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Top 10 Best French Onion Soup Bowls With Lids


One of the french onion soup crocks that are perfect for any meal of the day is this large pot. In particular, they are a 19-ounce size with a smart design and suitable for a wide variety of soups and meals. It is also a set of best bowls that are very easy to use by any person or cook.

Here, high-quality porcelain has been used to manufacture these bowls. So, all of them are very easy to wash and require very little effort. It is also possible to use a dishwasher for easier cleaning in less time. Even the design mixes some elegant and classic details.

Here it is possible to notice that it is a deep and big bowl very compatible with any soup. Besides, people usually choose this bowl for soup but also macaroni and cheese, stews, and chilies. So, the level of versatility is excellent.

Two handles have also been incorporated here for perfect balance. So it wont be too difficult to hold this bowl correctly when cooking soup. Each of these bowls has a different color inside. The matte black color on the outside is the perfect complement to your current cooking. You can even use one of these bowls to cook lasagna or cake in the oven. Finally, it can be used for stew, salad, soup, noodle bowl, or dessert.











  • Somewhat monotonous color

Set Of 4 Ceramic Soup Bowls With Handles By Bruntmor

Select your style and begin to piece together your Dream Kitchenware!

Looking for ceramic bowls with versatile and elegant design themed?

These ceramic bowls are just the right size for kids little hands which make them easy to clean.

Also, have smooth and shiny glaze that means a simple rinse with soap and hot water will clean them quickly. Clean up great in the microwave oven and dishwasher safe. so itâs great for stew, salad, soup, noodle bowl or dessert etc.

  • Set of 4 Ceramic Soup Bowls with Handles
  • Microwave Oven and Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy to Clean and Durable Porcelain Material

Bruntmor Ceramic Soup Bowls With Handles

This Bruntmor ceramic shaped collection bowls have a stylish design with clean and curved lines, which adds a unique touch on your table. You won’t get out of the conventional round bowls until you discover this versatile pattern bowl collection.

Just right for a side serving of stew, salad, soup, noodle bowl or dessert etc. This dessert bowls matches well with your other Bruntmor set.


Bruntmor produce cookwares, kitchenware, and housewares that will bring liveliness in your kitchen. We offer different products that will catch the heart of your family.

Why Bruntmor?

We make sure that you have high-quality products of cookwares, kitchenware, and housewares that will last for years because Bruntmor wants the best for your kitchen. Bruntmor wants to see you have fun together with your family and friends in your kitchen.

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How To Make Low Carb French Onion Soup

  • Saute onions. Heat butter and bone broth in a dutch oven first, then add the onions theyll take up a lot of space!

And keep sauteing them until they are nice and caramelized

TIP: Get my complete guide to perfect caramelized onions here!

  • Brown garlic. Push onions to the sides and make a well in the center. Add minced garlic and thyme leaves, and saute until fragrant. Itll only take about a minute!
  • Deglaze. See all those browned bits stuck to the dutch oven in the picture above? Now, well add dry white wine and scrape all those bits. They are loaded with flavor!
  • Simmer. Add more broth and bay leaves, then well simmer the soup for a while.
  • Assemble healthy French onion soup. Transfer soup into oven-safe bowls and position on a baking sheet or baking dish. Top each bowl with a slice of bread and shredded gruyere cheese. Broil until cheese is melted and browned.

Features And Factors To Consider When Buying A French Onion Soup Bowl

The following features will be of great help when you have to choose the final bowl.


Of course, capacity is the main aspect you should consider. Smaller bowls can offer you a minimum capacity of 10 ounces. It is also possible to find bowls with a capacity of up to 18 ounces. The number of people sitting at your table depends on this.


Bowls with the highest strength and durability can be efficient in avoiding the problem of stains and lasting odors. Of course, this requires that the bowls are made of high-quality, durable ceramic.


Here it is a feature that is similar to durability. A high-strength structure allows you to use your bowls in a grill, an oven, a microwave, or a simple stove. So, this greatly facilitates the cooking process of French onion soup or other recipes.


Another important aspect is the quality of the surface of each bowl. The best options on the market prevent food from sticking too much to the surface. So, here the cleaning will be much easier and faster. You can even consider dishwasher compatibility when choosing a soup bowl.


Finally, we should mention that the different bowls include a grip handle or two. It is also possible to find some bowls that include a very limited grip handle. This relates greatly to the final design of each unit. Even here, the color scheme is also included which can further complement your kitchen.

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Why Do You Need A Soup Bowl

For a kitchen to be complete it should have soup bowls. There are no other complements that are more suitable to complete dinner or lunch. Even the most efficient soup bowls are very versatile and allow you to cook different recipes. You will be able to enjoy more delicious meals if you have a bowl of soup.

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What Is The Strongest Ceramic

Nature defeats human effort by producing the hardest ceramic called Wurtzite Boron Nitride. If you thought the diamond was hard, think of the Wurtzite that is 18% harder once subjected to heat. The only way to produce this material is either by using a detonator or subjects it to static compression at a very high temperature. The rare material is formed during a volcano eruption.

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French Onion Soup With Bread Bowls

A delicious masterpiece, these French Onion Soup Bowls are a classic dish with amazing flavor. Made with sweet onions, fresh spices, and simmered in a beef broth , this is a dish that would make a greater starter. Also, you can impress your friends with an edible bread bowl too.

If youve been around the blog before, you might know that I love soups, stews, and chilis during the cooler months. That is to say, its comfort food in a bowl. And if theres bread involved, count me in. .

Be sure to sign up for my email to get new recipesand creative ideas sent right to your inbox!

Tools To Make Keto Onion Soup

How I make.. French Onion Soup

Tap the links below to see the items used to make this recipe.

  • Dutch Oven Unlike many soup recipes, you cant just use any pot to make French onion. This Dutch oven is a great width for caramelizing onions , and heats evenly.
  • Oven Safe Soup Bowls These bowls are great for soups and can even be used in the oven, for this healthy French onion soup recipe specifically.

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White Porcelain Ceramic French Onion Soup Bowls With Handles 12 Ounce For Soup Baked Beans Chili Set Of 2

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  • 6 x 6 x 6 inches
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • SET OF 2 – 12 OZ – Onion soup bowl crocks
    • Oven Proof Soup Bowls Dimensions: Height – 2 3/8â, Bottom Diameter – 3 1/8â, Top Diameter – 5″. The size is for the SINGLE servings of soup.
    • Microwave Safe: This item can safely be used in the microwave for food service applications.
    • Oven Safe: This item can withstand high heat applications and is safe for oven use in food service.
    • Dishwasher Safe: This item can safely be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

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    Is French Onion Soup Keto Friendly

    Regular French onion soup is high in carbs and far from keto friendly. Its made with regular bread, which adds a lot of carbs, and sometimes the broth even includes a flour roux as a thickener, which I think is totally unnecessary. Besides, onions are relatively high in carbs, too.

    Fortunately, this low carb French onion soup is a much better alternative for a keto diet.

    Still, because onions are relatively high in carbs compared to other vegetables, you also need to be mindful of serving size. Due to the onions, there are 12.3 grams net carbs per cup of this healthy French onion soup recipe which is actually very filling and complete with cheesy topping.

    This carb count can be keto-friendly for many people following keto, but it does vary depending on your macros and for some may be too high.

    TIP: Need to lower the carbs more? Reduce the onions from 2.5 pounds to 2 pounds, which will shave off about 2 grams per serving.

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    Best French Onion Soup Bowls With Lids

    To enjoy different recipes and soups you need to know the best french onion soup bowls. It is the perfect complement when making a special dinner or lunch. Many people enjoy an exquisite soup in combination with other dishes.

    Also, it does not require great skill in the kitchen to use this complement correctly. Below, we have analyzed the 10 best options that the market offers today. So, getting the best bowls will be a very easy task.

    Great Appetizer: French Onion Soup Bowls

    When my parents lived in New Jersey, we would frequent the 24-hour diners. On a side note, I miss those diners. I havent been back to New Jersey for 4 or 5 years now. Sigh.

    Subsequently, after years of visits and family gatherings, we all had our favorites: Hamburgers, French Onion Soup, Matzah Ball Soup, Rice Pudding, and French Fries with Gravy. My parents almost always started their meal with a bowl of soup . They were both so good.

    Therefore, every time I eat or make French Onion Soup, I take a walk down memory lane. We laughed around that table and usually ate too much. However, those are some great memories.

    Dear New Jersey Diners,

    Small bunch of fresh parsleyGruyere cheese

    Start by caramelizing the onions. The slower, the better. Consequently, be patient. Itll be worth it.

    After that, add broth/wine/seasoning. Its said that you can use red or white ones. It can be a very forgiving soup, so use what you have. Adding the broth and seasoning will prepare us for the next step.

    Simmering. The simmering process will blend all of the flavors. Therefore, creating that perfect french soup flavor.

    For this recipe, were ladling the soup into bread bowls and topping with Gruyere cheese. Broil on high until golden.

    What is a good substitution for wine when cooking?

    Well, thats it. So, what are you waiting for? I hope you enjoy this delicious French Onion Soup in a Bread Bowl.

    Other soup recipes to try:


    Bread Bowls

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    Free Printable: Low Carb & Keto Food List

    This keto French onion soup tastes just as rich and flavorful as the real deal, without all the carbs! Instead of using regular bread to top it, were using my keto 90-second bread! Keto onion soup is made with just 9 basic ingredients, with caramelized onions as the star, that come together in a luxurious way. Its perfect for entertaining, as this low carb French onion soup can be made ahead and assembled and broiled right before serving. Its sure to impress.

    If you love caramelized onions as much as I do, youll want to try my recipes for smothered pork chops and caramelized French onion dip.

    More Keto Soup Recipes

    If you like this healthy French onion soup recipe, you might also like some of these other keto soup recipes:

    • Sausage Kale Soup Ready in just 30 minutes, this soup is loaded with flavor, greens, and a creamy broth.
    • Broccoli Cheese Soup This soup takes just 5 simple ingredients and is ready in 20 minutes.
    • Keto Beef Stew Just 10 minutes to prep this rich and hearty stew with a secret ingredient that tastes like potatoes.
    • Bacon Cheeseburger Soup This simple soup has the flavors you love in a cheeseburger and is ready in just 20 minutes.
    • Keto Chili This satisfying chili recipe is the most popular soup on the website! Can be made in crock pot or Instant Pot.

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    Tips For Making The Best French Onion Soup

    Cooks corrects all ingredients and tools when cooking the French soup but forgets to main things Time and the right type of cookware. You need enough time to make the soup better. Remember you must take time to caramelize onions and a long time to simmer broth. When using the pan or pot, go for a wider one instead of the deeper one for even heating.

    Overall Best Gibson Bowls

    Home Canned French Onion Soup ~ Pressure Canning ~ Homemade French Onion Soup

    Among all the options we have analyzed Gibson bowls are our best choice. Of course, the rest of the bowls can provide similar characteristics. However, these bowls can stand out because of their design and essential characteristics. In particular, this bowl includes a lid with a small hole.

    So, you will be able to cook without worrying about the pressure inside. In turn, this lid is perfect for maintaining a warm soup temperature during the meal. Also, the handle allows you to take the soup from the oven directly to the table. Finally, the design is one of the most pleasant and classic when it comes to completing a meal.

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