Stackable Soup Bowls With Handles

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Stackable Bowls With Handles

Best Bowls With Handles [2018]: Stacking Bowls with Handles, Set of 6

Olympia Athena Stacking Soup Bowls 160mm 290ml

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107mm / 6¼”. 290ml / 10oz. Pack Quantity: 12

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Clean, fresh and simple, these handled soup bowls are the perfect addition to any crockery collection. Thanks to their double handles, these soup bowls make it easy and comfortable for guests to enjoy your fresh soups without ever needing to pick-up a spoon.And they’re durable too. Each piece is super vitrified for superior strength and scratch resistance, with a rolled edge to cut the risk of chipping. This ensures that your crockery stays in as-new condition throughout many services to come.Are they dishwasher safe?

Large Soup Bowls With Handles

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Make And Serve Your Soups And Stews Easily With Soup Bowls With Handles

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Soup bowls with handles are ideal products for any restaurant, diner, or bistro that serves a lot of soup or stew. Bowls filled with hot soup or stew can be difficult for your staff and customers to handle. Our products feature handles that allow your staff to serve your piping hot food without burning themselves. Best of all, we carry ceramic bowls with handles that have sturdy and insulated constructions that keep your soup and stew warmer for longer periods of time.

Soup Bowls With Handles

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Stackable Soup Bowl With Handles

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