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Panda Chinese Bowl and Soup Spoon Set
  • FOOD-GRADE MATERIAL & DISHWASHER SAFE: Food-grade melamine materials have the texture and durability of ceramics, as well as the light weight and toughness of polymer.
  • PERFECT SIZE: Measured 6.
  • PERFECT SHAPE: Ergonomic design of the handle secures comfortable grip and convenient daily use.
  • THE NOTCH AND HOOK DESIGN: The slot in the middle of the spoon can fasten the spoon on the edge of bowl.
  • ESSENTIAL AND MULTIFUNTIONAL FOR DAILY USE: The wider spoon bowl is great for ramen, Chinese won ton, cereal, soba, pho/noodle soup, udon noodle and other soup food.

How Do You Use Chinese Spoons

There is no characteristic method for using Chinese soup spoons as there is for chopsticks, but there are some general guidelines you can follow. The most secure way to hold a Chinese spoon is by placing your index finger on the groove of the handle with your middle finger and thumb placed underneath. If you just want to drink broth from the spoon, you can sip it from the side. If youre eating soup with noodles, then you should use chopsticks to push noodles into the spoon before scooping the broth.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

This article was written by Danette St. Onge, a food writer and former features editor at Cooks Illustrated magazine . Raised on noodle soups from a young age, shes eaten countless servings of ramen, pho, and Thai noodles and is always on the lookout for a better bowl to hold them. Even though several international moves have reduced her dishware to a bare minimum, two noodle bowls follow her wherever she goes.

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Tips For Using A Chinese Spoon:

Unlike chopsticks, theres no complicated guide on how to properly hold and eat with a Chinese spoon. You would use it as you would use a regular spoon, Id say. But if youre obsessed with a proper way to hold the Chinese spoon , you can hold the spoon with your index finger in the groove of the handle and your middle finger and thumb underneath. For drinking just the broth, you can sip it from the side of your spoon. When your spoon is packed with goodies like noodles and broth, you dont really need to stick the whole spoon in your mouth but can put just the rounded, tapered front portion of the spoon into your mouth and eat from it.

While at first glance using a Chinese spoon is not overly difficult, it is certainly a form of art to eat noodle soup by using the spoon in a slow tango with chopsticks. You would hold the chopsticks in your dominant hand and the Chinese spoon in the other hand. When eating the noodle soup, use the chopsticks to move your noodles and other solid goodies into the spoon and then pack some broth into the spoon before guiding the spoonful into your mouth. You can simply tip the tapered front of the spoon into your mouth, or use your chopsticks to help the noodles into your mouth. This way you can enjoy the broth and noodles simultaneously.

Is Ramen Healthy Or Is Ramen Bad For You

Asian Soup Spoons Bowls

There are articles out there that label Instant Ramen as packaged deathbut Im not into fear mongering. Especially with food. With anything in life, moderation is key. My advice is to trash the flavor packet that comes with your Instant Ramen and make your own broth, like in this recipe. That way, youre dodging shitty additives, preservatives, and youre avoiding all of that unnecessary sodium. Instant Ramen noodles themselves are lacking in nutritional content, so building your own Ramen bowl with proteins and vegetables is important. To make your bowl even better, use homemade Ramen noodles if you have access to them. Sadly most of us dont, but its cool. Just toss that squiggly brick into some boiling water and make up for it in other wholesome ingredients.

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Asian Soup Bowl And Spoon

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Best Asian Soup Spoons In

Our team studied on 56824 reviews available online for Asian Soup Spoons, chose the finest ones and prepared Asian Soup Spoons Reviews for you. It was very difficult to shortlist the ideal Asian Soup Spoons from thousands of products online. However, We tried to make sure that you get only the Best Asian Soup Spoons from our suggestions. Check our listings-:


Used Vintage Chinese Yellow Famille Rose Soup/ric

Different Types of Soup Bowls and Spoons with The Fine China Man

Vintage chinese yellow famille rose soup/rice. Set of 4 chinese rice/soup bowls, 4 spoons and 4 new pairs of chopsticks in sealed packs each in own silk case. the bowls are well marked on their bases with the red chinese character stamp & all four items. If you find the item has quality problem after receiving the item, please contact us

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But Firstwhat Is Ramen

Youve certainly heard people joke about Ramen being a food staple for broke college students. But today, Ramen joints are popping up in Western cities everywhere, attracting even the most haughty of food snobs. So, what the heck is ita meal for cheapskates or nosh for the posh? Both, really. Traditionally, Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup made with a rich-flavored broth, then topped with an assortment of meats, vegetables, and a soft-boiled egg. In Japan, Ramen is dubbed a fast food and its made available in tiny restaurants and late night street carts. But no matter where youre slurping your Ramen, whether it be in a shoddy college dorm or that chic new Ramen bar in town, comfort is the name of the game with this coveted soup.

What Are Chinese Spoons Made Of

Traditional Chinese spoons are made of ceramic an umbrella term for materials that are durable and hard, but slightly brittle. Consisting of aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, and water, ceramic materials include stoneware and porcelain. Stoneware soup spoons are durable and not very porous. Typically, theyre glazed and can be made light and thin. Different than other types of ceramic, porcelain has a clay body with the addition of kaolin a smooth, fine-grained clay. Porcelain soup spoons are durable, heat resistant, and simple to clean, while many of them can be used in a microwave or oven and cleaned in a dishwasher.

Chinese soup spoons also can be made of melamine, an extremely durable material. Melamine soup spoons are highly break resistant and can be dropped without fear of breaking. They also dont crack or dent as easily as other materials. Melamine is made from a mixture of plastic resin and plant cellulose. Melamine soup spoons also have a similar look and feel to porcelain. They can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but should never be placed in a microwave, as the melamine may peel.

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Comparison Chart For Best Asian Soup Spoons

56824 reviews were considered when writing our recommendations for the Asian Soup Spoons in this article.

Artena Bright White 6.75 inch Asian Soup Spoons Set of 6 9.4
HOKELER Ceramic Asian Soup Spoons 5.6 inch Chinese Japanese Soup Spoon for Ramen Pho Miso Wonton 9.4
12 PACK Asian Soup Spoons 9.2
Hiware 12-piece Asian Soup Spoons 8.8
Hiware 12-piece Asian Soup Spoons 8.8
6 set Ramen Bowl Set 8.6
Hiware Thick Heavy-weight Soup Spoons 8.4
10 JapanBargain 2344, Set of 4 Soup Spoons Asian Chinese Wonton Spoon Japanese Soba Rice Spoon Pho Spoon Ramen Noodle Soup Spoons 8.2
  • Sturdy Porcelain: DOWAN ceramic soup spoons are healthier than plastic, stainless steel, and wooden spoons.
  • Perfect Size:6.
  • Non-slip: The hook at end of the handle prevents the spoon from submerging into soups, while you answer the phone or whatever.
  • Dishwasher Safe: DOWAN Asian ceramic eating spoons are easy to clean and store.
  • Versatile Spoon: These ramen spoon sets are great for family dinners, weddings, restaurant service, parties, these appetizer spoons will surprise and delight your guests, this quality and sturdy spoon is also ideal for gifts.

Spoon Material And Quality

Small Chinese Soup Bowls &  Spoons (2/4) $5. Was $4!! Now ...

Soup spoons are made from a wide variety of materials including hardwood, bamboo, hemp, plastic, porcelain, ceramic, glass, melamine, stainless steel, copper, pewter, and silver. The quality of soup spoons can vary based on the thickness and weight of the flatware. Low-budget or extra-lightweight spoons are less than 2mm thick. A medium-weight and medium-priced soup spoon is about 2.5 mm thick. Luxury heavy-weight soup spoons tend to be between 3mm and 3.5mm thick.

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Hokeler Ceramic Asian Soup Spoons 56 Inch Chinese Japanese Soup Spoon For Ramen Pho Miso Wonton

  • 6 PCS INCLUDES Each length 5.
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY These asian soup spoons are made of high-quality ceramics, non-toxic, and lead-free.
  • VERSATILE USE These spoons can be used as ramen spoons, miso spoons, wonton spoons and cereals oatmeal spoons, etc.
  • EASY TO CLEAN These spoons are reusable, durable, versatile, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE We will offer a refund or a free replacement if you receive a damaged or defective item.

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Tips On How To Choose The Best Bowl Of Ramen

In choosing the best ramen bowls to eat ramen, you should to consider a few things:

  • Type of bowl: Make sure to check the weight of the bowl of ramen, its shape as well as it curvatures according to ones preference and how you are using to use the bowl of ramen for.
  • Materials used: Most of the best ramen bowls ceramic made, making it more durable and harder to break. But there are also other ramen bowls that are made from plastic and others are also made from melamine. But most of the time, in order to enjoy ramen it is recommended to use the ceramic made noodle bowls as they tend to keep the noodles in the bowls warm for a period of time.
  • Make sure to choose ramen bowls with proper proportions: Ramen usually consists of four components of a complete ramen bowl: the broth, the noodles, its sauce and the toppings. Given the parts included in the ramen bowl, it should accommodate all of these inside the bowl. Therefore, make sure the ratio between with the bowl and the food to be put inside the bowl should be considered. To make it more exciting, there are some restaurants that add boiled egg or also referred to as Ajitsuke Tamago.
  • Size: There are different bowls out there that measures just about 18 oz and can go up to 60 oz. Depending on the amount of ramen you choose, the size of the bowl should depend on ones preferences. But, if you intend to follow the traditional ramen bowl to be able to enjoy all four components of that delicious ramen bowl using quality noodles.
  • Different Parts Of The Ramen Bowl

    Best Asian Soup Bowls [2018]: Chef Miso Set of 4 Large Melamine Noodle Soup Bowls and Spoons – Red

    Ramen Bowl Shape

    There are different shapes of ramen bowls in the market nowadays, it is therefore important to know which one to choose for a particular ramen. Below are the most commonly used shapes of ramen bowls:

    Ramen Bowl Size

    In choosing the correct bowl size for your ramen, you also need to consider the size of the good ramen bowl that you will be choosing. The size of the bowl to use depends on the quantity of the ramen as well as the amount of toppings that you add. That way all the contents will fit in a specific bowl according to its contents. Below are the different bowl size of ramen for your reference:

    7.5 inches -considered to be the perfect size for home made ramen if you are making ramen out of instant ramen pack since most of the time home made ramen tends to have a fewer toppings as compared to ramens made in the restaurant.

    8 inches the size of the ramen bowl is the most commonly used ramen bowl in restaurants.

    9 inches -it is also commonly used ramen bowl in restaurants but it a little bigger than the one mentioned above if you have more noodles, soup and toppings with your ramen.

    Below are the best ramen bowls and best ramen bowl sets for reference when planning to purchase

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    How To Make A Ramen Egg

    Everybody loves that custardy soft-boiled egg sitting in their Ramen broth. It just might be the best part of the bowl. Luckily preparing it is very simple. Bring a small pot of water to a boil, add the egg, and time it for five minutes. While the egg is boiling, get an ice bath ready in a bowl big enough to cover the egg. When the egg is ready, carefully transfer it from the boiling water to the ice bath and let it cool for about a minute. Finally, lightly crack and roll the egg on a cutting board, peel it, and slice it in half.

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    Find The Right Dish For Noodle Soups And More

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    If youre a ramen fan, you know that it requires the right size and shape bowl. Bowls designed for serving side dishes, cereal, or appetizer portions of soup or salad are far too small to hold all the noodles, toppings, and broth for a serving of ramen, while mixing bowls or salad bowls are too large. If you serve noodle soup in a bowl thats too shallow, it will get cold quickly, while a bowl with sharply angled walls or a wide, flat base makes it difficult to fish out all the last tasty bits with your chopsticks. A good ramen bowl also needs to be large enough to have some empty space on top even when filled, so you avoid splashing and spilling broth everywhere as you eat.

    Of course, large serving bowls are not just for ramen. Theyre also perfect for serving other Asian noodle soups, like, udon, pho, or Thai-style boat noodles, rice-bowl dishes like donburi, hearty meal-sized salads, smoothie bowls, popcorn, noodle salads, or any other noodle dish. Traditionally, noodle bowls have been made of ceramic, but these days theyre available in many different shapes and materials.

    Read on for the best ramen bowl picks in each category.

    • A bit heavy

    • Only available in white

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    Artena Bright White 675 Inch Asian Soup Spoons Set Of 6

    • Elegant and SafeArtena Asian soup spoons set are crafted with ultra-fine porcelain and each piece tablespoon is high-fired for strength and durability.
    • Perfect Size and Versatile6.
    • Non-slip, Easy clean and Stack-ableThe hook design at the end of the handle can keep this small fancy serving spoon not easy to slide into your bowl anytime.
    • A Wonderful Gift IdeaThis super deep and durable Chinese/Japanese soup spoons will delight your guests on any seasons like family dinners, weddings, restaurant service, weeknight parties.
    • Strong package & After-serviceAll Artena products have undergone strict quality and safety tests.

    Different Types Of Ramen Bowls With Images

    Asian Soup Spoons Bowls

    Ramen is a popular Japanese noodle soup that is readily available and accessible. There are different type of bowls that can be used for specific dishes such as soups, noodles, fried rice, soba and udon. However, if you want to have the authentic ramen dining experience when you eat ramen, you may need to use ramen bowl for it. In here, we will be talking about the different types of Ramen bowls as well everything you need to know about its size, shapes and sizes. To guide you in choosing which ramen bowl to purchase, we have also outlined it as well.

    VALLENWOOD 4 Ramen Bowl, 16 piece. Large Noddel Bowls Set. 37 oz Asian Chinese Japanese or Pho Soup.

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