Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

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Grandmas Chicken Noodle Soup

Grandma’s Old Fashion Chicken Noodle Soup!!!!!

The one thing thats guaranteed in the Ohio River Valley this time of year is a cold we can thank the weather for that one. Let me break it down for those of you that arent from around these here parts.

It goes a little something like this: it can go from being bright and sunny to overcast and snowy in just a few days time, no joke. With all that up and down in the weather and the subsequent temperature changes that follow its easier to catch a cold than it is to find a pizza joint on Bardstown Road. I was lucky enough to catch a little something, something this past weekend, BUT I was able to nip it in the bud before it came on too strong. Back to the topic at hand, today Im sharing the recipe for that exact bud nipper, Grandmas Chicken Noodle Soup. Im not sure if its all subconscious or what, but it always gets me back on my feet in no time. Dont just take my word for it, go ahead and try it for yourself the hardest part is chopping up all the vegetables.


  • Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until internal temperature reaches 155 degrees.
  • Remove from the oven and cover with foil.
  • The chicken will continue to cook while you prepare the soup.



  • If youre feeling crunched for time, or would like the least amount of work possible pick up a rotisserie chicken, itll still taste just as good.
  • If you buy thyme on the stem, cook as normal and the leaves will fall of the stems as the soup heats up, then remove the stems before serving!

The Best Chicken Noodle Soup

We all love a good bowl of chicken noodle soup. Its comforting, tastes great, and can be healing when youre not feeling well and have a sore throat.

Making it in the Crock Pot is super easy, and it only takes a few minutes to get it started.

And, theres nothing better than coming in from cold weather and eating a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup.

It brings back fond memories and brings us through those winter months. And the best part? It only takes about five minutes to get it prepped and cooking.

How To Make Homemade Chicken Soup:

I love making my chicken soup with a whole chicken. The raw chicken cooks in the soup adding incredible flavor! If you do not have a whole chicken on hand, you can easily use other chicken parts…it is best to use chicken with the bones as the bones add a lot of nutrients to the soup while cooking.

Step 1: Add your raw whole chicken to a large stockpot. Add in low sodium chicken broth, seasonings, vegetables, and water.

Step 2: Cover the pot and bring the chicken soup to a boil. It should take about 10-15 minutes to boil, depending on the depth of the soup pot.

Step 3: Once the soup is boiling, let it boil for 15 minutes. Turn down the heat to low and allow the soup to simmer for two hours.

Step 4: After the chicken cooks in the soup for 1 ½ to 2 hours, remove the chicken to a separate pan so the bones don’t all fall apart in the soup.

Step 4: Serve the soup hot with rice or noodles. I recommend cooking them separately then adding them to the bowl.

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How To Make This Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup:

Add the oil to a large pot over medium heat. A Dutch Oven works great for this. Throw the celery and carrots in, and sauté for about 2 minutes, stirring frequently.

Add the onion, and continue to sauté for about 5 more minutes. You want the veggies just to the point of being soft.

Stir in the oregano, thyme, and flour.

Gradually add chicken broth, stirring to mix. potatoes.

Carefully add the potatoes, bay leaves, and lemon juice. Bring to a boil, and cook for 15-20 minutes, until potatoes are tender.

Add chicken and noodles and simmer 10 more minutes.

Reduce heat and add the evaporated milk. You do NOT want it to come to a boil at this point.

The chicken broth or stock will give it sodium, but season with salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy this soup warm.

Family Recipe: Grandmas Chicken Noodle Soup

Happy Medley: Grandma

03/19/2019 by The Mama Maven

There is nothing better than chicken noodle soup. I love it in all forms, but this is our family recipe, handed down to my father, Steve Johnson, from his mother, Rosalind Koppelman Johnson. I am imaging that she got it from her mother and so on. This will take you around 3 and a half hours to simmer on your stove so make this on a day that you really have the time. Good news is you can pretty much add all the ingredients and let it simmer on the stove. Its always come out delicious and feel free to add more veggies the more the merrier! Family Recipe: Grandmas Chicken Noodle Soup

Youll need: a whole chicken, a package of soup greens and then add some chicken stock, any extra veggies you want, garlic, and water. Its honestly really easy to make and you can freeze it after.

Ingredients:Chicken 1 package soup greens Chicken Bouillon OR USE Chicken Broth FOUR 32 ounce packagesWater add in 6 cups water Add less water if you use chicken brothEgg noddles

1 2 packages baby cut carrots


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Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe Ingredients:

2 boneless chicken breasts

2 onions cut one in half and chop the other

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 bay leaf

2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 carrots peeled and chopped

3 ribs of celery, finely chopped

2 tablespoons celery leaves from the stalk

Season with salt and pepper

32 ounces chicken broth

1/3 pound of wide egg noodles

4 scallion, thinly chopped at an angle

¼ cup finely chopped leaf parsley

¼ cup fresh dill or 1 tablespoon dried dill

Grated peel of 1 lemon

How To Make Chicken Noodle Soup In The Slow Cooker

  • Spray the slow cooker with cooking spray.
  • Add the chicken breasts, diced onions, carrots, celery, rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper, and minced garlic.
  • Pour the chicken broth into the pot and mix the ingredients.
  • Place the lid on top and cook for seven hours on low.
  • After seven hours, shred the chicken .
  • Add the egg noodles and water.
  • Press the noodles under the water and replace the lid.
  • Cook on high for approximately 30 minutes or until the noodles are tender.
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    My Grandma’s Homemade Chicken Soup Is Comfort Food

    This soup is as close to comfort food as it gets. I remember my grandmother making this soup every time we went to visit. The memories come back every time I make this soup.

    This easy chicken soup recipe is made from scratch, with fresh simple ingredients. This chicken soup takes time to make because the flavors slowly simmer in…but I promise it is worth it!

    Our whole family loves this soup, and I really need to make it more often. Fall is finally here and soon cold and flu season will be here. We also love this delicious Turmeric Chicken Vegetable Soup during cold and flu season!!

    It is so easy to make a bowl of good chicken soup from scratch. You don’t need many ingredients. Just add chicken, broth, carrots, onion, garlic, and celery to a pot. You can add noodles to make chicken noodle soup, or add rice. We usually make chicken and rice soup because gluten free noodles tend to get pretty mushy. You can use brown or white rice in this soup recipe.

    This soup is Whole 30, Paleo, Keto, Dairy-Free, and Gluten Free. Perfect for anyone who has food allergies. Pair this soup with these delicious gluten free bread for easy dipping: Gluten Free Light and Fluffy Cheddar Muffins or this Gluten Free Focaccia Bread.

    For my grandma’s old-fashioned chicken soup, you will need a whole chicken. You need to make sure your chicken pieces are with the bone as the bone minerals are what makes this soup so good!!

    Basic Chicken Soup Ingredients:

    Grandma Would LOVE This Chicken Noodle Soup! Amazing Chicken Soup Recipe

    The base of this soup relies on a few simple ingredients:

    • Carrots
    • Celery: If your bunch comes with leaves attached, save them to garnish the soup. They have a delicate flavor and lovely wispy texture.
    • Onion
    • Garlic
    • Pasta: Look for wide pappardelle, egg noodles or fettuccine. I break them into pieces so theyre easier to spoon up.
    • Chicken stock: choose a low-sodium broth to have better control over the seasoning. Next to homemade, my personal favorite store-bought brand is this one.
    • Chicken thighs: Youll need 2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thighs. The dark meat is very tasty, holds up best in soup and doesnt become dry like the breast meat.

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    How To Make Grandmas Chicken Soup

    To make this soup you will need one whole chicken.

    TIP: I love to buy my whole chickens from Costco. They are by far the BEST chickens out there. Loaded with meat.

    TIP: Little secretI was able to make this chicken noodle soup AND a Chicken Broccoli Casseroleout of this ONE Costco chicken!

    Rinse one whole chicken and remove the innards

    Place Chicken in a large stock pot, with a lid, and fill 3/4 full of water. Add one cup chopped celery, one cup chopped onion, and 3-4 chicken bullion cubes. Cover with lid and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium low and continue cooking for 1 1/2 hours.

    WARNING: Your house is going to smell HEAVENLY!!! Like Thanksgiving Day potpourri simmering away, filling the air with the most luscious fragrance!

    Lets talk about the star of this show for a second. The star of this Chicken Noodle soupthe Noodles! My mother-in-law was the first to introduce me to Grandmas Fresh Frozen Egg Noodles. They are the best noodles on the planet! You can find them at Krogers or Wal-mart.

    If you cant find Grandmas Im sure your market carries another brand of Fresh Frozen noodle.

    While the chicken is cooling take the package of Grandmas Homemade Style Family Size, Fresh Frozen, All Natural, Egg Noodles out of the freezer to begin thawing.

    DO NOT DUMP OUT THE CHICKEN STOCK! This is the flavor base for this soup.

    Add 4-6 cups of water to the remaining chicken stock.

    You can see how rich that chicken broth is! Its pure perfection!

    Can You Cook The Noodles In The Crockpot

    This recipe has instructions for how to cook the noodles separately however, you can also cook the noodles directly in your slow cooker.

    Heres how to cook the noodles in the slow cooker: add the noodles into your slow cooker when you remove the chicken and cook them for 10 minutes on high heat. You may need to add more liquid to the soup after the noodles finish cooking.

    Cooking the noodles directly in the crockpot is a convenient option, but I find that it can also make the noodles a little mushy! Its a small difference, but thats why this recipe says to cook them separately.

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    Ingredients For Bonnie’s Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup

    • 8 drumsticks boiled in 12 cups water until done. use any cut of chicken, thighs or breast meat, leave skin on.
    • 1
    • tablespoons minced garlic from jar
    • 2 tablespoons leaf marjoram
    • 2
    • 16 ounce package of grandma’s fresh frozen egg noodles, wide kind
    • black pepper to taste
    • a little olive oil to saute vegetables

    How To Spice Up Chicken Noodle Soup


    Chicken soup is a perfect canvas for different seasonings you can combine with cooked chicken. I tend to keep it simple to allow the pure flavor to shine.

    Heres what I use in this soup:

    • Turmeric: I use this golden spice to add a beautiful, appetizing color to the soup, but since theres a pretty small amount you wont really taste it. You can leave it out if you dont have it.
    • Lemon: A few slices of fresh lemon juice adds some zing to the broth so good!
    • Parmesan rind: This is totally optional. Im one of those people who starts to get anxious when there isnt a hunk of Parmesan in the fridge, and I always save the rinds. They are perfect to use in soups and sauces, adding a layer of umami flavor.
    • Dill The grassy, fresh taste of dill screams homemade chicken soup like no other herb. If you dont like it, try using parsley or basil instead. A tablespoon of chopped fresh thyme leaves would be good too!

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    Chicken Noodle Soup In A Pressure Cooker

    Ive fallen hard for my electric pressure cooker. Im so glad I invested in one a few years ago.

    Now I use it to make so many dishes Id usually slow-cook, like creamy pasta fagioli and a rich Sunday-style meat sauce for pasta.

    Forget about simmering a chicken all day in a large soup pot. If you have a pressure cooker or Instant Pot, this soup is even quicker to make.

    Chicken thighs are tasty and dont dry out when theyre slow-cooked or pressure cooked the way chicken breasts can. Thats why they are my first choice to use in soup.

    More Homemade Soup Recipes To Try:

    If you love chicken as much as we do, you will want to check out ALL of my delicious easy Gluten Free Chicken Recipes!! Making chicken soup is so easy!! Don’t forget to check out my chicken soup story!

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    More Delicious And Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

    Optional Additions To The Soup

    Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup
    • Sweet peas
    • Green onions

    How do you make chicken soup with frozen chicken?

    Simply add the frozen chicken breasts to the slow cooker and cook on low for seven hours before shredding and adding the noodles.

    How can I make chicken soup using beef broth?

    Simply use the same recipe, but instead of adding chicken broth use beef broth in its place. You will use the same amount required for the recipe.

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    How Long Does It Take To Make Chicken Soup From Scratch

    You can make this classic chicken soup on the stove in less than hour, or just 15 minutes in an electric pressure cooker.

    I updated nanas chicken soup by using boneless chicken thighs to save time.

    Just the scent of a pot of chicken soup simmering on the stove is enough to transform your kitchen into a cozy haven.

    Not to mention, we all know that chicken soup is good for the soul. This recipe will show you how easy it is to make incredibly delicious soup yourself.

    The soup cooks with pieces of lemon and a Parmesan rind, both of which add a layer of Italian-style flavor and brightness you will love.

    Have I convinced you yet?!

    Its really so much better than soup from a can (of course, I grew up eating chicken and stars and loved it

    Have you ever bought prepared hot soup from the grocery store?

    I have, especially on days when my hungry teenager is craving soup and Im out running errands after work.

    Like so many things we buy to save time, ready-made soup from the hot prepared food bar is kind of expensive.

    Making your own chicken soup at home is much more economical, and it can be made days ahead and even frozen.

    What Is In Chicken Noodle Soup

    The ingredients in this soup are simple: chicken, carrots, celery, onions, noodles, broth, and herbs.

    • CHICKEN: You can use rotisserie chicken, chicken breasts or thighs, or cook a whole chicken. This is a great way to you leftover cooked chicken.
    • BROTH: The chicken broth is the base of this soup. I like to use Better than Bouillon Base with cups of water because of its rich flavor. You could make your own homemade chicken stock if you want or use bone broth.
    • VEGETABLES: Carrots, celery, and onion are the classic veggies in chicken noodle soup. Feel free to add your own.
    • NOODLES: Homemade egg noodles do not take that long and take this soup to the next level! If youre running short on time, store bought wide egg noodles will work. But the type of noodles matter and homemade make this the best chicken noodle soup recipe. Cooking them al dente makes them delicious!
    • OPTIONAL You can use fresh herbs like fresh parsley, fresh dill or bay leaves. You could even add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

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