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Trader Joe’s Bbq Teriyaki Chicken

Trader Joe’s Steamed Chicken Soup Dumplings Review|Trader Joe’s Asian Frozen Food

This BBQ chicken teriyaki comes in a big freezer bag, which says it includes 3.5 servings. When you open the bag to microwave it, you’ll see that the sauce comes in separate little packets that you pour onto the chicken once thawed, allowing you total control over how much sauce you want to use. While you could heat it up in the oven or even in the air fryer, the microwave is the easiest and quickest option .

Trader Joe’s Mandarin Style Orange Chicken Bowl

If you’ve ever shopped at Trader Joe’s , you’re probably aware of their famous Mandarin orange chicken. Customers vote it their favorite TJ’s product time and time again. Well, this single serve Mandarin-style chicken bowl is a new iteration of the classic. It’s supposedly the same breaded chicken pieces everyone loves served over fried rice and vegetables in the beloved orange ginger sauce. Like the OG, the sauce packet comes on the side, so you mix it in yourself. Just heat the bowl up for about five minutes before stirring in your desired amount of sauce.

What Are Trader Joes Steamed Chicken Soup Dumplings

These chicken soup dumplings are filled with a rich and savory broth, ground chicken and some seasoning. The dumplings are made from a traditional wheat flour dough and are thick and chewy.

To prepare these is much more simple than you might think. All you have to do is just throw the container with the dumplings in the microwave for the suggested amount of minutes, let them rest and enjoy!

I love how Trader Joes combined two different dishes of Chinese dumplings and chicken soup into one delicious dish. Although they call it chicken soup, its more of a ground chicken thats stuffed inside the dumpling. The soup part that they speak of comes from the savory broth inside.

The dumplings come 6 in a pack, the perfect amount for a nice lunch or accompaniment to dinner. They can even be heated up for a snack for some extra protein in the middle of the day!

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One Prevalent Critique Was About The Croutons I See What Trader Joe’s Was Trying To Do Here Giving The Macaroni ‘n’ Cheese That Soggy Bread Component Like French Onion Soup But Imo It Didn’t Really Work

Everyone agreed that the croutons became much too soggy and the whole meal would have benefited without them. People also had qualms with the texture of the onions. “The onions were an odd texture, but I still wish there was more of a caramelized onion flavor,” Tessa said. And finally, there’s the issue of presentation: “This mac ‘n’ cheese looked lumpy and goopy as opposed to rich and creamy, but upon taking a bite I liked the texture,” added Hannah M.

Trader Joes Chicken & Pork Soup Dumplings A Must Have

trader joe

Lets take a minute to talk about one of the most delicious frozen food items to come from Trader Joes Trader Joes Soup Dumplings!

I dont know about you, but Trader Joes soup dumplings are one of our must-haves every time we shop at TJsand we shop there a lot!

Soup dumplings are a specialty food that is almost impossible to recreate at home, and often can be hard to come by in Chinese restaurants, which are also known as Xiao Long Bao.


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The Biggest Issue Was With The Bowl’s Consistency The Chicken Doesn’t Hold The Flavor Of The Sauce Well And It’s A Bit Sad And Soggy One Person Said

Ross said that the flavors are good, but the microwave preparation almost ruins them. “I feel like there’s a way to make this taste really good, and the microwave just isn’t it. The chicken itself is begging to be baked or air-fried rather than microwaved, which makes it soggy. Altogether, it just feels like you’re eating a bowl of mush,” he said.

Fourth Place: French Onion Macaroni & Cheese

Interestingly, the panel of taste testers was strongly divided over this microwavable mac ‘n’ cheese. One taster gave it a 3 rating, while another gave it a 10/10, and the other three fell more in the upper-middle range. There was an overarching consensus that this was a very rich meal.

“Overall, this was incredibly rich, so I don’t think I could eat it as a quick lunch,” Tessa said. Another taster acknowledged that this was creamier than most other frozen mac ‘n’ cheese options.

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Another Said This Meal Would Have Gotten A Much Higher Rating If Only It Had More Salt And Seasoning A Bit Of Salt Pepper And Hot Sauce Would Do This Frozen Lunch Wonders

Hannah M., however, was a big fan: “I have this literally twice a week as long as I can make it to Trader Joe’s. I don’t love really spicy Mexican food, so this fits the bill. I love the texture and the quinoa and the ratio of peppers and corn and beans. I will admit the chicken could be better , but it’s an amazing deal for the price and a great lunch,” she said. Hannah did mention that this probably wouldn’t be a substantial enough meal to have for dinner, but you could always add some extras like guacamole or extra protein.

How Do The Dumplings Taste

Trader Joes Has Great Tasting Easy Soup Dumplings To Make

The dumplings taste amazing!

Your first bite into the tender dough releases the gelatinous soup so get ready to catch it with a spoon or prepare you mouth for the rush of hot liquid.

The combination of chicken green onion and ginger is spot on and the overall flavor experience is quite savory.

All in all, these soup dumplings are spot on and are a great sub-300 calorie lunch.

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The Best Trader Joe’s Foods Of 2021

Trader Joe’s is known for providing shoppers with everything they need, along with everything they never knew they wanted. It’s the frontline for finding new seasonal specialtiesand dependable staples that make the grocery list week after week.

Fans have raved about these grocery items all year long. Some products being gushed over are new to the shelves, while others are long-standing or rediscovered favorites. In case you’re looking for ways to shake things up in the kitchen or to simply reminisce on 2021, here are the top 10 Trader Joe’s items of the past year.

Trader Joe’s Meat Lasagna

This meat lasagna is the only item I tested that isn’t found in the frozen aisle. Rather, you can find it in the prepared food aisle. As such, it can be stored in the fridge instead of the freezer. According to the package directions, the tray of lasagna contains 2.5 servings. You can prepare it in the oven or in the microwave by heating it for about five minutes .

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Trader Joes Soup Dumplings Review

We are going to go on record and state that Trader Joes soup dumplings are one of the tastiest foods at TJsfrozen or otherwise. They are just that good!

The soft dumpling filled with hot soup is about as close as you get to perfection and the flavor is 10/10. This goes for both flavors of TJs soup dumplings.

If you want to spice things up, we suggest a small drizzling of Trader Joes Yuzu hot sauce.

Here are a few more reviews.

I eat these WAY too much. Like 3x per week. Theyre one of the best things TJs has to offer.

Super easy to make , and there is actually a decent amount of broth coming out of each dumpling! The filling was really flavorful. Very pleasantly surprised

Adore these. Whole box is so filling and pretty low calorie too. Theyre so warm and comforting.

I love these so much! Theyre one of my all-time favorite TJs finds. I actually think Im a little burnt out on them because Ive eaten them so much lately. Going to take a break for a few weeks but Im sure theyll be back in my cart soon enough.

How To Serve Trader Joes Steamed Chicken Soup Dumplings

Review: Trader Joe

Cooking and serving these soup dumplings is so simple. Simple as following the directions on the back of the package, popping them into the microwave and letting them sit. It can be a quick weeknight night dinner, fast lunch or an easy late night snack!

When the dumplings come out of the microwave, you can eat them right out of the package which is super easy and convenient. Or, you can carefully scoop them out and serve them in a bowl sprinkled with fresh chives and sesame seeds.

When scooping the dumplings out of the package, sometimes some of the broth leaks out. Not to worry, thats where a bowl and spoon come in handy! Dont be afraid to slurp the last bit of savory broth up!

The first time I tried these dumplings, I ate them right out of the package because I wasnt really sure how to serve them. Also, they were only for me so I wasnt trying to get super fancy.

The second time I tried these were when I snapped a few pictures for this post! I carefully scooped them out of their little nesting areas and gently placed them onto a plate. Fresh chives got sprinkled on at the end for a little garnish.

I ate these with a spoon, and as you can see from the picture above, the dumplings did leak a little of their broth in transit when I moved them onto the plate. They are delicate, but oh so tasty. Run out to your local Trader Joes and grab yourself a box of these! You wont regret it.

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So With The Help Of A Panel Of Several Hungry Lunchers I Decided To Host A Taste Test Featuring 10 Of The Most Popular Trader Joe’s Microwavable Meals

I steered away from other frozen foods like pizza and chicken nuggets because I wanted the meals to be totally microwave friendly. Think: meals you could heat up in your dorm room, at home, at the office, or even in an Airbnb kitchen. I also tried to select meals to satisfy different dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

Can You Microwave Trader Joes Soup Dumplings

Yes, you can. According to the cooking instructions on the box, you can cook the soup dumplings in the microwave.

The directions on the bag say to microwave the dumplings for 1.45 2 minutes, but I find that it takes closer to 4 minutes to cook them through. I like to start by microwaving the dumplings for 2 minutes, then I check to see if theyre cooked through.

If theyre not, Ill microwave them for another minute or two until theyre done. Once theyre cooked through, I remove them from the microwave and let them cool for a minute before eating.

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We Tried Trader Joes Pork And Ginger Soup Dumplings

Trader Joes recent Asian offerings in the freezer section have been kind of a mixed bag. The Philly Cheesesteak Bao Buns were actively horrible and the Kung Pao Mochi Balls were just ok. But they seem to be turning that around, because Trader Joes Pork and Ginger Soup Dumplings are pretty dang good for frozen.

Youre gonna say, wait, are these new? Yeah, its the chicken version thats been around for awhile. And let me say: with just six bao in a box for just $2.99, I should gotten two. Because I ate the whole box myself and didnt share!

There are two ways you can cook them: steam them on the stovetop or microwave them. Now, I know 95% of people are going to just want to throw them in the microwave to get them into your head hole as quickly as possible. But hold up. I cooked them both ways and Im here to tell you: it is 1000% worth it to spend the few extra minutes to steam them on the stove.

See how glossy and soft these are? I steamed four of them and microwaved the other two. The steamed ones actually have soup in them. The ones I microwaved, the skins were a little dry and chewy and there was no soup left! The photo of just the two from the microwave was too ugly to post, but you can see it in my IG cooking / video review here.

Theyre not overly salty. And like I said, I ate the entire box myself. Dip them in a little Chinese black vinegar and they were delicious.

Check out our other recent We Trieds from Trader Joes:

Where In The Store


I found these in the frozen aisle at my Trader Joes! Theyre a staple item in their frozen section, and are usually always in stock. In addition to these chicken soup dumplings, they also have a Steamed Pork and Ginger Soup Dumplings. Go give them a try, theyre delish!

Some other fun appetizers from Trader Joes are:

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Tenth Place: Mushroom Ravioli With Mushroom Truffle Sauce

If there’s one real loser of this taste test, it’s the mushroom ravioli. And sadly, it was a situation where the smell was totally misleading. Most of the tasters were excited to try the ravioli based on the enticing truffle smell. “I had high hopes for this because I love truffle and it smelled nice,” said Hannah M. “But when it came to flavor, this was more or less tasteless.”

Two People Likened The Stuffed Gnocchi Taste To Pizza Rolls And Ross Said The Whole Experience Is Sort Of Like Eating Really Soft Tiny Pizza Rolls Which Was Confusing To Mebut Tasty

All that being said, the group wasn’t sure when you’d actually eat this dish. “These tasted really good. I mean, they’re little soft balls of dough filled with cheesy marinara sauce who wouldn’t like that?” Abigail noted, “But I’m not convinced it can constitute a meal. They feel more like an appetizer. Personally, I’d rather eat a few and be done because they’re too rich.” The rest agreed that this felt more like a snack, side dish, or appetizer than a stand-alone meal.

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Most Of The Tasters Felt That The Smell Of This Dish Was Better Than The Actual Taste Upon Taking The First Bite They Felt A Bit Deceived

“The smell of this pad Thai is giving me life,” Ross exclaimed. “The flavor, however, wasn’t as awesome. It was a bit sweet without that salty bite to back it up, and the whole thing underwhelmed me,” he added. Another critique was the ratio of tofu to noodles: There was very little tofu in this pad Thai. Most agreed that the texture of the tofu was really good, so they wanted more.

One Thing That Separated This From The Rest Of The Frozen Meals Is The Quality Of The Chicken Itself Whereas The Group Agreed That Most Frozen Chicken Is An Undesirable Texture This Teriyaki Chicken Was In A League Of Its Own

Review: Trader Joe

“This was definitely the best chicken of any of the meals we tried. It was really moist, not rubbery, and there were no sketchy bits. I think I might even start keeping a few bags in my freezer!” Abigail announced. Everyone agreed that the sauce had a great flavor just the right amount of thickness and sweetness.

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Trader Joes Dumplings Soup

There are several styles of dumplings from all corners of the globe. These are a purse-shaped variety. The round dough is pleated along the top, creating a look similar to a purse.

More specifically, the Trader Joes dumplings are steamed dumplings known as Xiao Long Bao which originated in the Jiangnan region of China.

This style is traditionally made with a collagen-rich stock that melts when heated, creating lots of liquid inside. The box suggests you place the dumpling on a spoon to catch any broth that escapes, but you can also be daring and pop it in your mouth. Just be aware, the contents are hot!

You want to devour these as they become soggy when they sit too long.

There are two varieties, the chicken steamed pork and ginger soup dumplings and steamed chicken soup dumplings. Both are fantastic. The pork ones have a bit more punch, thanks to the ginger.

Seventh Place: Chicken Burrito Bowl

This heat-and-eat burrito bowl was meh , according to most of the tasters not great, not terrible, fine if it’s all you have in your freezer, but nothing to write home about. There was a consensus that the burrito bowl tasted pretty fresh and healthy, compared to most frozen meals. There were plenty of veggies, and you could actually taste them.

The most common criticism is that this meal just lacked flavor. “It’s so bland,” Tessa said. “The best part is the corn because it’s the only part that tastes like anything.”

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Trader Joes Chicken Soup Dumplings Reviews

Chicken Soup Dumplings: 9/10

I have been seeing these soup dumplings go viral on Tiktok, and knew I had to give them a try. They lived up to the hype! They were super easy to heat up in the microwave and the dumpling texture turned out perfectly soft and slightly chewy. Before even poking a hole in the dumplings, I could smell the soup filling inside. The filling is made of chicken, onions, green onions, and a super flavorful broth. I will say, the texture of the chicken filling could be slightly better. Its a little spongy, but not nearly as spongy and chewy as the Pelmeni and Shu Mai filling. These are also more of a snack or a side dish than a meal because the whole box is a serving and is only 250 calories. Each box is $2.99.

Have you tried these yet? Did you like the chicken or pork ginger soup dumplings better?

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