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Keep Vegetables The Same Size

How to Make Chicken Soup with the Power Pressure Cooker XL

Vegetables should be cut in a size proportional to the cook time of the stock. You want the flavour extracted from the vegetables, but dont need them turning to mush or it will interfere with the clarity of your stock. Beef stocks should be cooked for 6 to 8 hours, so vegetables can go in whole, or halved. Chicken stocks are cooked for 3 to 4 hours, so vegetables should be cut into 2-in. pieces. Fish stocks cook very quickly, so in order to get the most flavour they should be coarsely diced.

Why We Love This Bean Soup

If you are looking for a comforting meal packed with protein, fiber and vegetables, this easy bean soup is perfect. Its made with a light tomato broth and adapts to all seasons. Feel free to use any seasonal vegetables you have on hand. This soup is so good, you will want a batch in the freezer at all times.

This soup is perfect for busy nights. Here are a few reasons we love this bean soup recipe:

  • Its easy to make and tastes incredible.
  • Theres no fancy ingredients and everything needed is affordable.
  • You can use any variety of beans to make it home cooked or canned. .
  • You can take advantage of seasonal ingredients. Add zucchini or tomatoes in the summer or use winter squashes during the winter months.
  • Its healthy, comforting, and vegan .
  • It keeps well! Leftover soup will last about three days in the refrigerator. Or you can freeze it up to a month, if not more!

Brothy Veggie Soup Recipes

When Im craving a light, fresh meal in the dead of winter, I make these brothy soup recipes. On a cold night, theyre the perfect way to eat your veggies, as theyre warming and comforting, but still packed with produce.

Cabbage SoupIf youve had a head of cabbage hanging out in your fridge for a few days , this easy soup is the perfect way to use it up. Its bright and flavorful, and it uses an entire head of cabbage in one go.

  • Cheddar cheese,optional

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Before You Begin: Prep Tips

How do you pick a good butternut squash?

When youre at the grocery store, look for a squash that has an even color and no deep cuts, scratches or marks. Butternut squash come in all shapes and sizes, but you want to pick one that feels heavy. Finally, gently squeeze your way around the squash. It should be very hard with no noticeable soft spots.

Whats the best way to cut a butternut squash?

Since its so hard, butternut squash is notoriously difficult to cut. First things first, peel the skin off of your squash. Pat the surface dry, then use a sharp chefs knife to remove the stem. Then, cut the neck of the squash into 1-inch rounds. For the bulbous part of the squash, chop it directly in half and use a spoon to scoop out the seeds. Finally, cut the squash into cubes.

Does Starch Really Make Spice Less Spicy

How to make a simple chicken soup worth crowing about

This method is held by some to have merely a placebo effect since the starchy addition does not selectively absorb the spice but instead acts like a sponge. In other words, you’re not actually reducing spice, you’re just adding the bland bulk of starch to offset it.

Solution rating: 3 stars

This method is good because of the general ease of use and availability of these starchy ingredients and because their flavor will not greatly change or taint the soup’s taste. The result will turn out more like a stew than a soup, but it will taste less spicy.

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How To Make Tom Kha Gai

Malina Syvoravong for Taste of Home

I recommend mise en placing your ingredients before starting, which means to have all ingredients, in the right portions, ready in bowls and ramekins before the cooking begins. Keep in mind that not every Thai home, restaurant or street food vendor makes every Thai dish exactly the same. Ive given you a range of some ingredients to make this recipe to your personal taste.

Plus, this dish should be accompanied by a side of garnishes and condiments, so every individual will end up adding their own flavors as they please.

How Do You Make Mushroom Soup Without Cream

If you need to leave out the cream, you can substitute it with evaporated milk or regular milk . Just be careful not to bring it to a rapid boil as it may curdle. Go with a very gentle simmer over low heat for about a minute to heat it through.

For a dairy free option, you can leave out the cream or milk all together. Our mushroom soup is still nice and creamy without the dairy component!

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How To Make Soup From Scratch Build Your Own

SOUP!!! It’s the perfect easy dinner idea on those cold days! Plus it’s #ShelfCooking friendly since you can easily make soup from scratch using what you’ve got on your shelves! Ready, set, build your own soup!

There’s nothing like a nice steaming bowl of soup on a cold day. It warms you from the inside out and often makes you think back to the good ol’ days when you were a kid and your mom would make you your favorite soup to eat when you were sick. Guess what!?! You don’t have to be sick or a kid to enjoy a hearty bowl of soup!

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Rather than grabbing a can out of the pantry, or running to the store because you don’t have said can, try building your own soup! It’s much easier than you might think! We’ve got some great tips on how to make soup from scratch. You’ll use whatever ingredients that you have on hand in your pantry, fridge, and freezer and shelf cook the best soup you’ve ever had! So are you ready to get to it?!

Easy Blended Soup Recipes

VEGETABLE SOUP – How to make simple Basic VEGETABLE SOUP Recipe

Traditional puréed soup recipes commonly call for butter, heavy cream, or whole milk, but you wont find any of those ingredients in the creamy soups below. Instead, blended vegetables give each one its smooth, velvety texture. Yum!

Carrot Coconut SoupI think of this recipe as a gazpacho because it comes together easily in the blender. Chill it if you want to eat it gazpacho-style, but if youre craving something warm, its equally good after a few minutes on the stove.

Curried Parsnip & White Bean Soup, page 223 of The Love & Lemons CookbookIf I had my way, wed all cook with parsnips more often! They give this soup an amazing velvety texture, and their sweet, nutty flavor tastes wonderful with the warm curry spices.

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Easy Vegetable Soup Recipe

Vegetable soup doesnt have to be bland and boring. This recipe is so hearty and delicious, youll hardly realize its vegetarian. Its a comforting, feel-good soup and tastes so much better than canned or store-bought.

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Whether youre trying to watch your figure or sneakily slip more veggies into your kids diets, look no further than this homemade vegetable soup recipe. Get your deepest soup bowls ready, because youre about to have your entire household wondering what that delicious aroma is wafting from the kitchen.

Broccoli & Parmesan Soup

Its hard not to love broccoli. All its greenness just screams good for you. And in soup form, it feels even more nurturing.

This would also work well with frozen broccoli. For a vegan version, skip the cheese and serve with a sprinkling of lightly toasted pinenuts or almonds.

If you dont have a stick blender, feel free to serve as a chunky soup. Or use a regular blender of food processor just be very careful when pureeing the hot soup.

Enough for: 2

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How To Make Soup

Find out how to turn the contents of your fridge into a hearty and wholesome soup every time.

Chuck away the cook book, its time to go freestyle with your soup. If you get an organic veg box or simply find a load of veg lurking in your fridge at the end of every week, then this is the perfect way to ensure your valued veg dont end up in the bin.

Red Thai Curry Noodle Soup

How to Make Homemade Chicken Soup From a Whole Chicken ...

This light curry noodle soup is packed full of delicious Thai flavours. For a vegan version of this recipe, season with salt instead of fish sauce and use a vegan curry paste. Its ready in just 20 minutes and comes in under 500 calories. Here are our other inspiring noodle soup recipes for you to try.

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Watch How To Make Lentil Soup

Please let me know how this lentil soup turns out for you in the comments. Im always so eager to hear from you.

If you love this soup, check out my hearty vegetarian chili, favorite black bean soup and pinto posole. You can check out all my soup and stew recipes here.

Dont miss my lentil minestrone recipe in my cookbookif youre a fan of this soup, youre going to love it.

Can I Make This Soup In A Crockpot

Yes. To make it in a crockpot saute onions, carrots, garlic for a few minutes, add garlic saute 1 minute longer. Add to slow cooker along with potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, herbs, broth, salt and pepper. Cook until veggies are tender on high heat about 3 hours or low heat about 6 7 hours. Add peas and corn during the last 30 minutes.

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Tips For Full Flavoured Soups Without Stock

1. Use aromatic vegetables

One of the secrets to great stock is being generous with the aromatic vegetables onion, carrots & celery.

So rather than add stock, I like to add at least one of these directly to the soup. Big flavour and no waste. Win win!

2. Season with soy sauce

Soy sauce is rich in lovely umami-type savoury flavours. Even a tablespoon can turn a simple soup into something totally moreish.

3. Use a full flavoured accompaniment.

Things like pesto or harissa give a real flavour hit to soup, not to mention adding some textural variation.

4. Dont overdo the water

When youre making soup without stock, its really important that you dont add too much water or other liquid.

You can always thin out a too-thick soup, but rescuing a watery soup can take hours of simmering.

5. Season seriously

Seasoning properly is critical for optimum flavour in all cooking but especially so in soup.

Stocks tend to be quite salty naturally, so soup made on a stock base tends not to need as much salt & pepper.

When switching to stock-free soup, it can be easy to under-season so be ultra careful to taste and add more salt if needed.

6. Use a little acid

A little lemon juice or a splash of vinegar can turn a dull soup into a vibrant star.

7. Spice it up

Some chilli can do wonders to compliment the warming nature of soup.

A little cumin or coriander or even curry powder can give an old favourite soup a new lease of life.


Three Tricks For The Best Vegetarian Broth

How to Make Potato Soup

For Rich, Satisfying Broth, Roast The Vegetables. Roasting onion, carrots, celery, tomatoes, and garlic until nicely brown intensifies the flavor of the broth. It also adds color. The roasted vegetables add a rich, satisfying quality to the broth.

Add tomatoes. Tomatoes add sweetness, color, and umami. Tomatoes are naturally high in glutamate, which means they help out with that fifth taste. Umami makes dishes taste good it adds that something something. By adding the tomatoes to the broth, it becomes rich and crave-worthy.

Use dried mushrooms. Even though we dont add any bones or meat to this recipe, it was important for us to still have some meatiness in the broth. Mushrooms especially dried are the solution. Just 1 ounce of dried mushrooms turns this veggie broth from okay to something you actually question whether or not its vegetarian or vegan.

With those three easy tricks, you can make rich, crave-worthy vegetable broth in under 2 hours. We sip on it during the day, have used it to make vegetable noodle soups, and have already used it in some of our favorite soup recipes. This is definitely something to add to your kitchen it even freezes up to 3 months!

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What Goes In Vegetable Beef Soup

Heres what you need.

  • Stewing beef anything economical, in small bite size pieces

  • Red wine, stout or guinness all of these work great here. Red wine gives it a classic beef stew flavour, Guinness or stout will give the soup a more intense, deep flavour like Irish Guinness Stew. I use wine most frequently because I always have some on hand, and because I prefer not to just use part of a can of beer that I wouldnt choose to drink!

First Lets Talk About Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a staple in my home and many Thai homes. Be sure to use pure coconut milk and not coconut cream or cream of coconut for this broth.

I tend to stick with Thai coconut milk brands if I can help it, which you can source from a website like Temple of Thai if you cant find it at your local grocer. Since tom kha gai is silky and light, use boxed or fresh coconut milk since its more emulsified, while canned milks tend to separate. Be sure youre choosing coconut milk that is meant for cooking and not a beverage.

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Finishing And Serving Your Vegetable Soup

When you cook vegetables in stock like this, you have a choice. You can stop cooking when the vegetables are al dente and tender, and slurp up your soup as it is chunks and all, an improvised vegetable stew.

Or you can purée the soup until creamy. This works with any kind of soup, and youll be surprised at how creamy a soup can be with no dairy at all. But I tend to like this best with sweet, dense vegetables like squash and sweet potato.

Its up to you to purée or not to purée!

Smoky Spicy Soups And Chilis

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Homemade Soup Recipe

Bring on the heat! Seasonings like smoked paprika, canned chipotles in adobo sauce, and fresh and dried chiles fill these hearty soup recipes with bold flavor.

Easy Vegetarian ChiliDo we count chili as a soup? Im on the fence, but I still had to include this recipe here. Its super quick and easy to make, and on a cold night, its smoky/spicy flavor will warm you up in no time.

Yellow Split Pea SoupYellow split peas mingle with the fresh corn kernels in this vegan riff on corn chowder, making it extra-hearty and super fun to eat. Its delicious on its own, but I like it even more with crispy, smoky coconut bacon on top!

Tomatillo Zucchini White Bean Chili, page 99 of Love & Lemons Every DayThis zesty green chili is nice and hearty, but its so flavorful that I always go back for a second bowl. Serve it with homemade cornbread for a pitch-perfect weeknight dinner.

Pumpkin Tortilla SoupI love classic butternut squash soup as much as the next person, but when it comes to soup, winter squash can do so much more! Try simmering it in a smoky roasted tomato broth to make this delicious vegan spin on tortilla soup.

This black bean soup is creamy, spicy, and satisfying, but best of all, its really darn easy to make. It has a permanent spot in my regular recipe rotation, and I think it will in yours, too!

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Best Tips For Making Soup Recipes

1. Season to taste. Raw vegetable ingredients need seasoning, and vegetable broths vary in salt level. If your soup is bland, dont hesitate to add generous pinches of salt and lots of fresh black pepper. Taste as you go!

2. Drizzle with olive oil. I always finish soups with a generous drizzle of olive oil. It adds richness and makes the flavors sing.

3. Save some for lunch! Soup often tastes better on the second day, so be sure to make enough to have leftovers. Most soup recipes also freeze well for up to a few months. Check out this post for my best freezing tips!

4. Spice to your level. Customizing your soup is the fun, creative part of cooking soup recipes. If youre making a recipe that calls for lots of spice but you prefer milder flavors, start with less. If you like things spicy, add more! Taste as you cook, and adjust the flavors to make something you really love.

A Few Of Our Favorite Soup Pots

  • If you’re looking to splurge, a good dutch oven is one of our all time favorites.
  • For something a little less expensive we love a good cast iron pot. Plus, it’s great to take camping!
  • If you’e looking for a pop of color, but don’t want to break the bank. We love these fun enamel pots!
  • Are you a minimalist? We love the sleek design of this pot that is meant to be left out.
  • When it comes to stainless steel All-Clad takes the cake.
  • If you’re looking to upgrade to non-stick, this is our favorite set and it includes a nice soup pot!
  • Don’t have an instant pot? Can we persuade you?
  • Every home needs a good slow-cooker. Trust us.

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