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The soup diet is similar to other diets based on single food groups . For example, there are pizza diets, smoothie diets, juice fasts, and even a taco diet. Almost all of these diets promise substantial short-term weight loss, but they are generally not sustainable.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s dietary guidelines for Americans recommends consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, and good fats like nuts and seeds for a healthy, balanced diet.

You may be able to consume food from each recommended food group on the soup diet, and you’ll most likely increase your intake of vegetables. Depending on the recipes you follow, you might also increase your intake of plant-based protein. Soup diet proponents often recommend cooking with healthy fats, such as olive oil. However, few soup diet plans encourage the consumption of whole grains . In addition, most soup diets restrict the consumption of fruit.

The USDA recommends consuming an average of 1,500 calories a day for weight loss, but that number may vary based on your lifestyle, sex, current weight, and level of physical activity. Unlike other quick weight loss diets, you may be able to consume enough calories on a soup diet, but some soup diets advise that you consume 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day.

Healthy Soups For Weight Loss

The meals that make the most health benefits include soup with the right combination of meat and vegetables for weight loss.

Here are 10 healthy soups that will help you lose weight:

  • Garlic & Vegetable Soup
  • Garlic is one of the most beneficial ingredients that can combat sickness, improve cholesterol levels and is also believed to lower the risk of heart diseases. The combination of veggies with garlic makes this soup beneficial for weight loss.

  • Carrot & Moong Dal Soup
  • This aromatic soup will surely refresh your taste buds. The mixing of carrots with lentils makes this soup extremely nutritious as well as weight loss-friendly.

  • Tomato Soup
  • Tomato soup is widely popular and one of the easiest soups to prepare. Its tangy flavour and nutritious value provide a plethora of benefits. When a dash of coriander leaves and toasted croutons are added to it, the soup becomes delectable.

  • Mushroom Soup
  • Mushrooms become even more appetizing when cooked with onions and milk. This soup has a tempting smell and pleasing odour.

  • Corn & Cabbage Soup
  • This is a Chinese soup and is a must-try if you love sweet corn. The best thing about this soup is that it requires only a few ingredients and helps in satisfying hunger.

  • Spinach Soup
  • Spinach is a great source of iron and fiber. Spinach soup is nutrient-dense and easy to prepare. When blended with milk, it gives a creamilicious texture and taste.

  • Mix Vegetable Soup
  • Broccoli & Bean Soup
  • Oats Vegetable Soup
  • Pumpkin Soup
  • Which Soups Are Best For Weight Loss

  • If you live in an underground area, you have no reason to boil vegetables with garlic. Instead, you have whiteners in clear pots.
  • There are several kinds of soup, but chicken soup would be the most suitable one. The chicken pieces must be cooked properly for optimum results.
  • Potato or broth in a vegetable soup with various flavour changes.
  • This soup contains green veggies.
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    Ingredients To Make A Healthy Soup For Weight Loss

    • Ground beef: Choose the leanest package of ground beef. If eating on a budget, go ahead and use one with a higher percentage of fat and keep reading to find out how to remove some of the extra fat it contains. Sometimes I opt for a weight loss turkey soup and choose ground turkey instead.
    • Aromatics: Garlic, onion, carrot, and celery are not only healthy additions to your diet soup, but they also contribute flavor.
    • Zucchini and yellow squash: Super low-calorie veggies that bulk up the soup.
    • Herbs and spices: We keep it simple with a touch of oregano but a wide variety of different herbs and spices work well. Try experimenting with Italian seasoning, thyme, marjoram, and bay leaves.
    • Canned tomatoes: A super simple pantry staple that adds depth of flavor and a bit of acid to the soup.
    • Beans: The beans are optional but they do bulk up the soup, making it heartier. Plus beans are packed with lots of fiber and other nutrients.
    • Potato: Choose any white potato when making your batch of low-calorie vegetable soup.
    • Cabbage: An inexpensive and low-calorie vegetable that’s perfect for soups.

    Drink This To Speed Up Weight Loss On The Cabbage Soup Diet

    How the Soup You Drink Can Help You Lose Weight ...

    Not a lot of people know this, but theres actually quite a few zero-calorie drinks you can rely on to speed up fat burn.

    These drinks can not only be used to get better and faster weight loss results on the cabbage soup diet, but will work on pretty much ANY weight loss diet.

    One such example of a zero-calorie drink, thats been scientifically proven to boost fat loss, is oolong tea.

    Time to wrap this whole thing up.

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    Cons Of The Cabbage Soup Diet

    Low in calories and unsustainable

    If done for a number of days the person could miss out on vital calories, protein, vitamins and minerals essential for the body to function and to allow you to carry out your day-to-day tasks, Nutritionist Jasmine Carbon says. The person following such a diet may see the effects, but a diet like this is not sustainable and should not be practiced for an extended period of time.”

    Wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels

    Nutritionist Mina agrees, adding that the diet’s focus on cabbage soup can wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar often leaves people feeling faint, weak, unable to concentrate and it’s dangerous particularly for those with diabetes.

    Causes flatulence and bloating

    The cabbage soup diet is also famous for leaving those who follow it with serious flatulence, an unwanted side-effected backed up by science. It happens because cabbage is high in fibre, which naturally causes wind, and it can cause additional digestive issues for those who aren’t used to eating so much fibre in their daily diet.

    Expect to experience some gastro-intestinal discomfort such as bloating , gas build up, nausea and flatulence, adds Jasmine. Diarrhoea is another common side-effect of the cabbage soup diet plan.”

    What Is The Soup Diet

    The soup diet isn’t just one diet but rather a collection of soup-based eating plans that promise significant weight loss in a short amount of time . On some of these diets, you consume nothing but soup, while on others, soup is the foundation of the eating plan, with some foods added.

    Eating soup may help increase satiety and help you stay full, which might allow you to eat less overall. While this may lead to weight loss, there is no evidence that a soup-only diet could effectively support long-term weight management.

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    The Cabbage Soup Recipe

    Now about this weight loss Cabbage Soup , most websites featuring this diet says you should boil the vegetables in water, uhno maam!! Ive always used chicken broth or vegetable broth with seasoned canned tomatoes, which has never hindered my weight loss. Just try to use the low-sodium versions if possible

    Let me just say, there is NO WAY I would be eating this soup every day if I made it with water. Yuck! Throughout the diet, I also use salt , pepper, lots of herbs & seasonings, olive oil, and a tad of butter on potato day. I also add 0-5 calorie flavorings to my water to make sure I get in all my water if needed. These changes have never affected my results.

    What Is Miso Soup Made Of

    4 No-Cook Chilled Soups (Weight Loss Recipes)

    If you are trying to make the soup at home, miso soup ordinarily is made up of miso paste, several selected vegetables, and water or broth. The soup paste is generally made from fermented soybeans, but you can also come across some paste made from a mixture of soybean paste and grains or beans .

    It is also important to note that not all pastes are made the same. Some of the most common types you may come across include:

    • White Miso, also known as Shiro, is the most common flavor, and the paste is made from soybeans and rice.
    • Yellow Miso, a.k.a. Shinshu is made from soybeans and barley and is usually fermented for a more extended period than Shiro miso.
    • Barley Miso is also referred to as Mugi, and like yellow miso, it is also made from soybeans and barley. However, unlike Shinshu, Mugi is fermented for longer, which gives it a deeper barley flavor.
    • Red, Brown, or Dark Miso, this is also called Aka miso and is primarily made from soybeans. The fermentation process for this red miso paste could take up to 3 years. Shutterstock

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    Who Makes The Healthiest Soup

    So, here are soups that you can enjoy for weight loss:

  • Clear soups. You can boil the vegetables that you like to have but no underground vegetables.
  • Chicken soup. Chicken soup is nothing but low-fat chicken pieces which should be boiled properly.
  • Cabbage soup or multicoloured vegetable soup.
  • Green veggie soup.
  • Will I Gain All My Weight Back Afterwards

    Its important to note that we dont recommend following this strict diet for more than seven days. After a week, be sure to maintain a healthy diet, having this soup intermittently until you reach your desired weight. Think of this as a positive kick-off to your diet, a way to shed pounds and gain some confidence as you continue your lifestyle change. A great way to help with portion control is to eat a bowl of soup before you eat your regular meal. The soup will fill your stomach with healthy vegetables, and you will feel less hungry during your meal.

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    Mistake : Only Eating Pureed Soups

    Pureed soups deserve a spot in your diet, but they shouldn’t be the only type of soup you eat.

    First, it’s not uncommon for pureed soups to include a little cream . But also, there’s very little or sometimes absolutely zero chewing required when you consume a pureed soup.

    Both chewing your food and eating a dish with a little textural variety can help boost the satiety factor of your meal and keep you feeling fuller longer, according to research published June 2018 in âAppetiteâ. In other words, a pureed soup may leave you searching in the snack cabinet not long after your meal.

    Still Want To Try A Soup Diet

    5 Effective Detox Soups To Lose Weight Fast

    Most experts don’t recommend it. But if you really want to try the soup diet to jumpstart your weight loss, here are a few tips worth keeping in mind.

    • âDo a more moderate soup diet.â Consider having soup for one or two meals instead of all three meals.
    • âKeep it short.â Especially if you’re eating soup for three meals a day, don’t follow the soup diet for more than 10 days.
    • âSwitch it up.â Try rotating between a few different soup recipes so you don’t get bored.
    • âWatch your sodium.â Doing the canned-soup diet? Pay attention to your sodium intake. “Ideally you want less than 500 milligrams of sodium per serving of soup,” Lawder says.

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    Does Soup Make You Fat

    In another study in 60 people, eating soup prior to a meal decreased total calorie intake at lunch by an impressive 20% . Keep in mind that creamy soups and chowders while filling may also be high in calories. Opt for a lighter broth- or stock-based soup to minimize calories and maximize fullness.

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    Mistake : Thinking Soup Isn’t A Breakfast Food

    If breakfast-for-dinner is a legit thing, then dinner-for-breakfast should be, too. Enter soup for breakfast, folks.

    These recipes will kickoff the new trend â and they each boast a healthy dose of fill-you-up protein!

    Eating soup for breakfast also means starting your day off nutritiously: Regular soup-eaters have been found to have healthier diets compared to non-soup-eaters, per an April 2014 âBritish Journal of Nutritionâ study. In that study, soup-eaters ate more protein, fiber and vitamins and minerals, and less fat compared to their counterparts who didn’t consume soup. Buy soup-eaters also ate more sodium, which brings us to mistake #4.

    May Not Provide Enough Nutrients

    7 Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss

    Low-calorie diets that are used under the supervision of a physician are typically designed to be nutritionally adequate .

    However, the food choices of the Cabbage Soup Diet are very limited and unbalanced. The diet includes almost no protein and is also very low in carbs, fat and calories. Additionally, its deficient in many vitamins and minerals.

    There is not a serious risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies if you only follow the diet for one week, especially if you decide to take a multivitamin. But this doesnt make up for the diets lack of calories and protein.

    Consequently, many people on the Cabbage Soup Diet complain of dizziness, weakness and lightheadedness while on the diet.

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    Which Soups Should I Eat For Weight Loss

    Ultimately, it doesnt matter whether you opt for chicken or vegetable soup, canned or fresh. Whats most important when youre slimming is the overall calorie content soup calories still count!

    Its better to avoid rich soups that are laden with cream and instead opt for low fat and low calorie choices such as vegetable, tomato, mushroom, chicken and carrot soups. A healthy vegetable soup will also help you get the recommended 5 a day portions of fruit and veg in your diet.

    Opting for soup as a starter when youre eating out whilst trying to lose weight may also be a good idea, helping you to eat less of the main course and filling you up so you dont have room for dessert.

    Can You Survive Only Eating Soup

    Only clear broth is appropriate if only for long-term consumption. It usually takes a couple of strokes or heart attacks to take place if you eat heavy cream soups with too much fat. Some soup concoctions you consumed to provide many different nutrients, along with their consumption in moderation, would have stayed in your body for a long time.

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    The Chicken Soup Diet

    The weight loss chicken soup diet recipe is perhaps one of the easiest and also most delicious magic weight loss soup recipes out there.

    It is an extremely low-calorie soup that is equally healthy. This soup can be prepared with just little cost and without stress at all.

    Follow the guide below to prepare one of the best weight loss soup recipe we have.

    How to Prepare Chicken Soup

    • Add all the ingredients into an instant pot or cooking pot with the exception of the peas and parsley, then boil.
    • Slowly simmer and make sure the lid is on for about 90 minutes.
    • After, grab 2 forks and then pull the chicken apart to shred the chicken breast.
    • Now add in the peas and continue cooking until it is tender.
    • You can add in more chicken base if you desire extra flavor.
    • Then you can serve yourself with some sprinkled parsley on the top.

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    Can I Lose Weight Eating Soup

    How the Soup You Drink Can Help You Lose Weight ...

    Study results published in September 2013 found that eating soup may reduce the chances of being overweight by 30 percent for people who are regularly eating it and avoid it altogether. Moreover, a small portion of low-calorie soup before meals reduces the total number of calories you actually consume.

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