

So try to avoid bone broths that contain items like yeast extract or lactic acid.

On that note, Id recommend you stay away from powdered bone broth, as you are more likely to ingest heavy metals and/or chemical additives, even though they dont usually list those on the food label.

Are There Bones What Type

Some of the so-called bone broth products on the market dont even have bones in their ingredient lists. Please skip those immediately. You are not going to get any bone broth benefits without the bones. Its that simple.

OK, say you find the bones on the ingredient list. Great! What type of bones?

When buying beef bone broth, see if the product uses grass-fed and ideally grass-finished bones. Grass-finished cattle ate a grass diet throughout their entire lifespan. The cattle never ate any soy or corn. Those animals bones contain much more anti-inflammatory Omega 3 essential fatty acids than the cattle that were fed a mixture of soy and corn. When purchasing chicken bone broth, you want to look for organic chicken bones.

In other words, the higher quality of the bones, the more benefits in the bone broth.

And bones should be higher up in the ingredient list, followed by water because those are the two most essential ingredients for making bone broth.

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What Type Of Bone Broth Is Healthiest

An acorn-fed, bison-chicken, or rabbit bone broth is the most healthful for you. For each of these, you’ll get good bone-building nutrients and some serious health-boosting benefits. That said, there are two types of broth: Pasteurized bone broth. Pasteurized bone broth is a much better source of bone-building nutrients than whole bones. For this reason, pasteurized bones are my best recommendation for beginning to get the benefits of bone broth. Processed bone broth. For people who don’t like the idea of raw bones, processed bone broth is a good substitute.

Although they may contain the same nutrients as real bone broth, processed bone broth is also likely to contain additives like salt or sugar, so you’ll likely notice they taste better than the bone broth you make at home. Which bone broth recipe is healthiest? While there are more than 30 different bone broth recipes on the internet, all of them contain at least one of two nutrients: gelatin and collagen. Because gelatin isn’t healthy, I suggest you avoid these recipes that include gelatin. Instead, you should go for bones that are both boiled and peeled to remove all the gelatin. However, there are four main types of bone broth. The broth is made with whole bones . Broth made with unpeeled bones . Broth made with bones that are peeled but haven’t fully softened.

The 5 Best Bone Broths You Can Buy Off The Shelf

A great Keto Bone Broth and Soup | Kettle & Fire review

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This article was originally published in 2018.

The best bone broths are a labor of love. To reap the benefits of the warming elixirimproved gut health and immune system, stronger joints, nails, and hairyoure looking at least a full day of blanching, roasting, and boiling bones until they transform into a gelatinous, collagen-rich stock. But not all of us have 8 to 24 hours to commit to making such a fortified stock, and there are dozens of bottled, jarred, boxed, and bagged bone broths on the market now. But how do you know which bone broth is actually worth buying?

We tried 22 chicken and beef bone broths, comparing them to the flavor and body of a great homemade stock, and found just five worth your time and money.

A note on nutrition: There is no concrete evidence that shows whether chicken is healthier than beef bone broth, explains registered dietitian and nutritionist Charmaine Jones . She suggests adding 4 to 8 oz. of any variety of bone broth to your diet each day, which can help with healing wounds, improving skin, hair, and nails, and strengthening bones.

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Kettle & Fire Chicken Bone Broth 480ml

Add to FavouritesWhy Youll Love It

Nothing comforts quite like a warm cup of bone broth, but our busy lifestyles do not always allow us to cook bone broth from scratch. This premade Kettle & Fire chicken bone broth has got you covered it only requires 5 minutes to simmer on the stove! Made of filtered water, spices and top-quality vegetables and chicken bones and slowly cooked for 20-40 hours to ensure the highest in health benefits and flavour. This bone broth is a natural source of collagen, protein and amino acids – making each sip of this delicious, tasty broth count! Kettle & Fire’s chicken bone broth recipe is low carb, Whole30 compatible and is also gluten-free, which makes for a perfect soup alternative!


Bone Broth Makes Everything Better Including You

  • Heal your gut

I love it and use it to cook with. Great for soups, stirs fries and just as a drink.

Steph B

I use the bone broth in multiple recipes. It gives a richness everyone notices.

Paula L

This a fantastic bone broth. It tastes great when making soup, stews, gravy… really anything.

Donna B

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Turmeric Ginger Chicken Bone Broth

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Bone Broth As A Drink

Kettle &  Fire Thai Curry Soup

My mom fed me bone broth back then in some kind of soup. I had never thought about drinking bone broth straight until a year ago.

Surprisingly, by simply adding some salt and pepper, bone broth can become an easy drink in the morning to pair with your breakfast or a night-time elixir to help you sleep better.

Over time, Ive learned to get creative with the spices I put in my bone broth each time. Turmeric, paprika, poultry seasoning, and mesquite seasoning are all regulars in my bone broth, which keeps the drinking experience interesting and different each time.

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Kettle And Fire Promotions & Discounts

Kettle and Fire is currently offering free U.S shipping and up to 25% off all products.

Use the BB15 coupon code to receive 15% off on bone broths or soups, or shop for $40 off special bundles.

Loyal customers can save a lot more by joining the brands OneNinety Rewards Program and collecting BrothBucks, which can be put towards future orders.

To spoil a friend, as well as yourself, take advantage of the $10 off Refer-a-Friend coupon.

About Kettle And Fire

Kettle and Fire is a brand that sells high-quality bone broths and soups. With a selection of delicious options, these keto broths are meant for the health-conscious among us that refuse to compromise taste for nutrition.

To prove it, they only extract broth from cattle and chickens that are raised without antibiotics or hormones, are100% grass-fed, and grass-finished.

Kettle and Fire has been featured in notable media sources such as Womens Health, Mens Journal, and Business Insider which all stand by the brands dedication to high standards when it comes to creating ready-meals.

This Kettle and Fire Bone Broth review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their bone broths are worth purchasing.

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How Long Is It Simmered

Bones, check.

Organic grass-fed and grass-finished bones, check.

Now, look at the description on the back of the packaging. Does it say its simmered for more than 10 hours? If not, the product might not be what you are looking for.

I cant stress the long simmer time strongly enough.

A couple hours of cooking simply is not enough time to draw out all the powerful nutrients in bones. Chicken bone broth needs 10-12 hours of simmer time. For beef bone broth, 20-24 hours are minimal, because it takes that long to break down the bones. Period.

Where To Buy Kettle And Fire

Bone Broth: Kettle and Fire Product Review

U.S. customers can buy Kettle and Fires products in the following ways:

  • On their website:
  • Amazon
  • Grocery stores like Whole Foods
  • If you search Kettle and Fire Bone Walmart Canada, you will be disappointedbut you can still have Kettle and Fire products delivered to a Canadian address via NaturaMarket

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    Enjoy This Loaded Cauliflower Keto Soup For A Cozy Night In

    For a soup that doesnt skimp on fats yet is surprisingly low in carbohydrates, try this keto-friendly, loaded, creamy cauliflower soup. This low-carb comfort food tastes just like the baked potato soup you remember from your childhood, without the use of starchy vegetables.

    If youre looking for healthy, low carb soups to enjoy, be sure to check out Kettle & Fires latest pre-packed soups. Mushroom Bisque, Spicy Cauliflower, and several other new keto-friendly flavors are about to be released from Kettle & Fires test kitchen, so stay tuned.

    • Shredded cheddar cheesefor garnish
    • Sour creamfor garnish

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  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Sep 30FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Sep 30FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Sep 30FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Sep 30FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Sep 30FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Sep 30FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  • Kettle And Fire Bone Broth Bundles Review

    Kettle and Fire

    Kettle and Fire hasBone Broth Bundles that bulk purchasers are grateful for. In 4 or 8 pack options, you can grab bundles of products that are the same flavor, or mix it up.

    Get yourself ready for the cold and flu season, or get your Thanksgiving and Christmas gravies ready in advance.

    Note that with a 30 or 60 daysubscription, you will reap these benefits:

    • Save 20% on all of their packs
    • Free U.S. shipping
    • Early access to products

    This Kettle and Fire Bone Broth review will now go over all of the best-selling Bone Broth Bundles.

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    Where To Buy Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

    Before I moved to Hong Kong, I always had a few cartons of Kettle & Fire bone broth in my pantry at all times. At the time this post is being written, Kettle & Fire ships only within the United States. I hope and believe that one day Kettle & Fire Bone Broth will be more accessible to the international market and more and more people around the world will benefit from their amazing bone broth products.

    If you are interested in giving Kettle & Fire Bone Broth a try , heres where to buy.

    Beef Bone Broth Recipe

  • Place chicken bones and all remaining ingredients into a slow cooker and cover with water.
  • Cover and cook on low for 12-18 hours.
  • Discard all solids and strain the bone broth through a fine mesh strainer into a large bowl. Strain once more through cheesecloth to remove any remaining particles if desired.
  • Ladle into airtight jars and store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks, or freeze for future usage.
  • Keywords: chicken bone broth recipe

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