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How To Make Tortilla Soup | Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Chick-fil-A chicken soup is a restaurant favorite for a reason. The problem is, its seasonal! The best way to solve that? Make homemade chicken tortilla soup, and make it even better than the original.

This creamy chicken tortilla soup is the solution. I promise you will want to make it all of the time. The best part about homemade chicken tortilla soup like Chick-fil-A? It will only take you about 30 minutes to make it.

Seriously! An amazing, easy chicken tortilla soup recipe in under an hour? It doesnt get any better than that! The only thing that can possibly make this recipe any better is Starbucks pumpkin bread for dessert!

I made this tonight! It was great!!! I made two potsone with chicken. And the other pot without chicken for my vegans. Everyone loved it!! Its a keeper!

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The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe Ever

It would seem that everyone has their own version of chicken tortilla soup. Some are thick like gravy. Some thin and watery.

I prefer a thin, but not watery, broth-based chicken tortilla soup with lots of veggies and toppings.

Todays Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe is exactly how I like it. Rich, zesty, and ultra comforting, with a slightly spicy finish.

What Salad Goes Well With Tortilla Soup

A simple green salad is the perfect complement to tortilla soup. The crispness of the greens helps to brighten up the soup, and the acidity of the dressing helps to cut through the richness of the soup. I like to use a simple vinaigrette for my salad, made with olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper. I also like to add some diced avocado to my salad for a bit of creaminess.

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Chicken Tortilla Soup That Is Restaurant Delicious Accidentally Healthy Easy To Double/triple For A Crowd Freezer Friendly And Tastes Like Its Been Simmering For Hours But On Your Table In 30 Minutes Does It Get Any Better

This Chicken Tortilla Soup is the soup of my dreams. Its almost dump and run for the ideal easy weeknight dinner or fabulous for crowds. It is loaded with juicy, tender shredded chicken, hearty black beans, sweet corn, fire roasted tomatoes, tangy green chiles, kickin poblanos, creamy enchilada sauce and aromatic onions and garlic, seasoned to perfection and all topped with crispy, salty homemade BAKED Tortilla Strips! This Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe is warm and comforting, hearty, savory, filling, and healthy, requires minimal effort and is destined to become a new family favorite!

How Do You Make Chicken Tortilla Soup Creamy

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

You can make Chicken Tortilla Soup creamy 3 different ways:

  • add 4 oz. softened cream cheese at the end of cooking and stirring until completely melted. This is the method I use in my Cheesy Taco Soup and Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder and it is fabulous.
  • add part sour cream, part cream cheese or part sour cream and part heavy cream.
  • substitute 2 cups of the chicken broth with heavy cream or half and half.
  • adding cheese directly to the soup will also help make it creamy and thicker.

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What Are Some Chicken Tortilla Soup Varieties

There are a few different popular tortilla soup variations. For example, you can add beans and it becomes Tarasca soup, or if you omit the chicken it is called Azteca soup.

Today, however, I am going to share my recipe for the traditional Chicken Tortilla Soup. It is perfect for cold, rainy days but if you are like me, you will like it year-round.

What Bread Goes With Chicken Tortilla Soup

When it comes to pairing bread with chicken tortilla soup, there are a few different types that work well. A hearty whole wheat bread or a fluffy white bread are both good choices. If you want something a little different, a cornbread or a flour tortilla also pair nicely with this soup. Just make sure to warm up the bread before serving so it doesnt get soggy.

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Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

If you’d prefer to make this recipe in your slow cooker or crock pot, or even your Instant pot, just cook down the chicken, onion, peppers and garlic first in a hot pan, then add them to your crock pot along with the remainder of the ingredients. Cook the soup on low for 4 hours, or on high for 2-3 hours.

Serve it into bowls and top with your favorite toppings!

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe


When I see chicken tortilla soup on a restaurant menu, I get excited. Theres something about the slightly spicy broth with tender chicken, the corn and black beans, juicy tomatoes, creamy avocado, and those addictively good tortilla strips on top that I cant resist.

Rather than making a trip out for it, you can make Mexican tortilla soup with chicken at home in 30 minutes and its easy.

So many ingredients get tossed into the pot all at once and before you know it this hearty, comforting soup is ready. And it tastes better than my favorite restaurant version!

My family loved this easy tortilla soup and I love that its ready so quickly and with very minimal effort.

It makes enough that I stashed half in the freezer for those nights when I just want to pull something out of the freezer for dinner. And with winter cold and flu season around the corner, soup is perfect.

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Chicken Enchilada Soup Ingredients

Im all about the quick and easy dinner options. This slow cooker chicken enchilada soup is one of our favorites, it takes just minutes to put together and is the perfect hearty meal to come home to after a long day.

Theres not much better than soup made in the slow cooker, and this enchilada soup is no exception. Its a simple combination of chicken breasts, frozen corn, black beans, enchilada sauce, tomatoes, onions and peppers that meld together into a flavorful combination after cooking all day.

Just like in Chicken Rice Soup, the chicken goes in raw and is shredded before serving.

An Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup That Is Rich And Hearty Full Of Veggies Chicken And A Little Bit Of Spice This Soup Leaves You Reaching For More

Soup is a great meal any time of the year. It is comforting and familiar and is equally great for lunch or dinner. Some of my favorites are:

One of thereasons I love this soup so much is that it is so quick to make, and it doesntneed a long simmer time to develop great flavor.

It is seasoned with simple spices and I add a bit of chopped chipotle peppers and adobo sauce to my chicken tortilla soup to give it a nice heat without being overpowering. The chipotle peppers are completely optional, if your family doesnt like spicy food, you can just leave these out.

PRO TIP: Using a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken makes this soup really quick and easy. Simply remove the skin and shred the meat before adding it to the pot.

Of course,if you love heat, go ahead and add as many peppers as you like. Sometimes I will even chop up some freshjalapenos if I have them on hand.

This homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup is one of those meals that is hard to mess up. You can easily customize it however you like add extra vegetables, remove the ones you dont like, and make it as spicy or mild as your family prefers.

One of the best components of this chicken tortilla soup is in the homemade, crispy tortilla strips. They are so easy to make and add a great crunch to the finished soup. I like to season mine with a bit of course salt, but if you want to change things up you can use seasoning salt or taco seasoning.

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Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup Ingredients

Chicken Thighs: I used thighs over breasts because it’s a juicier, more succulent meat.

Garlic and Onions: Freshly sliced and diced!

Seasonings: Paprika, Chili Powder, Cumin, Cayenne Pepper, and Ground Coriander.

Chicken Stock: Use your favorite brand because this is the base of your flavor.

Fire Roasted Tomatoes and Tomato Paste: I highly recommend “fire-roasted” for a burst of smoky flavor.

Sweet Corn: This balances out the spiciness.

Black Beans: For added protein and texture.

Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce: Smoked and dried jalapeños rehydrated in a slightly sweet red sauce.

Heavy Cream: If you want a thicker, creamier soup, this is a must! It also smooths out the spiciness of the soup to give it that cozy feel!

Tortilla Strips: Store-bought is fine but homemade is even better and super easy! Simply slice tortillas into thin strips and fry them. Add salt and chili powder to taste.

Can You Freeze Easy Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Yes! Easy Tortilla Soup freezes beautifully. To freeze, allow the Easy Tortilla Soup to cool completely, then store your soup in a large freezer bag or airtight plastic container and then move it to your freezer for up to 4 months. Leave out the tortilla chips you would have used as a garnish as they will get soggy in the soup and will not reheat well.

Easy Tortilla Soup

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Chicken Enchilada Soup Toppings & Fixings

My familys favorite part about this slow cooker chicken enchilada soup is the toppings! I like to put out bowls of toppings so that everyone can make their own creations. Tortilla strips are a must have for this dish, other great options are shredded cheese, sour cream, chopped cilantro, diced avocado and sliced olives.

This soup has all the flavors of chicken enchiladas with a fraction of the prep time. I always keep the ingredients on hand for busy days when I know I wont have a lot of time to cook dinner. This recipe is a hit with kids and adults alike, and is sure to become a part of your regular dinner rotation!

Additional Slow Cooker Soups Youll Enjoy

Tips For Tortilla Soup:

  • Use Leftover Chicken. Have a rotisserie chicken hanging out in your fridge? What about some leftover chicken breasts you dont know what to do with? You can always use leftover chicken to make a fresh batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup.
  • Bone Broth Makes All The Difference. Use low-sodium bone broth or easily make your own chicken broth.
  • Adjust The Spice. Do you like it spicy? Add some extra jalapeños into the mix.
  • Save Time With Canned Corn And Beans. Speed up the cooking time by using canned corn and beans.
  • Cut Avocado Right Before Serving. To keep your avocado from browning, cut it right before you serve the soup
  • Season To Taste. Depending on the tomatoes and broth you use, you may need to adjust the salt to taste at the end.

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This Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Is Full Of Flavor Easy To Prepare And Makes The House Smell Insanely Amazing Made With Chicken Peppers Onion And A Whole Lot Of Deliciousness It Makes A Large Batch That Feeds My Family Of Seven Plus A Few More

There really isnt a time of year where I dont like using my crockpot and making all things soup. From tomato to this Chicken Tortilla Soup, I love making a simple dinner that my family loves and a meal that can easily feed a crowd.

Chicken Tortilla Soup one of our family favorite recipes.

I have a few recipes that are my go-tos when it comes to using my crockpot, and Chicken Tortilla Soup is one of them. What I love about this version of Chicken Tortilla Soup Crock Pot is that its completely versatile.

You have your core ingredients, and then all the additional toppings or ingredients you can add in or not and make this soup exactly how you want it or how your family will eat it. While I personally love it fully loaded as pictured above, my husband hates beans and corn, so to make it his way, I simply dont add those in the soup and serve them on the side instead. So we both walk away with a bowl of soup we love.

Not only is this slow cooker soup incredibly flavorful, it is that way with just a few simple ingredients. Which makes the prep time minimal, which during the busy school, somple recipe with few ingredients is ideal to me.

My recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe has vibrant colors and just makes a stunning meal. It all starts with the deep tone of the broth, and by adding in some fresh vegetables and chicken, you have a great foundation from which to build.

Easy slow cooker meal Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Tips To Prepare Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup

How To Make Chicken Tortilla Soup (In Under 30 Minutes!) Quick & Easy Recipe
  • Save time and use rotisserie chicken or leftover chicken. Just roughly chop up the chicken and stir it in at the end!
  • Concerned about your salt intake? Use a low-sodium chicken broth or make your own.
  • If your soup needs to be thickened add cornstarch, masa, or different types of flour.
  • Ensure the tortilla strips are still perfectly crunchy when it is time to serve the soup. You can quickly fry them while the soup is simmering!
  • Garnish each individual bowl instead of the pot to avoid toppings being mixed into the soup.
  • If you’re worried about this soup being too spicy, simply reduce the amount of cayenne and add an additional tablespoon of heavy cream.

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A Quick And Easy Soup Recipe

This easy Taco Soup Recipe combines two of my favorite things ground beef tacos and belly-warming soup! Ground beef is inexpensive meat for many soups from Easy Hamburger Soup to Cabbage Roll Soup.

Its a bit like chili in the hearty healthy goodness but the flavor is taco-inspired!

  • Ready in 30 minutes from start to finish.
  • One pot means less dishes to wash.
  • Uses simple ingredients and pantry staples.
  • This soup welcomes add ins like veggies.
  • Family friendly, its mild and you can add your favorite toppings

What Is In Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup

Obviously chicken, and obviously tortillas. But the rich, savory flavor comes from a blend of cumin, chili powder, coriander, plus tomatoes, onions and garlic, all of which seasoned the rich broth.

In Mexico whole chilis may be used, often toasted and the crumbled into the soup. I rely on dried chili powder, pure ancho if you can find it, but in this recipe regular blended chili powder also works just fine.

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Tools For This Recipe

– Check out all of my kitchen essentials here.

  • 4-Quart Dutch Oven this is the perfect size for this soup. This one is high quality and youll have it forever.
  • Pinch Bowls for measuring out ingredients ahead of time.
  • Box Cheese Grater Shredding from a block tastes and melts much better than packaged cheese.
  • Garlic Twister its much more flavorful to mince fresh garlic. This twister does it in seconds and is easy to clean and store.

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Ingredients

Stovetop Chicken Tortilla Soup

What will you need to make this zesty Mexican soup? It only requires 15 simple ingredients 10 of which are pantry staples!

  • Olive oil To sauté the veggies.
  • Onion The beginning of every great soup recipe.
  • Cilantro If you dont love raw cilantro, you may still enjoy this soup, because the cilantro is well-cooked.
  • Garlic Fresh is best!
  • Chicken broth Use your favorite brand.
  • Diced tomatoes Look for a brand of canned tomatoes that offers fired roasted for extra flavor.
  • Chicken breasts Cook them whole, right in the broth.
  • Ground cumin For deep smoky essence.
  • Chili powder Or pure ground chiles.
  • Cayenne pepper For a little kick!
  • Bay leaves For a deep herbaceous note.
  • Carrots If the skins arent rough and fuzzy, theres no need to peel the carrots.
  • Monterey jack cheese To thicken the soup and to add as a garnish.
  • Avocados The perfect creamy topper.
  • Bag of tortilla chips To thicken the soup and to add as a crunchy topping!

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Serving Ideas For Chicken Tortilla Soup

Each bowl of soup can be made unique and individual for each person!

You can set out all of the toppings and let everyone make their own bowl.

But here are a few ideas for toppings you can set out and offer-theyre fresh and flavorful!

I recommend corn tortilla chips and cheese for the bottom of the bowl. The cheese gets nice and melted and stringy and is just SO delicious.

Chop the avocado into slices or small chunks. Squeeze lime juice over them if they wont be served immediately.

Sour cream is a great option to help cool down a bowl of soup that might be too spicy for some.

Wedges of lime add a fresh bit of zing, and the flavor compliments the chili and spice.

Extra fresh cilantro and chopped green onions can be a nice to have on the side for those who love the flavor.

For extra spice, I love green chilies and fire-roasted tomatoes as an optional topping for anyone who can handle the heat.

How To Freeze Chicken Tortilla Soup:

  • Cool. Cool Chicken Tortilla Soup completely before freezing.
  • Package soup in a freezer safe container. You can use sandwich size plastic bags for individual soup portions, quart size bags or freezer bags. To easy fill these bags, place them in a container that you can wrap the top around the edge of for example, place a sandwich size bag in a mug then cuff the edges around the mug. This keeps the bag open and prevents it from collapsing when you are pouring in your Chicken Tortilla Soup. Final packaging tip, make sure to let out any excess air before you seal.
  • Label. Make sure to label your bags so it doesnt become a freezer mystery. You also want to label so you can be sure to use your soup within 3 months.
  • Freeze. Once cooled and labeled you are ready to freeze your Chicken Tortilla Soup. Once the bag is solid you can lay it flat in a single layer so its stackable to save space.
  • Defrost/Reheat. The easiest way to thaw your soup is in your refrigerator overnight then reheat on the stovetop or in the microwave.
  • If you forget to thaw your soup beforehand or are hit with a need-Chicken Tortilla Soup-now craving then you can defrost the soup in the microwave. Transfer frozen soup into a microwave-safe container, partially cover and microwave for 2-3 increments, until the soup has become slushy, stirring in between so it thaws evenly.

    Now get ready for the barrage of compliments for the best Chicken Tortilla Soup! At home. In 30 minutes.

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