Ceramic Soup Bowl With Lid

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Microwavable S/4 Ceramic Soup Bowls & Saucers with Microwave Lids on QVC

Eating your favorite soup will surely be fun if you use this bowl. The print design resembles the famous cup-noodles from Japan. It is unique and different from other designs available in the market. Likewise, it has a handle on one side so you can hold this item properly. You can avoid spillage especially if its content is hot. And if you have left-over food, you can just cover it with the lid that comes with the package. There are also 2 sizes available for you to choose and get the right size that you need.

Different Types Of Bowls With Images

Bowls are flexible equipment in the kitchen which are used in handling and preparing foods. These tools come in different shapes, sizes, and capacities. They can be made of different materials like plastic, stainless steels, ceramic, and wood. Most types of bowls are used in the kitchen for cooking, food storage, and serving food, while others are for cleaning.

Bowls are as old as gold. They have been made for over a thousand years. Most primitive bowls were found in China, Crete, Ancient Greece, and in some native American cultures. These antique bowls were usually used in pottery, specifically during Ancient Greek.

In this article, lets talk about the different types of bowls being used to date.

Pumpkin Soup Bowls With Lid

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Types Of Bowls According To Style

Singing Bowls

Unlike other bowl styles, singing bowls are made for relaxation. These bowls produce sounds and vibrations when struck with a mallet. They are usually made from synthetic alloys like copper, gold, silver, iron, lead, tin, and bronze.

Pet Bowls

A pet bowl is usually designed for pets like dogs and cats. Most pet bowls are made from ceramic, melamine, or stainless steel. If you are looking for a good pet bowl, be sure not to opt for the plastic ones as they are chewable, and therefore, harmful for your pets health. It is recommended to wash your pet bowl on a regular basis to avoid contamination.

From the word itself, decorative bowls are designed not to serve or store food, but as decorations. These bowls come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. They are also made from different materials like stone, porcelain, glass, crystal, and wood. Hence, the price varies depending on the material being used. Decorative bowls will definitely add a finishing touch to everyones living room, kitchen, or coffee tables.

Storage Bowls

Storage bowls are food-storage containers that will keep your food protected. They can be both made from plastic or glass. Glass storage bowls can be used in an oven or microwave. However, if you are planning to store your food in a refrigerator, opt to use the plastic storage bowls.

Mixing Bowls

Candy Bowls

Pasta Bowls


Salad Bowls

Soup Bowls

Rice Bowls

Finger Bowls

Dip Bowls

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Ceramic Soup Bowl With Lid

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  • This soup bowl comes with a lid to keep dust and dirt away from its content
  • It has a handle on one side to give you convenience in holding it
  • With a unique and fun design that you will surely love
  • Material: ceramic / Capacity: 600ml, 800ml
  • Dimensions:
  • 600ml bowl: 13 x 14.5cm / 11.3cm
  • 800ml bowl: 11.4 x 14cm / 17cm
  • Package content variations:
  • 1 x Ceramic Soup Bowl with Lid
  • 1 x Ceramic Soup Bowl with Lid
  • $48.60$52.36

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    Scallop Soup Bowl With Lid

    Dimensions 13 × 13 × 8 cm

    The Scallop Collection was developed in Jenggalas early beginning, yet the design remains popular to this day. The organic lines throughout the shape resemble the fingermarks of the skilled craftsperson that created the item, and as a testament to the hand made qualities of our products. Why not add this sense of simple elegance to your dining experience with the Scallop Rice Bowl with Lid? Made from stoneware this items comes in a range of smooth and bold finishes and is suitable for serving rice or soup.

    Jenggala has qualified and maintains the strict ISO Quality Assurance System as well as certification of Standard National Indonesia for Food Safe and Chip Resistant quality ceramic tableware.

    Ceramic Bowl With Lid

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    Functional And Useful Food Container

    This bowl is ideal to use in preparing instant noodles. Unwrap and place all the contents of the noodle package. The lid cover is perfect so you can cook the noodles by adding hot water. In no time, you can surely enjoy tasty and delicious food. Likewise, this is also suitable to use in serving soups individually. Also, you can use this at home or in your dorm room. It is made of ceramic material making it durable and reliable. This is safe to use on a microwave oven, dishwasher, and disinfection cabinet.

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